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Takegami, Codename 'M'

By Enshohma
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The last part in a series of commissions done for Anthony Romero - web-master of the site Toho Kingdom ([link]), which is dedicated to Japan's top film studio Toho Company Ltd.

And the place where Godzilla and his numerous friends and foes all call home.

Takegami, also known by his monster codename of 'M' (and the previously used fan moniker of Uchujin), is a Japanese astronaut turned alien mutation, from an unrealized film idea conceived by director Shusuke Kaneko.

This of course was an early version of what eventually evolved into "Godzilla, Mothra, And King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack" (2001). And you can read more about this, and the M / Takegami character in the following link: [link]


Although NOT an official design by any means, but educated guess work from my behalf, I never-the-less added my version of Takegami to The Kaiju Portraits - a series of portraits based around giant monsters and similarly sized characters from within, and beyond, Japanese fiction.

IF any actual designs of Takegami dose appear online however, then I will be more than happy to do new illustrations based off of them, and replace this existing entry with the aforementioned.

But for now, enjoy my fan-made 'placeholder' instead.

And yes, I know I promised that Spike the Baby Dragon, a character from "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic", would be the next entry into The Kaiju Portraits. But that illustration is still in the works, and M / Takegami has been waiting in the wings for the longest time, so it is an acceptable cheat in-my-opinion.

Don't worry though, as Spike will be the next into the Kaiju Portrait regardless.


Related Links and Images:

Toho Kingdom's M / Takegami Profile Page: [link]

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JacobSpencerKaiju79's avatar
Looking pretty good in profile as he does in the full body.
Enshohma's avatar
Personally, I like the profile a little more, as it emphasizes the character's sorrow, but thanks you non-the-less!
JacobSpencerKaiju79's avatar
I can see your point, but both are effective in their ways. The full body could be seen as his kaiju/badass moments, while this is something different.

And you are welcome.
earthbaragon's avatar
The side profile is much different than I would have imagined when looking at it from the front. (As in you last picture of it). It's face is not in that perpetual grin. Looks a bit more tragic in the sense. Which of course is not always a bad thing when you are considering it is a monster that was once human in it's "former" life. Thats two pieces in a week :P Someone was working on these for a while to get them out that quick. Still I wish I had that kind of speed with my own projects. These is still a great piece btw. Shows a hell of alot of imagination and skill to execute with this beast.

Btw, do you know anything about Zabangi from Ultraseven. I watched the ep and all I can muster is that he is some sort of weapon that the Nonmalt's were using to take back the planet. But I am not understand the coffin like ark in the episode or who the alien ships where that were attacking that city in the flash back.

Yeah I think you can see who one of the 3 illustrations I have lined up next will be ;)
Enshohma's avatar
Well, like I said, the Kaiju Portrait for Takegami / M here has been in storage for a little while, and once the full body picture and Toho Kingdom pages were up, it was a no brain-er to finally give this picture its due.

I once again appreciate your detail comment, and your thoughts illustrate my own slight preference for this picture over the full-body one - especially the more sorrowful look Takegamit sports.

This, along with the added details that could not be seen from the front, like the back spikes and deep hole where the noise once was.

Sadly, I don't know much about Zabangi outside that he's the Nonmalt's most powerful champion kaiju, used in a last ditch effort to take the Earth back from the humans.

I do know that there was an ancient conspiracy where some human higher ups in the TDF are well aware of mankind's true origins as alien invaders, and have kept the Nonmalt in check because of which. Though again, the rest of mankind has no idea about this, and it creates conflict in the episodes Zabangi shows up in.

Unfortunately, this intriguing subplot isn't touched upon again (or at least not obviously so) in the follow-up "Ultra Seven Evolution", outside the fact that aliens are overwhelming a weakened Earth, now lacking any major defense groups.

A situation both the vengeful Pegassa and the devious cyborg Gult both try to exploit, among other alien and Earthly bad guys.
earthbaragon's avatar
Yeah that is pretty much all I was able to muster from the episode. I guess it was suppose to be humans in those ships........or our ancestors. O_0..........however the hell that works. Though the guy in the coffin was one of the humans from 7's time. At least the actor was. I do not know if he is playing the same character or not. He is probably not. I thank you for the help in the information. I just got through with finishing up his drawing. I will have to send you that and the Manda piece that I will be doing for the next big freaking illustrations.

Though I am now inking another Ultraman Jack monster set. Nackle (or is it Knuckle), Nokogrin the adult, Zagoras, and Gronken. And I would like to give a big curse to Oxter. He is going to be one of the later ones in the sets that is for sure eeeesh. I going to finish that and a special funny little Daigoro picture that has been on the endtable for about a month now.
SirReddo's avatar
I like to design of him. I read about the lost project and really interested me. However, it was a bit too similar to Jamila's story from Ultraman (More similar to the Ultraman Powered version).
Enshohma's avatar
I wonder had this project gotten made, if Japanese audience would have recognized the similarities, or if Tsuburaya Prod. would have attempted to sue. Though truth be told, Shusuke Kaneko is a huge fan of classic Ultraman, and you can find traces of the first three series in his works. Especially the Legion Plant basically being a distant cousin of Juran the Mammoth Flower from "Ultra Q".

Plus, inhuman astronauts are rather common in science fiction and monster movies ("First Man In Space", "Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster", "The Incredible Melting Man", "The Crawling Hand", Ligatron from "Ultraman Tiga", "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" from "The Outer Limits", etc...), so Kaneko could have gotten away with it.
DinoHunter2's avatar
Wait... Spike from MLP? I assume you're doing the version from that episode where he turns into a giant monster?
Enshohma's avatar
My dear Dino-Hunter, you know me far better than that...

Of course I'm doing 'Giant Spike' from the MLP episode "Secret To My Excess", and thus far have the picture in gradients / grayscale mode, before adding the final coloring by week's end (I hope).

If you want a preview, send me your e-mail by PM, so I can do so.
Enshohma's avatar
But of course!
Doctordid's avatar
is this the astronaut again
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