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Date Joined: February 14th, 2018

Current Funds: 0 St

Merits: 0

Strikes: 0



Species: Houndour

Nature: Adamant

-Characteristic: Strongly defiant

Gender: Female                  
Age: Young Adult (Equivalent of 20-25.)

Ability: Flash Fire – Attacking her with fire only increases her own power.

Strength: 3                  Agility: 1

Intelligence: 2              Charisma: 3 (1+2)

Total Points Left: 3/10

Type Bonus: [Fire] -> [Charisma]

Fire Spin – Sorrel breathes out a compact stream of fire that swirls around the enemy and constricts, leaving them trapped. Her go-to attack.
Solar Beam – Sorrel absorbs light from her surroundings, and unleashes it in a blindingly white beam. Takes much longer to charge than it should, unless Sunny Day is active.
Sunny Day – Sorrel spits a ball of fire into the sky. While it hangs there, her Fire Spin is much more powerful, and her Solarbeam charges in next to no time.
Crunch – Only used as a finishing blow, or last resort when the enemy is too close. Sorrel clamps down hard on whatever body part she can reach, then shakes her head viciously.


- Starter Accessory Voucher

----Description: Good for any basic hood, scarf, shawl, or armband(s) at Wear and Flair Accessories.


Species: Stunky

Nature: Lonely

-Characteristic: Highly persistent

Gender: Male                  
Age: Young Adult (Equivalent of 20-25.)

Ability: Stench – Spruce can smell absolutely revolting. So much that some attacks against him will not connect, as the opponent is too busy retching.

Strength: 2                            Agility: 4

Intelligence: 3 (1+2)              Charisma: 0

Total Points Left: 3/10

Type Bonus: [Poison] -> [Intelligence]

Acid Spray – Spruce sprays a brief burst of acid, eroding some of the enemy’s defense, and causing temporary blindness if it reaches the eyes.

Dig – Spruce’s claws grow, allowing him to move underground nearly as quickly as he can run. Often used to create pitfalls.

Shadow Claw – Some sort of dark energy surrounds Spruce’s claws. A successful strike can send shivers up the opponent’s spine.

Snarl – Spruce produces a horrible sound, one that he shouldn’t even be capable of. It taps into other Pokémon’s deepest fears, reducing the strength of some attacks, and even causing physical pain.


- Starter Accessory Voucher

----Description: Good for any basic hood, scarf, shawl, or armband(s) at Wear and Flair Accessories.

========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

A Furret, dressed solely in a newsboy cap, moved quietly into the forest outside of town.

To the casual passerby, he appeared utterly content, perhaps even a touch carefree, with a bit of a spring to his step. Closer attention would show that his tail disproved his mood. It wasn’t high enough for him to be happy, but not so low that he was truly fearful. However, it would take true scrutiny to notice the slight tension in his shoulders, and the lack of emotion in his eyes.

A trained observer might be able to take all of this in, but there was no one else about, and that only added to his discomfort. Sound was a major part of how he got around, and the near-silence was troubling him greatly. He found himself wondering exactly how he had pulled this duty.

Sure, he knew that he owed Sunny a favor, but somehow this wasn’t what he’d had in mind when he offered to interview a few potential teams. He’d been meeting them in the café, asking them the necessary questions while they were still off balance from the atmosphere. He even got his favorite lunch every day, all on the guild’s checkbook. It seemed that the waiter was a bit fed up with him, though he couldn’t really see why. Business was business.

He’d figured on getting away with it for another week or two, but the kid’s mother kept a closer eye on the finances than he’d supposed. She hadn’t spoken to him directly, but, given the mood that Sundance was in when he passed the message along, that was probably a good thing. Her icy displeasure had radiated straight through her son, and he shuddered to think of the full force of it.

Once that honeypot had run dry, he’d begun meeting them on his own turf, still throwing most of the recruits for a loop. He preferred to work that way; when they were unnerved, the answers were shorter, and considerably more honest. He would’ve liked to do the same with his current marks, but that didn’t seem to be an option.

They had aided the guild considerably when Atlas had awoken, but vanished soon afterwards. A team had been asked to keep an eye out in Andalusst, as they were supposed to have some expertise in the matter, but hadn’t seen anything before today.

Matter of fact, the Marill hadn’t even been on duty when he spotted the Houndour. It was sheer luck that he was wandering the outskirts of town as she slipped out. Of course, that only made her more suitable for the guild in Cuffin’s eyes. Be nice to know that there was someone who could get around without being noticed.

