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Retro Radio Watercolour

By Entar0178
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Day 14 of the #aprilartchallenge. Today the topic is "Something Retro". A5 sized watercolour on 300 gram paper.

During this dull times I decided to do an art challenge for myself. I am drawing or painting something everyday, choosing a topic from the list here. Join me if you like:) (Smile)

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There is a very charming warmth to this piece which evokes a sense of nostalgia for an era that has long passed and yet is remembered here in this image.

The use of color and light is very well done to highlight certain parts of the image and allows for an easy transition across its entirety for the viewer's eye as we are carried across the intricacies of the radio's face and over to the lamp itself before falling upon the old style desk.

There is such a cozy feel to the piece overall, as though one might be able to walk into such a room in the house of one's grandparents and find them seated there quietly listening to the radio on a machine that is just a much a product of an era as they are.
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Feels like a flashback
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Memories - light the corner of my mind. S.

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