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Tricky to photograph, but this commissioned copper and sterling silver pendant features three etched initials: SLC.

Contact me if you’re interested in commissioning a similar personalised pendant.

The lovely lady herself supplied the sartorially-enhanced pipe-smoking T-Rex, and I complimented it with a solid but romantic Stegosaurus.

Windmill earrings from sterling silver.

A commissioned gift for someone involved in the Scout movement, including their initials on the catch.

Sterling silver earring, bracelet and choker-length necklace set.  Two links for earrings, four links for a bracelet, and eight make a necklace.  I love ‘em…

I've just come back to DA from a veery long absence, and had to *wince* delete over 3,000 posts in my DeviantWatch... from so many of you wonderful artists!  Ugh, to a hoarder, that was a horrible feeling!  So many gems were buried in there!  But for the sake of coming back to DA without feeling like I had to look through every single one, they had to go!  Now my message thingy is completely clear, and I can hopefully actually engage without getting overloaded.

Anyway, I'm back to making, back to creativity, so bring it on! :P

(Also I have new website at and am selling stuff via and open for commissions!)

Hello lovelies!

I'm currently not posting much as I'm working on my dissertation!  I'm studying for a Science Communication MSc, and I'm trying to supplement the reams of analysis I pull from my head with some hard facts: your opnions!  

RadioLab put out programmes which use a lighthearted approach and distinctive production style to explore a broad range of scientific topics.   I love it, but I need to know: do you like it too?

I've selected a 20 minute extract, one of my favourite pieces of RadioLab, and it would be great if you could have a listen and fill in my survey to let me know what you think of it.

I would also appreciate it if you could forward the web page to anyone you think might have the time and inclination to take part in this survey. The more, the merrier.  

The more respondents I get, the greater the resources and time I throw into the prize, and obviously you can get a rough idea of what I can do from my gallery - take the opportunity to challenge me!  You can enter at the end of the survey.  

More information, the links to the show and the survey can be found at

Feel free to message me if you have any trouble or questions.  It would be great if I could have your thoughts by the 12th of September 2011.

You rock, thanks for playing along!


Fed up of seeing that long, rambling journal post.  Stupidly busy, that's why I'm compulsively tidying random things instead of working.  I'll write when I've done something worth sharing!
It seems excessively hard to keep up with making when you have a day job and too many ideas...  I'm trying to get on top of it though (apologies to anyone waiting for me to put things up for sale!), and a couple of things which are helping are todoist and some of the hints on to-do lists and decluttering from 43folders.

---Freezer-bag Organisation---

I don't know about you, but with so many projects on the go, I seem to spend more time hunting for sketches, components, or enough space to work that by the time my 'craft time' is up, I haven't achieved anything!

My cunning plan - freezer bags.  I got the idea from a blogger who suggested keeping beading projects in altoid tins - tidy, together, grabbable, portable. Now, my work won't quite fit in an altoid tins, but freezer bags - the ones where you squeeze across the top to seal them - are ideal for me.  You can see what's in it, they shrink or grow with the contents, and stuff can't fall out!

Each project has an appropriately sized freezer bag, ranging from A6 to almost A3.

First thing in the bag: a project 'booklet'.  This is a folded sheet of paper, and on the front goes the title, rough sketches and written notes: eg. for "Botanical Brooches", there are a couple of sketches and a list of flowers which might suit.  Inside the booklet will go further sketches, final cutting plans, material costings, and a checklist of stages in the projects.  

Each bag is a dedicated go-to space for all of my thoughts and sketches on that project.  I doodle constantly, but always loose my sketches.  Now, if I have a decent idea, it can go straight into the bag.  If I prototype something, it goes in there too.  Then, when I'm ready to work on that project, I just pick up the bag, and everything I need is together.  

When I'm actually working on the brooches, I'll be able to keep the components together in the bag - silver blanks, half cut out designs, bent wires for the pins, even small tools I don't need for anything else.  I can stop and start, days apart, with minimal scrobbling about, and keep my desk clear.

Due to lack of wall-hanging space, I've currently got all my project-bags pinned to a curtain.  Ultimately, I'd love to have a pegboard over my bench where I can pin everything so that is visible and accessible - If I feel like woodwork, I can just grab the 'rings' or 'hairsticks' bag, and off I go!  Sewing, grab the 'fuzzy monsters' bag, and take the whole lot in front of a film.

I'll post some photos of a bag when one of my projects gets far along enough, and is pretty enough to show.  

I hope some other desperately disorganised soul finds this useful :)

---Current EPIC project---

Most of my shiny projects are currently on hold, in favour of a vast woodcarving project which is currently taking up my headspace, workbench and time.  