Hopefully she and her partner, whatever ‘mon he might be, would hold up under pressure better than that blue puffball. He’d just been asking the tyke, Brook, a few questions, to try and get a feel for what he was headed into. Sunny had been purposefully vague, and he wanted to know why.

All the same, Brook had come close to tears as soon as he’d started pressing a bit harder. Cuffin would’ve gone further, but then the kid’s sister bolted over, and there was no way for him to keep it up. He liked to think of himself as persistent, but no ‘mon with a sense of smell, especially one as keen as his, made a Stunky angry if they could help it.

And so he found himself wandering the woods at night, trying to track down a Houndour and her compatriot. The trail had had few visible signs at first, as if she had attempted to conceal them, but her scent didn’t lie. His nose led him deeper, and he finally reached the point where she dropped her guard and began to walk normally.

Instead of only faint scuff marks, there were paw prints in the loam. Some were crumbled, clearly laid some time ago, but there was a single line of fresh ones. That’d explain why that other team hadn’t seen her; she didn’t come to town very often.

The tracks were soon forgotten as a new odor reached him. It was similar to that of the Houndour, but much stronger. Rather than smelling a Fire-type, he was smelling a fire itself. Her camp must be near.

The Furret abandoned the narrow trail that he’d been on, his slender form slipping between the trees with ease. They shouldn’t be expecting him, but why take chances? Hopefully, coming from a different direction, and staying downwind, would allow him to surprise them, rather than the other way around.

It worked. He was close enough to make out the duo, but they didn’t appear to have noticed him yet.

The Houndour was easily recognisable, even in the dim, flickering light. Her partner was another story. He, or she, was between Cuffin and the fire, so all he had to work with was a silhouette. Overall, the figure was very shaggy, and his first guess would have been Furfrou, if not for the size, which was similar to the Houndour. It also appeared to have some sort of mane, even if it wasn’t fully fleshed out. A small Luxio maybe, but the fire was covering up their scent. He’d need to get closer to find out.

Taking a deep breath, Cuffin steeled himself for the quasi-interrogation ahead.

At least, that was the plan. Instead, he got a lungful of smoke as the breeze changed direction. He doubled over hacking, with all thoughts of stealth gone. By the time his streaming eyes cleared, one of the prospects was standing over him.

The Houndour was still limping over, but that barely registered. His focus was on the haggard-looking ‘mon in front of him. Most would call it a day after upsetting one Stunky, but, overachiever that he was, he just had to go and find a second.

Spruce wasn’t sure what to make of the strange ‘mon in front of him. The colors were similar to those of a Bibarel, but the pattern and body shape were all wrong. It was like nothing that he had seen, though that wasn’t saying too much. There weren’t many who willingly got close to his species. Not more than once, anyways.

Whatever it was, it clearly recognised him as a Stunky. Its eyes were darting about, searching for an escape route. When it found that there was none, the fidgeting stopped, though the tension remained. At that point, Sorrel limped over, and its gaze snapped to her crooked leg. A moment later, the figure looked away, acting a bit bashful.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to sta-” The sentence broke off as he began to cough again. Sorrel whacked him on the back twice, causing him to bend even further. Spruce cringed in sympathy. She never seemed to realise her own strength, and he’d been injured that way several times.

After he’d gotten his wind back, the ‘mon rolled his shoulders, wincing, and continued. “Didn’t mean to stare, that was awful rude of me. The name’s Cuffin.”

She waved his apology aside, stating, with a touch of weariness, “You’re not the first, and I’ll be amazed if you’re the last.” Continuing on, her tone became much more formal. “I am Sorrel. The night is cold and dark, but my fire is warm and bright. You are welcome to it, should you wish.”

She turned to make her way back to the campsite, then paused, glancing over her shoulder. “You may find it more comfortable to stay upwind, though.” The sentence was accompanied by the barest ghost of a smile, flitting over her muzzle so quickly that it might not have been there in the first place.

Settling in by the fire, Cuffin gazed across it at the strange couple that he had found. He hadn’t been sure what ‘mon the Houndour, Sorrel, he reminded himself, would have for a partner, but a Stunky definitely hadn’t crossed his mind. The fellow still hadn’t introduced himself, so Cuffin still had no idea what to call him.

Forget introductions. He hadn’t said anything, even when he was standing only a foot away. Cuffin’d known some odd types before, but this just about topped the list. The only way for it to make any kind of sense was… if he couldn’t speak at all.

