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Tribute SFIII 3rd Strike 001

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Love the piece.  It's always great to see people not only capture the combat of Street Fighter, but the personal stories behind each fighter, too. Thanks for bringing this to life!
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you are welcome. glad you like it.
StruggBuggStudios's avatar
Awesome work, buddy.
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Track 04 - Reflections - ROCKY soundtrack
Jaysa-Laser's avatar
this is such a cool image u know. great idea, and well executed
theCHAMBA's avatar
This is such a bossing tribute to Alex and SFIII, period.
Galdelico's avatar
Arg, how awesome is it? O_O

Alex seems so... 'Yeah, whassup?' :D
I love this painting, man, and ur comment just makes me respect you even more than i already did.

You are one of those artists here on dA I'd really wish to see something new from, every single day. :)
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they need to elaborate on alex's background story more. there needs to be an anime for street fighter III
EnricoManiago's avatar
I am pushing the envelope...I am available!
captkiro's avatar
I like the direction you're taking him. I was hooked when i saw the alex vs hugo you did a while back.
GrainGnome's avatar
yea final version!cool man i really liked it
GrainGnome's avatar
yea alex expressions is great and a bit fun
EnricoManiago's avatar
thanks 4 lookin out.will post the high res. soon
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It already looks so awesome... :worship:
Darkof's avatar
98.5% unfinished.

00.5 % unknown - lack of ideas. :p
EnricoManiago's avatar
Will post the finish version soon.
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