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Made this for [link] 's Birthday but I thought it would be nice to post it here as a wallpaper too!

Also check out the rest of my gallery!
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Haha sooooo cute! Thank so much n__n <3
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hehehe!i want the last slice!*sister walks up*"you had enough sweets already em!""SHUT UP!*takes out katana*THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH SWEETS!"
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You can't have it! It's Mynxie's cake and Finn, Fionna and Beemo ate it :( You should slap them with your katana imo
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sorry but i'm too stuffed to eat anything anyway!
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Haha this is great, fiona's legs always get me!

Great drawing, how did ya do it? PS or wha?
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Drew it in Photoshop then did the lineart/colouring in Illustrator then took it back to Photoshop for some final bits and bobs :)
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fiona's fat legs :D
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she inst "fat" she is just NORMAL! like any standard real girl should be, and not an anorexic version of themselves!
I love Fionna shape X3
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Heavyset or voluptuous is a better description. For her whole figure. I find her cuter and more memorable this way.
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I found the snail! Lol.
Nice work!
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