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Halo Prototype HUD - Blue

By Entereri
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I really enjoyed Halo Legends. My favorite short was definitely "Prototype", which featured this bad-ass suit.

This has been sitting on my computer for a while so I might as well upload it.

The skin works best on dark-backgrounds.
It is currently tuned to work at 1440 x 900 but if need be I can enlarge it.

This is my first skin so comments and suggestions are always welcome.

The white version of this skin is here:

7/31/2010 - Updated zip file to include blue version and added a 1600 x 1050 version

8/3/2010 - Added support for 1920 x 1080

8/8/2010 - Added support for 1280 x 1024
© 2010 - 2021 Entereri
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SilvijaSyria's avatar

Hi, I'm using this for my Silver Sable reading list. Thanks!! I'll credit it to you. My twitter is @ silverxsable

NemisisPrime2's avatar
Do you mind if I use this as like a green screen element?
Agent-G245's avatar
Can I use this for an illustration on my latest story? I intend to flip it upside down because it's going to be the view of an android's HUD, not inside a helmet.
Yeah go for it. Do whatever yo u want with it.
Loupyboy's avatar
Can you make an 1600x900 version, please?
pearsoneagleeye's avatar
how do i download r
Bayushi-Tai's avatar
This skin got some hi-tech animation ?
Anyway, it's a great design !
bjoyfajar's avatar
how to download,,,,??? that very - very cooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Bayushi-Tai's avatar
There is a "Download File" button at the right.
DragunovWeland's avatar
OMG! it's so cool!i love it.
what‘s this??!! to use it?? oh...Forgive me.
i've never touch whit this thing before.:D
jonsh's avatar
Dude, can you please make a 1366x768 version? Would really appreciate it :D
epicblue's avatar
bit much, iguess realisticly it might work for a jet or something
arifnur01's avatar
can you make 1024 x 786 version?? this hud is too big for my dekstop...
arifnur01's avatar
can you??please... i am so like your halo prototype rainmeter
Good Design!
You gave me some Inspiration for hacking toh´gether some add-on tools:
a windows cmd wrapper which fits to the theme.
and a menue which fits.
Hard work in JAVa and Gimp :-(
Currently in Pre-Alpha and hard-coded to 1366x768 :-(
update: uploaded first verion:
Eradrom's avatar
Totally love this skin! Just wanted to let you know that I'm planning a major overhaul/upgrade to this skinset within the next couple of weeks. Adding tons of stuff including animation. Even how's it gonna be organized will change a bit. I'm sure you'll like it once I'm finished so I wanted to ask, may I have your permission to re-post the finished revamp on my wall, given that I also send you the link? Or do I have to send it to you directly? Ether case, I'm going to give ya full credit for the original design; it just be easier on me if I could do it on my wall where I can give a full update/description of it. :)
Eradrom's avatar
I love this design so much!!! Thanks for posting it!!!
DL-MKW's avatar
Looks cool but completely impractical. Only about 4% of the things cluttering your vision serve any purpose at all. Sorry to be that guy.
MaximumEternal's avatar
Hi can you add a 1680 x 1050
MaximumEternal's avatar
nvm i managed to get to fit my screen
ninjaGHOSTcat's avatar
halo legends woo!!!
jyohomson's avatar
Hey Entereri could you make that radar too?
Ahmed7193's avatar
love it :) do you mind if i use it in a montage?
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