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Heavy Carrier

Just a pretty display of an original ship for my own universe. It's a game model.
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The design looks great! I would love to see your Designs flying around in X4 Foundations, any chance you'll be modding your ships into that game?
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Nice to see you working on models, still. I like how this has a Homeworld feel while still being different from Homeworld. Love the purple background.
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It's always nice to see you DeepChrome <3

Yeah, this one is the most homewordish looking one of my factions, so i'm not even trying to deny it :D The background was the result of a new technique i tried to produce nebulas mostly procedurally and capable of being used as a skybox for game eventually. The colors were inspired by Mutara nebula.
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Cool. Looked pretty nice! And yeah I can see the Mutara resemblance. :D
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Now, that is what I call a deep space carrier! :)
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This looks quite badass.
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Awesome work.  :)  Great beauty shot of the ship.
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Ah yes, I missed seeing new art from you. Great model and texturing.
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Thanks Arioch, nice to see you around :)
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