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Brandon's Top 10 Ray Harryhausen Films

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Back in May of 2013, stop motion animator, fantasy filmmaker, and master of monsters Ray Harryhausen passed away at the long lived age of 92.

In addition to his own amazing films and creature creations, Ray Harryhausen's influence was widespread, and is still being felt and seen in modern fiction and culture to this very day. Ranging from major movie directors and fantasy authors, to equally talented yet lesser known artists and commentators.

Including yours truly, and internet reviewer Brandon Tenold!


This is the title illustration for Brandon's own salute to Mister Harryhausen - a ten movie retrospective of the animator's superior efforts, and my friend's own personal favorites. And of course, a lot of Brandon's choices and opinions for this episode, heavily mirrors my own. Especially the number one pick. :)

Enjoy Brandon's "The Top Ten Ray Harryhausen Films" in the following links!

BlipTV Version: [link]

YouTube Version: [link]



Brandon wanted a collection of Ray's monsters surrounding him, but in a pleasant, friendly manner, as opposed to him reeling in terror of them. Enthusiastically agreeing with his idea, I went about the concept like Brandon and the various Harryhausen monsters coming together to celebrate the man's life and accomplishments, in a group photo.

Minus a grumpy looking Rhedosaurus, and the almost always stoic-looking Talos, I believe I was largely successful in this regard. And although this piece is mainly played with a straight face, I was still able to throw in some minor gags, like Brandon holding up Medusa's severed, yet still living noggin.

On a surprise note; despite my love for Ray Harryhausen's movies, and giant monsters in general, I've never drawn any of these featured characters before!

And I couldn't fit ALL of the Harryhausen monsters into such a small box (including the lesser loved NON-stop motion made ones), so we ended up with a varied mix of popular favorites. Further twiddled down by Brandon and myself's own personal favorites, like Kali from "The Golden Voyage of Sinbad" (1974). Or the oddly adorable Giant Archelon, from "One Million Years B.C." (1966).

I also didn't want to repeat monster design motifs either - hence why The Ymir from "20 Million Miles To Earth" (1957) is here, and not The Kraken, from "Clash of the Titans" (1981), as both look too similar to one another. And thus I opted for the contrasting white Pegasus instead, from the former fantasy epic.

Despite my earnest attempts, I still ended up shooting myself in the proverbial foot, by accidentally placing three green-colored reptilians in a horizontal row!

It also amuses me some of the unintentional pairings that occurred in the finished illustration. Like "Mighty Joe Young" (1949) sharing the 'kiddie table' with Ymir. Or Kali standing alongside with fellow metallic statue Talos...Go ahead an 'fan ship' that last one, if you'd like.


Thank you so very, VERY much, for all the fine memories, our dear Mister Harryhausen!

Gwangi, by :iconheffyjoe: = [link]

Clash of the Titans, by :iconmontygog: = [link]

Perseus vs The Kraken, by :iconvegasmike: = [link]

Rhedosaurus For KMAC, by :iconpainted-wolfs-den: = [link]

Talos, by :iconmengblom: = [link]

Thanatorg (a Harryhausen Homage Beast), by :iconkaijusamurai: = [link]
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Hartzler35Hobbyist Artist

Triple great Great GREAT man 😎👍👍👍.

As "The Duke of Artz" I am a huge fan of Ray Harryhausen.

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Spike-McFinnHobbyist Traditional Artist
What a picture! What an artistic triumph!
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R.I.P. Ray. You're leaving one hell of a legacy behind ya.

The Valley of Gwangi is one of my favorite dinosaur films, due in no small part to Ray's effects wizardry. That and, how can a film pitting dinos and cowboys against each other NOT be awesome?

In many ways, I find stop-motion (particularly Harryhausen's work) to be more lifelike than a lot of CGI these days. Sometimes it just looks better when there's actually something in front of a camera. I'm not a CG hater, but it's become so commonplace, it just doesn't have the same impact it did in, say, Jurassic Park back in the day. There's just not much variety left in special effects these days.
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BaroqueWolfeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I am a huge of Harryhausen and his works, mostly with the Sinbad and the Greek mythical movies.
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TraheripteryxHobbyist General Artist
All those good old classics...
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EnshohmaProfessional Digital Artist
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postalthehedgehogHobbyist General Artist
good vid
Enshohma's avatar
EnshohmaProfessional Digital Artist
Let :iconbdeanelson: know!
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Raf, I think this is one of the best things you've ever done. And I'm not just saying that because I'm in it, I'm saying because of everything ELSE that's in it!
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his work was the best ever
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EnshohmaProfessional Digital Artist
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LucasCAPS Writer
Enshohma's avatar
EnshohmaProfessional Digital Artist
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Your works are amazing, as always!
And, eternal memory to Ray Harryhausen...
Enshohma's avatar
EnshohmaProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you so much!
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earthbaragonHobbyist Digital Artist
Yep, I just watched his review yesterday and was floored when I saw your title card. I couldn't believe you did such a large and varied piece so quickly. I am envious that's for sure. As for his video I thought it was really well done. And like everyone else, my opinion would differ on the order and selection of films that he put on his list. But I suppose that is what made Harryhausen so great. All his films were so wonderful, and people are bound to be more attached to some more than others. For instance I hold 7th Voyage as my number one. The music is amazing and the movie has such a great pace. And I would have put Earth vs The Flying Saucers somewhere in there :P But that is my own taste of the man's work.

Again for the piece it really is amazing. Mainly for me cause the Cyclops (my favorite of all his creations) doesn't look so angry. Though I find it more disturbing that he is smiling :P And this piece just goes to show.....your style of bold color and shading. And your heavy caricature like drawing designs, works for just about anything. You can take just about any figure and really make it your own and give it a unique personality. Which again I am envious of your talent :)
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EnshohmaProfessional Digital Artist
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DinoHunter2Hobbyist Digital Artist
An excellent tribute to a legendary man. His influence will never be forgotten. Well done.
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Bracey100Professional Digital Artist
Loving it!
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EnshohmaProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! And I'll be giving you an extended review of your improved Talos soon!
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Bracey100Professional Digital Artist
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jarredspekterHobbyist Writer
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