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Stone Age Predator

By Entar0178
My entry for 

Back to the Primitive CONTEST

You can see the process video here:…
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With regard to the art itself I think you did very well. The fireside atmosphere and cave background feel very much in the spirit of the contest, and the Predator's triumphant expression and pose do an excellent job of conveying a stone-age savagery.
Your skill is apparent, and the lighting and textures almost compelled me to give you a perfect score on the "technique" section.
However, for me the piece's impact is lessened because the predator is already has a very primal hunter feel to it (using spears, wearing skins, etc.). So this redesign is very similar to the original, and aside from the cave drawings in the back this could be a conceptual pic from any of the movies.
I would have liked to see a more radical reinterpretation of the character, or barring that, to see the Predator doing something particularly savage or prehistoric. However these are minor criticisms, and despite them I can't help but love the piece!
Keep up the good work.
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Thank you for the critique!
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Could you possibly image how much he'd terrorize the caveman tribes?
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Yes and he would be the best hunter in the area:) (Smile) 
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Cool work! Love the lighting and the details in the skin/head. Great shading. =D
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Great work on having the predators skin texture looking thick and leathery. :clap: General real nice detailing of his face, tusks and fangs.
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Good to hear this! Thanks a lot!
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The skull codpiece is cool!
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Thank you so much! Glad you like it!
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Good rendering and technique.

 I think the cave wall behind the predator is a missed opportunity to add more story and a little wit.  Cave paintings tell stories after all. So is that a cave wall painted by man or Predator? If it was painted by man, could you add a human's perspective about it.  If these were painted by a primitive Yautja, maybe the animals in the hunt look more alien at first glance and less like African water buffalo.  Perhaps a little more story about his victory. 

 I know the illustration is about the predator and not the wall  ;D   but its a key element in the scene.

Anyway - always great to see the predator in new scenes and creatively displayed.
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Thanks for your opinion, i do agree the there could be more drawings on the wall, but when i drew more, they distracted the attention from the predator. So i added only couple of them, to make the predator the main part of the painting.
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Great use of Predator! Glad to see it! :la: 
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Thank you! Thank you! And i'm glad to hear this!
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I know nothing of the story, but here's another example of judging by looks!!! He could be very advanced mentally, but using what's at hand in his environment.
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Thank you, i'm glad that you adequately assess what you see! It's for the contest Back to the Primitive. I just forgot to add the description. The terms of the contest say that one should draw a character that is known to use high tech equipment. But the character should be depicted in stone age without such equipment. And that's a challenge. You can only draw primitive tools and weapons.
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Well, then I think you nailed it!!!
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I get so much support from you! Thanks a lot for being so kind! Love 
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It's my pleasure, I like your work and you do seem very nice my friend!!!:D
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Maybe bit too primitive when considering that they are highly older than humans but it's nice try though. Really nice one indeed.
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I just follow the rules and terms in the contest.
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I thought he would be a bit more advanced
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