As the realisation struck, Sorrel began to speak. “So, Cuffin, what brings you out here at this time of night? Given how you were stumbling on your way here, I think that you’d rather come by day, given the chance.”

He smirked a bit at that. “You figure that right. Someone’s got me over a barrel, but ain’t that the way it goes?” Holding up a paw to cut off her next remark, he continued. “You’ve clearly got questions, and that’s fair enough, but I’ve got a few of my own. How’s an exchange suit you?”

Sorrel didn’t really trust this character, and had only invited him to the fire so that she knew where he was. She glanced uneasily at Spruce, hoping to convey some of her doubts.

In turn, his eyes slid over to Cuffin momentarily, then met hers as he gave a reluctant nod. It seemed he had his own misgivings, but they did need some answers.

“Fine, we’ll do it. But think about your questions. Some of them may be better left unasked.” She wasn’t going to give him any more than she had to.

“What’s his name?” He asked, motioning towards the two of them.

“Spruce. Who sent you?”

He quirked an eyebrow, clearly taken aback by her curtness. “A kid, name of Sundance. Did the two of you meet after coming out of the fog, or before?”

“Some time before. What’s got this Sundance so interested in us?”

“Apparently, you impressed him when you were in town a couple a weeks ago. Where were you from, in this time before the fog?”

“Another forest, though it was far colder than this one. Have we ever met Sundance, or did he merely hear of us from others?”

Cuffin chuckled a bit at that. “Sure you’ve met Sunny, he’s the lil’ Weavile that set you after them looters!”

She remembered. It had been a few days since they’d stumbled out of the strange mists. Spruce was hesitant at first. A loner by nature, the massive gathering of Pokémon, more than either of them had ever seen, had intimidated him. As a result, it had taken her all of that time to convince him to accompany her into Andalusst, as they now knew the town.

Truth be told, she’d been a bit nervous herself. The last time they’d been together in a group… it hadn’t gone so well. This time had to be different, though. There were simply too many here to be united by a common hatred, or so she hoped.

Of course, they had managed to choose the worst possible day for their visit. That… statue, or guardian, or whatever it was called, had gone on a rampage, and some ‘mon had decided to take advantage of the chaos. Her lips curled back at the memory, a faint snarl slipping out. Cowards, each and every one of them, acting on their own selfish desires, and reveling in the suffering that they caused.

Her reminiscence was interrupted as he forged on, not seeming to notice her bared fangs. “Why doesn’t your friend over there say anything? Surely he has some questions of his own?”

It was one of those questions that she’d warned him about, and he went ahead with it anyways. To make matters worse, he kept up the same playful tone he’d had the entire conversation. The feeling of unease in her chest twisted, growing hot and tense. Abruptly, it snapped.

Faces flashed by. No two were identical, but they all wore matching expressions. Repulsion. Contempt. Worst of all, hatred. They danced behind his eyelids, jeering, threatening to snatch him from the here and now.

Spruce took a deep breath, grounding himself. The question hurt no less than it did the first time it was asked, but he’d definitely gotten better about controlling his reaction.

Opening his eyes, he saw that Sorrel had moved forwards a few steps, standing in the fire itself. At the same time, her growl, low and menacing, reached his ears. Cuffin was still seated, but his flattened ears belied his apparent calm. He was worried, and with good reason.

The last time he’d seen her this angry, she’d nearly done something that there was no coming back from. He’d been too scared to stop her then, but he couldn’t count on her reining herself in again. Hopefully, she’d forgive him for what he was about to do.

He typically kept a tight hold on his ability. It hadn’t always been that way, but in recent times, stealth had been more important than trying to drive others away.

So he’d learned to control it, and only let it activate in life-threatening moments. This counted, even if it wasn’t his life at stake.

Spruce relaxed his focus, and watched the chaos unfold.

Cuffin’s paws instantly flew to his nose. His face was screwed up in disgust, but there was an oddly resigned air about the whole thing, as if it had happened before.

It took Sorrel a touch longer to notice the odor, but her reaction was suitably impressive. She inhaled, preparing for an attack, and sneezed violently, her entire body shuddering from the force of it.

Flames splattered weakly around her feet, closer to an Ember than the Fire Spin that they should have been. She sneezed again, and immediately began rubbing her muzzle in the coals, as if trying to burn the vile smell out of her nostrils.

Spruce hurriedly stopped, and she laid down with her paws on top of her snout, wearing an expression that he couldn’t quite name. There was anger, for sure, but also gratitude, and maybe a touch of leftover nausea.

