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Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts QWERTY

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Hi, Good Work!
Thanks for Sharing 
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very nice work...
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nice :D how kind of you , its been awhile since i've used some of these so totally appreciate the work ! 
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Sweet! Always wanted something like this THANK YOU
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I don't get what this is. Will someone explain it to me?
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Keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop,so if you press T it will open Text as in the picture.If you press W it will open Magic Wand Tool,if you press O it will open Zoom Tool etc.This is why this image serves...Hope I helped you :)
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OMG!SRSLY? I'll try! *3*~

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try it, TRY IT!!! Mwahahahahahahaha! 
o0KaoruyHikaru0o's avatar

But I need to ask you something: those keys are used by pressing also Ctrl, is it alright? o3o or simply press the keys?

Thanks so much again for your pic X3333

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Sorry i don't understand your question. Control is ctrl ;)
o0KaoruyHikaru0o's avatar
Ce n'est pas a problème. Je vais l´éprouver en Photoshop :3 merci beaucoup également~
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Thank you for posting this up! I'm a photoshop newbie and this helps a lot!
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Your welcome ;)
Good work =-
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Can I buy this one?
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Always useful to know! ^_^
You really must find out who can turn these into real keyboard covers, kind of like those molded transparent keyboard covers.
Or, maybe labels... Seriously, you could make some serious coin here (!)  as well as helping people who 'think visually' to take advantage of keyboard shortcuts.
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