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Simple Naar-Mah Shot Remastered

AKA 'Cruiser Task Force'

This is a remake of an image i did back in 2006. It was originally intended to show off the 'Naar-Mah' light cruiser model, then freshly completed, but i never really liked that image. Even then the lighting on it looked kinda bland and the background thrown together, today i just smile when looking at it. But for some reason i thought it could be remade into something interesting.

I actually started with the original base-scene from 2006. Modifications include:
- 16:9 aspect ration, fullHD resolution
- lighting redone from scratch
- heavily updated background
- slightly changed camera angle for more epicness
- additional ships in background for more fiyapowa
- heavy post processing

Original linked below:
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1920x1080px 1.7 MB
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Does this game work on windows 10?  I can't find a simple "yes", or "no."  Please respond.
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I like the shapes and color scheme. This has some interesting qualities.
DarthSoban's avatar
Looks like I have a new desktop background for a while :D
Enterprise-E's avatar
heheh, i am glad you like it that much :-)
MASCH-ART's avatar
tolles Design, 1a work and Picture
garryts's avatar
Excellent ship design - love it! Great image :-)
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I like the remake a lot better. The change in lighting and background made a huge difference. I would like to add it to the "Scifi - Digital" gallery at the Space-Vistas group.
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Fantastic pic. :)
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Isn't it the same ship seen in Homecoming?
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Yeah, it is the very same model :-)
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Ooooh, new Homeworld stuff from Enterprise-E?

This is a really nice remake. 
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This makes me want to see if I can fire this up again, it has been awhile since I have played Homeworld.
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Oh this is VERY nice.
hw-Chimas's avatar
Hi Enterprise-E.
Is this a playble ship? Suggest you to put this photo at Gearbox forums also. The devs might make comments about it and etc.…
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