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Takegami the Mutant Astronaut

By Enshohma
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Commission done for Anthony Romero, owner of the web-site Toho Kingdom ([link]), which as you can tell, is dedicated to all things related to Japan's top film studio Toho Company Ltd.

Audiences outside Japan mainly refer to Toho for their Godzilla and Kaiju Eiga (monster movies), but they're far more prolific beyond that, including the majority of Akira Kurosawa's classics. And in more recent years, distributing both major American blockbusters, and closer-to-home works by other Japanese companies, including onetime rivals Daiei and Shochiku.

Takegami (better known by his fan-created name of Uchujin) originates from an unproduced concept that eventually evolved into the 2001 film "Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack". There was never an official title given to this abandon precursor however, so we'll just refer to it as "Godzilla vs. M" for simplicity sake, since 'M' was the codename given to Takegami's monster form, by the Japanese military.

You can read way more about the unproduced project in Toho Kingdom's article, which features more of my character designs: [link]


For my M / Takegami illustrations, Anthony was pleasantly surprised by my approach in Takegami's design, by doing an educated guess on how such a character would look, based on the circumstances behind the unrealized project.

Director Shusuke Kaneko was obviously inspired by Jamilla ([link]); an equally monstrous mutant astronaut from episode 23 of "Ultraman", "My Home is the Earth" (December 18th, 1966).

I than took further cues from the creature design aesthetics from both the Millennium-era Godzilla films, and Shusuke Kaneko's own previous Gamera trilogy from 1995-1998. And came up with this hybrid combination of those three main elements, with different shades of green coloring to highlight poor Takegami's alien mutation.

I'm happy with the design, though I fear that my Takegami comes off more unsavory instead 'charmingly grotesque' and strangely sympathetic, as with all the great monsters possessing humanity often do from fiction. Namely the more pleasant members of The Universal Monsters, and the direct Kaiju Eiga inspiration seen in "Frankenstein Conquers the World" (1965).

Of course, my designs are all just theory, so I can't really discuss Takegami's abilities or powers, though you're all welcome to drop your own ideals and questions in the comment box.


Related Images:

Toho Kingdom's M / Takegami Profile Page: [link]

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MarioStrikerMurphy's avatar
You're welcome.

Hey! There's no problem if I make a fanart based in this design? Don't worry, I'll give you the credit for the design XD
Enshohma's avatar
Oh, of course!
LyhliTheLuminescent's avatar
Wow, incredible design! I love the eyes and the colors you chose!
Bracey100's avatar
Nice design, and a kiaju Im not familiar with. Your version would have looked great in a movie. I really like those bizarre eyes.
Enshohma's avatar
Thanks a lot man! The sad thing about putting actual effort into designing 'Unmade Monsters' is that the design can't really be used for one's own original character. On the other hand, because it isn't one of my guys, I can afford to do extreme detailing, as if I am designing a real kaiju suit for Japanese movie studios.

In April, I have big plans, and one of them is to do do three more unproduced movie monsters lacking design art, which includes the title villains of "Godzilla vs. The Mutant Starfish", Gamera vs. The Ice Men From Outer Space" and the REALLY obscure "Mortal" (1978-1981).
Bracey100's avatar
Hmmm sounds like some very interesting plans. I'll have to look up Mortal as I know nothing about it. Ive been asked to do Satan from the mythical Godzilla vs Satan...which seems to be a myth rather than a planned movie. That being the case I can actually use it since there's no real movie and no one can own the name Satan. Booyah!

Also Jet Jaguar will be finished soon since I dont have to work tomorrow and can just stay up and draw!
Enshohma's avatar
"Godzilla vs. The Devil" has been is doubt among fans and scholars of late, though it seems to have been UPA's American producers being public about the idea, well before contacting Toho about it. So it's somewhat official, seeing how UPA helped produce "Frankenstein Conquers The World", "Monster Zero", and "war of the Gargantuas", and thus probably were't smoking too much smoke into our collective behinds.

But there's tons of better monsters to re-design beyond the unproduced ones, although Bagan's 1990-1996 incarnation, where he was more-or-less an angry Chinese dragon for the Earth's environment, wouldn't hurt.
Bracey100's avatar
True enough, I'll never run out of kaiju that actually made it to celluloid for this series If all I were to ever draw for the rest of my life were kaiju.
KaijuDuke's avatar
Seriously eerie and badass design! I love the colors and the details ya put into his fleshy AND armored bits. His skeletal face has alot of personality to it in my opinion, and I like glowing orbs and his killer claws! Overall, I love what ya did with the design basically, humanoid kaiju are hard to make look serious in alot of cases, but you nailed it.

The concept behind Takegami is interesting, certainly nothing else like him in other Godzilla flicks, just another cool creature concept that Toho conceived but sadly never did anything with ):

I must say however, the one hardest part to make work concerning Takegami and his origin, is how he got so big. In order for a human to become such a behemoth, his mutation would have had to have continued over an extended period in order for him to reach that size in a believable fashion (in sharp contrast to Jet Jaguar's legendary growth spurt lol).

As for special powers, I'd recommend giving him extendable arms, so he can grasp enemies from a distance or give them a stretchy punch like Monkey D. Luffy. Those claws & fists look like they could do some real damage. Also, if he's gonna be fighting Godzilla, it may be a good idea to give him some sort of energy attack, those glowing orbs covering his body could serve as either force field generators to protect him from enemy firepower or as beam weapons. They remind me alot of the zoacrystals & gravity orb weapons featured in the Bio Booster Armor Guyver series, so really ya have lots of options depending on what style of combat ya want him to utilize.
TeiOuja's avatar
I love this idea. Merging the Thing with Godzilla and Ultraman could've worked as a real show. In fact, I'm surprised no-one made this into either another Ultraman-esque idea or a possible sentai.
Enshohma's avatar
It's been done various times in Ultraman with similar monsters (again Jamilla), and the boat for Super Senati to do a serious human-turned-monster story has long since sailed. But yeah, I would have loved to have seen this character realized as well.

Never really considered the F4 comparison...good point there!
TeiOuja's avatar
Thank you, though I think the F4 comparison also came via your description of the 'mutant astronaut'. Again, kudos for bringing this idea to life.

On the other hand, I could see this working as a sentai concept via the Magirangers' abilities to transform into their own zords or like the Digimon Sentai concept where each member gains a new stage in their transformation.
Enshohma's avatar
Oh, I see what you're getting at! Though admittedly M / Takegami here would be way more scary and grotesque than the more savory looking human heroes who become giant monsters on command. As a side character who's learned to control his mutant handicap to assist the main hero. That, or Takegami would be a great addition to "Ultra Galaxy: Mega Monster Battles".

I loved the mecha and creature designs from "Magiranger", and its cool to see someone else outside of me bringing it up.

And here's one more kaiju-related thing for your amusement, and that's a humorous video review by Brandon of "Monster Zero", in case you haven't seen it yet: [link]
TeiOuja's avatar
gvsgdude89's avatar
Any other Cutting Room drawings upcoming? I visit Toho Kingdom daily and have always loved that section.
Enshohma's avatar
Not any time TOO soon, but likely I'll be doing educated guess designs for either Hitoda the Mutant Starfish, or the Asuka Fortress Mecha. But again, taking a slight rest after Takegami here, and returning to other commissions for the time being. Any other questions?
gvsgdude89's avatar
Enshohma's avatar
TY (Thank You)
Wyote's avatar
Awesome work dude, he looks pretty cool.
Enshohma's avatar
Thanks man, and glad people are enjoying it, since it took me a very long while to get this colored.
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