My brief:  A large relief carving, to go on a bedroom wall.  Subject - the moon, in the style of North West coast american indian art - my brother and his fiancee went orft around that way last year, and asked me to make something a tad 'epic' in the style for their wedding present.  Well, at least they didn't go for that gigantic rolling ball sculpture I foolishly suggested!  I'll have to make that seabird mobile and fish installation for myself though, they're too good to pass up.  

I have two huge pieces of Iroka, offcuts from a shipbuilder's yard, which I'm itching to get stuck into, but I want to be sure the design is perfect first.  My current difficulty is coming up with an original design, in the required style, but with the tone I want - all sun or moon designs I find in that style look scary, angry, or creepy!  I'm going for peaceful serenity, as they'll have to sleep in the same room as it...

Perhaps I'm trying too hard, but I'll keep slogging away at it - I'll know when I get it right.  I have, however, created a layout I'm very happy with, which is a start!  

In the process, I've managed to come up with the seeds of a pretty nifty parrot design, but that doesn't really help me much!  

Wish me luck!

M :heart:
New house, new job, all change!

I'm working on my silversmithing skills (New blowtorch!  Woo!), and I'm gearing up to produce a small catalogue of the reproducible pieces (such as copper star earrings, cutout brooches and the like).  I think this would offset the custom stuff well...

If you're interested, please drop me a line and I'll add you to a notification list.  Alternatively, just watch this space!

I've got no internet at home, alas, and it looks unlikely to arrive for some time to come, so if I don't reply to your message (Eep! 97 of them!) for an age, sorry!  I'll get there in the end!

As usual, input greatly appreciated :)
Entanglement - Errant Productions  [bespoke treasures]

New website up - I'm still using DA as my gallery though, as I've not had time to do the fancy backend and as I recently thought of a /far/ better site design, I have to redo the whole lot.  Ahahaha.  Ahem.

I just thought I'd send out a note to remind all you out there about Valentine's day next month - please don't hate me!  I know alot of people avoid it, but it can be a great excuse for an extra-special surprise that will really last.  I'm open for commissions be they simple or complex, and the sooner the better - break the mould!  Be organised and get it delivered early with a minimum of sweat!  Follow that impulse - have a chat with me, I don't bite, and I won't charge till I start making ;)

Contact me via DA, or the form on my website.


PS.  Oh, and if anyone's got a recipe for some form of homebaked gluten-free munchies that won't make you fat, I'd really appreciate it!  
Hi tiddlies, hope all you americans don't have toooo bad indigestion!

I'd just like to ask if anyone's got any opinions on my new website design - it's not terribly fancy, and the coding is frankly full of awful hacks, but it appears to work!

Only the main and information pages so far, and it won't have its own gallery pages for quite a while, but what do you think?

I'm also not so sure on the blurb - I'm trying to sound professional, but still myself.
Oh, and I'm also desperately searching for a tagline that doesn't involve 'broccoli' - the best I've come up with so far is "Errant Productions - Unique & Bespoke Treasures".

Any comments? *duck*

Anyway, honeybunches, I'd reeeeally appreciate any thoughts you have on this!
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Hmm, it was a bit silly of me to say 'Etsy coming soon' when 'soon' was 'in a couple of hours' :)

Does anyone want a couple-of-feet-long stuffed crockodile/alligator creature?  Or little purple pudding-bellied plesiosaurs in party hats? (Full honour to UrsulaV when I actually post pics ;) )

Anyway, a load of soapstone and coconut stuff is in up the etsy shop, please feel free to buy ;P  As I've just had my first two migranes ever and skived off home from work, I'll try and make more stuff to sell today!  I hope the scary colours don't come back...
Right, I've just signed up to Etsy, going to put up all my old stock up on (if I can find it) to get rid of it all!  

I want to make Errant Productions a going concern, not somethign I fart about with every 6 months or so when I'm bored and short of cash.  I like selling stuff - weirdly, it isn't actually about the money (I have a very shite job, and don't spend too much), it's knowing someone's wearing something I made.  It'll also give me the incentive to redo my website, while taking the pressure off it for monetary reasons.

So!  A cut-price clear-out, and then a fresh start :)  Please look out for many of my deviations on soon!
Well, not entire coconuts ;)

I now have a slimmed-down version of my website, focusing on items for sale:

Currently up there are various coconut-shell pendants, with more designs and soapstone coming soon.

I'm open for commissions (Valentine's day soon!) in various materials and complexities of project.  

Do you think it would be a good idea to put up a number of sketches for jewellery and suchlike?  I was wondering if that might be a good way of attracting commissions, and avoiding making stuff no-one wants.  Hmm, I would do a poll but that's subs-only.  Nevermind!  Please tell me what you think anyway :)

I think that's about it!


Because I can't bear to have it missed, and it got such a great response before:
"Like nailing jelly to a wall":…
I just thought I'd like to share this attempt to introduce some scientific foundation to the world of throwaway phrases:
"Like nailing jelly to a wall":…

I'm open for commissions in anything apart from wood :)
I've just got a commission for a pendant: soapstone lizard with pattern-ridges on coconut leaf, with mother-of-pearl toenails.

