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Legendary Godzilla vs Crustaceous Rex - Dec 2019

By Enshohma
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I'm too busy today to write a proper description so I'll let :iconkaijuduke: take it away as this illustration is a commission he originally paid for. HAPPY NEW YEARS, EVERYONE!

Just in time for the new year, here we have an epic scene of the Monsterverse Godzilla, DougheGoji to be precise, locked in battle with Crustaceous Rex from Godzilla: The Series! In the words of Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, LET THEM FIGHT!

The Legendary incarnation of Godzilla certainly needs no introduction, but Crustaceous Rex, or C-Rex for short, might depending on your familiarity with the previously mentioned Fox animated series. C-Rex was a mutant sea monster that emerged from out of the waters off the coast of Jamaica when its food supply, the tar/ink produced by a population of mutant giant squids, were wiped out by Godzilla (they had been feeding off people, so they had it coming lol), so the beast crawled ashore in search of a suitable substitute, highway tar! Oh kaiju biology, may you always be so weird and wonderfully destructive. Naturally, Godzilla arrived to take care of this new threat, and after a pretty solid battle, emerged victorious! However, C-Rex would prove to be one of a small handful of recurring monster foes that managed to survive their first encounters with the Big G, and would return to appear in the popular "Monster Wars" three parter alongside his fellow survivors, as well as the Monster Island centric episode "S.C.A.L.E." C-Rex stands out as a fan favorite of the cartoon due to not only being the first kaiju foe Godzilla faces (not counting the much smaller squid monsters), but also due to having one of the most unique monster designs of the show, looking more like a Lovecraftian horror than a merely jumbo sized variant of an already existing animal like many of its peers. Along with his powerful clawed legs and constricting tentacles, C-Rex can also spit tar ink from its mouth to blind or entrap its enemies in battle, making it a tricky & formidable opponent for other monsters.

While MonsterverseGoji and C-Rex are unlikely to ever meet, I do feel like C-Rex's design matches the aesthetic of the Monsterverse Titans nicely, hence why I thought it would be cool to see them face-off. Many thanks to :iconenshohma: for bringing this long awaited match-up to life for me, Happy New Year man.
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Awesome work!

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I love the light working here. Really gives off a halo like celestial look. Even if one of the monsters is getting damn near roasted to death. Looks great :)
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Golden zoidberg award by Naarok0fKor  
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I accept this award and your music’s bad and you should feel bad!
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about time the japanses, or American g man fought a godzilla the series kaiju 
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This is pretty dang awesome. As much as I couldn't stand the 1998 Zilla film, I loved the animated series. Glad to see it getting the love it deserves.

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Amazing Work! :o
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Why thank you so very much!
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