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Hi, guys! 
Here are the steps of my new painting "The Chase"

Chasing The Jackdaw by Entar0178

The first step is a black and white sketch, very rough, just to establish the composition. I often try to place main objects in a scene following the rule of 3ds, this gives balance and harmony to the picture. 

The chase by Entar0178

Next step is refining the shape and form. I made the ship on the left more white, to show that he is away from the ship in front. It is the rule of the air perspective. I also refined the sky.

The chase2 by Entar0178

I dodged the ship behind a bit more, like he's in the thin haze. Then i started to detail the sea. I wanted the light to come through the waves to give the water that wonderfull inner glowing. I studied reference photos of the wawes to understand the physics of the sea water. Notice how i painted reflections of the ship on the left side.

The chase3 by Entar0178

When i finished the main forms i began to add ropes, small details, flags on the ships an some damage signs. I also made a splash in front, like a cannonball hit the water, added smoke.

The chase4 by Entar0178

I colored the painting using several layers in overlay and multiply modes. And that's all.

Chasing The Jackdaw by Entar0178
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Thanks for the tutorial, Entar0178!
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You're very welcome!
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Thanks a lot! I have other tutorials in my journal and in my gallery, you can check them out if you are interested. I'm not a pro but i want to share usefull tips in drawing.
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thanks for letting me know I will check the out.