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Simple Naar-Mah Beauty Shot

As the title says, a simple beauty shot of this starship, no more no less. i also tried my hands at creating a brighter HW-esque background again.
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great HW design!
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How strangely different from the Enterprise. Every civilization has its own technology and its own concepts of spatial dynamics, its own designs for interstellar vessels. It is refreshing, in a way... :)
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Looking at a lot of your work, it's pwnzor hawtness, but I would suggest one or two things to make it seem more realistic. The main thing would be the lighting on the greebles, somehow it seems too harsh especially around the shiny on the nose.

Second, the sharp edges. If you could round some of the edges off just a teeeeensy bit then they would catch the light better. Remember there is no such thing as a perfect angle in real life, they're all a little rounded. I hate to think how much work that would involve.

Anyway rock on, I'm really enjoying your gallery.
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This is just great, like a photo! I'm more the Hiigaran-type, but this one is just wow. A deadly beauty I guess - and really amazing.
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Great work on the textures
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nice, but could do with some background lighting. the side turned to the viewer is a bit too dark. otherwise, veeeery nice work
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Veeery nice! I really love the backgrounds you're puttin on these,- mind telling me how you get 'em? :D
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Absolutely Breathtaking....... Jou make me wish these things were real
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