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Comission (Ile sans sourire)

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A full color ( gouache) comission with characters from "Ile sans sourire" book and the digital pencil rough.
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Wow, your style is pretty wild and i like it, the curving creature 0_0
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wait, digital sketch? wow! i haven't gotten a tablet yet so i was concerned that i couldn't get a traditional look to my sketches but you just destroyed those doubts. amazing work my friend 
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oops, sorry about that! It's not French you speak, it's spanish xD 
Ahem, as I was saying, I would love it if you had an artbook I could get my hands on. Your penciling is very inspiring to me!
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I understand French, no worries! :)
I would love to prepare an artbook, but that requires time and and I´m focusing on comic books by now. It´s something I have in mind for the near future, indeed.
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I have only your "Aurore" comic book, and love the art so, so very much. Thanks for your work :)
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Aurais tu un artbook par hasard? Ton crayonné est toujours super inspirant. Avec un artbook de toi dans les mains, je bosserais tout le temps sur mon propre crayonné! :)
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Este es uno de mis comics favoritos!!... muy buen arte, bueno eso es siempre. Una consulta, las historias, como en este caso, son tuyas, cierto?. Cómo las creas, recreas algunas leyendas e historias populares o son 100% pura creatividad?. Muchas felicitaciones por tus trabajos, son una gran inspiración... lo sé, sueno a ñoño fun!!!, jajaja. Saludos!!
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Todo mio! ;D (siempre hay algo de alguna otra parte, aunque solo sea inspiracion, y a trocitos pequeños.)
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Ya lo decía yo, excelente!!!Clap . Felicitaciones por tu grandioso trabajo. Saludos!!! :wave:
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bear's face is priceless :P
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I really love the expressions and the bear is priceless! XD
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Waow :)
How much do you take for such work ?
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