The three remained like that for a moment more, before Sorrel broke the silence with a sigh. She stood, and walked out of the fire, returning to his side.

He ducked his head sheepishly as she bumped shoulders with him before turning to Cuffin with a reproachful glare. “If you think that I’m about to say sorry, you’re dead wrong.”

Spruce shivered. He was the Poison-type, yet, in that moment, her tone held more venom than any of his attacks.

“You brought that on yourself,” she spat. “Asking a question like that when you already knew the answer? You’re lucky Spruce is a gentler type than I am.”

Cuffin was silent for several long seconds. When he began to speak, looking Spruce right in the eye, it was, for the first time, without any hint of banter. “I’d like to apologise. I’d guessed, yes, but I didn’t know for certain, and I never intended to mock you.”

Spruce nodded slowly, accepting it, and nudged Sorrel again. Casting one last side-eye, and grumbling under her breath, she let her hackles lie flat.

“Fine. Who is Sundance, that he can use you as a lackey?”

“I don’t really think of m’self as his lackey, but Sunny’s the head, at least in name, of the Hunters’ Guild. He’s lookin’ for the two of you to join, if you’re interested.”

The duo shared a look, before refocusing on him. “We’ve heard of the Explorers and Researchers, but not the Hunters. What exactly does your group do?”

Cuffin’s smile was wide as he replied, “Everything that they will not. What that means is up to you. Now, there’s just a few questions. Need to make sure you’ll fit in, though, since the kid asked for you, there shouldn’t be any wrong answers.”

Mulling it over for a bit, Sorrel eventually replied, her tone mellower than it had been all night. “Fire away, then.”

“If you’ve heard of the other guilds, what’s makin’ you consider the Hunters over them?”

“We want to help people.” The answer came without hesitation. “The other two do that, sure, but if that day was any indication, the Hunters do it more directly, and handle the less obvious dangers.”

Cuffin rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Well, that’s a better reason than half the sots that we end up recruiting, so I’ve got no complaints. What was next? Oh, right.” In a jeering, sarcastic voice, he continued, “What precisely can you do? What skills do you have to offer us?”

Slipping into a similar sound, Sorrel replied. “Considering how long it took you to find us, I’d bet I’m a fair sight better at woodcraft than anyone you’ve got. Spruce is faster than he looks, and damn near impossible to notice, unless he wants to be seen. We’re also halfway decent at fighting; I’m stronger, but he’s got a knack for hitting where it hurts.”

The Stunky in question shuffled his paws, embarrassed by her praise.

Cuffin laughed aloud. “Oh, I wouldn’t take that bet. Next question’s more near and dear to my own interests. You against doin’ things that the Royal Guard wouldn’t like?”

It was Sorrel’s turn to laugh, bitter and sardonic. “Our home’s nowhere near as, what do you call it, civilized as here. Chances are, we’ll annoy this Royal Guard as a matter of habit.”

“Figured you’d say something like that, but I had to go through the formalities, or whatever the word is. The last one’s my own. See, a big part of bein’ in the Hunters is about finding out secrets, especially the ones that ain’t pretty. Things can turn ugly fast, and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want any part in it. Still on board?”

Spruce shuddered, and Sorrel closed her eyes before answering, voice laden with regret. “Absolutely. It was a secret that cost us everything. If it’d come out earlier, things might have gone differently. It’s always better to know, no matter how ugly it might be.”

Cuffin nodded somberly. “There you go. Life’s about keeping your options open, and the more you know, the better you can do that.”

Then he shrugged. “Far as I’m concerned, you’re in. Still have to run it by Sunny, but he’s the one what invited you. Swing by the guild tomorrow, they’ll get you set up.”

Tipping his hat, more or less in their direction, he ambled off the way he’d come.
Finally got around to doing this. How long has the idea been percolating? I've had to change the year on the application twice now. Anyways, they're here now, and that's the important bit.

If you read through the entire story, you'll see some references to their M1, which can be found here: (Or will be, once I finish it.) It is chronologically earlier, but this should still be read first.

I am willing to RP with them, but be warned that I may take a forever and a day to respond.

Team Mephitic Melody (Brook and his sister) belong to :iconsanngot:
© 2018 - 2021 Ensevelir
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Loved the writing in this! The change in setting from the standard template was a refreshing change of pace, and lent very well to the characterization of your team. I look forward to reading their M1 piece when you're finished 8)
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Thank you very kindly. I'm most of the way through the rough draft, but ending it will be the difficult bit.