This's gotta be the most complexitude I've seriously contemplated yet, or at least that I can remember.  It does sound v. exciting though.  My attempts at inlay were all.. well... inlaid, not raised.  Funfun!  Itching hands, I need my materials!

Can anyone with experience of bonding/glueing materials for jewelry recommend any glues to me?  Both soapstone and coconut are porus, mother-of-pearl's not.  

I'll put the designs up in scraps, when I do them.


> Since graduation, I've been kicking about making a nuisance of myself, but I'm gradually gathering it together, applying for jobs.

> I've just finished 'the Llama book' (Learning Perl) [Huzzah!]

> I've started rebuilding my site from the esoterics up - this involves alot of head-scratching and trying to plan all the bits I need, and the best way to fit them together.  I'm trying to make an automation system that doesn't suck, so it's less work to update the site and I can get on without the discouraging prospect of an arkward upload later.  

> I've just had what felt like 3 pints of precious life-fluid extracted from my arm to see if I'm attacking my own joints [just a precaution - it could just be that they're rubbish].  It's scary when it goes 'squirt' into the collection tube, but then again I don't like worrying about why my wrists are feked.

> I'm in Scotland for the next two weeks, generally making a mess and a nuisance of myself, then I'm heading back down south to equally stupid internet but hopefully more hugs and less rain.  

> I haven't made anything since that load of pendants, apart from a small marble-thing out of soapstone.  I think I'd like to make spheres with patterns in though.  I'm off to my room next to see if I can muster anything, as I've got a dust-mask and want to try it out.

> I'm thinking of taking a proper jewellery-making course, if I can find one.  Yay metalwork!

> I have a really, really cool plan for some sculptures and possibly jewellery, but I need a vat of either acid or an electrolyte and some electricity.  Yay!  I can't wait! :F

> I finally have some fabric markers.  Mwoahahaha.

I'd love some opinions, if anyone has the time and inclination:

In order to 'excuse' my sculpting time, I would really like sell as much of the results as I can.  
I've sketched alot of abstract things, and made some unsketched hand-sized abstracts and quite a few pendants.  I've also done a couple of female nudes, or at least part-nudes - it's hard to do a full 3D figure from random stock photos.  
I have 30kg of soapstone of various (mainly pale) colours, with the largest bits about the volume of a head.  What's in my mind is that now I can make more 'ornament-sized' sculpture, with greater detail and scope.
I've been debating with my mother about suitable subjects for sculpture.  She reckons that abstracts won't sell, and that I should focus on michaelangelo-style figures.  This will mean learning alot of anatomy, though I should really do that anyway.  Animals are another possibillity, as I've always drawn them alot and have an interest in natural history, although I would probably stylize much of it to a certain extent.
TO SUMMARISE:  With an eye to selling, realistic figures, animals or abstracts?

Does anyone have a view on this?  Should I do both?  Also, if you've sold sculpture or other works, how did you get in contact with your buyers?  

I'd absolutely love to hear from anyone who's had a go at electro-etching or electroplating, or has any info on it!  What setup and materials did you use, and how did it turn out?

And with that, I'm off to make a mess :heart:
1001 pageviews!  Dude!  Thankyou!
After my slight post-cider morning, today's been a bit of an ego-massage, to tell the truth :P  I discovered among my paperwork, among all the boring academic certificates and 'who's a good little physics nerd' report cards, a certificate for SPORT!   Sport!  For me!  All I did in PE in school was skive!  It just proves that they should offer kayaking on the usual bill of sports - I'd've never have 'forgot' my kit if it wasn't just an afterschool thing!  Anyway.
Sold five pendants and a bracelet, and have updated page accordingly:… .
Hopefully tomorrow, or early next week, I should be uploading the fully revamped, including 'Errant Productions' - my online shop.  Ver' excited - the old one was getting such a cumbersome mess, it'd ground to a halt almost a year ago.  Shiny things galore!  
I've also just joined the scientartists community :deviantscientartists: <- hope that's the right way to do it (^_^;).  I haven't submitted anything yet, but go have a look!  Tis cool!
Thunk that's about it!
Woo, I've 10 soapstone pendants for sale. I've made a page for them, but not yet either a) perfected it or b) made the rest of the site work.  It's slightly broken, but all the information on this page is correct.
Some of the pendants I've uploaded here already, and the rest I will eventually, though dialup is a pain in the behind.  Please go have a look at the page anyway:…

If you've got any comments please leave them here, and note me or email if you'd like any of the pendants, or some other piece.  You guys get first shot before I whore them around on wednesday, so if you want one claim it!

Ta for putting up with my shameless whoring :D