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Tribute SFIII 3rd Strike 000

Let's get in on now...
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Awesome, man.😃
Maphilon's avatar
Nicely done!!!
Shen-fn-Woo's avatar
I don't see any WOMEN in that picture
EnricoManiago's avatar
me too. I am glad I am not alone.
BTrinidad's avatar
Pretty sweet piece man :thumbsup:

Haha to me it looks like Ryu's hand is touching Chun Li's leg. lol
VientoErrante's avatar
I think the same thing hahaha
AznWolverine's avatar
Wow how long did this take. I love this.
EnricoManiago's avatar
The preparation took about a week. I do a lot of stuff on the side. The actual drawing itself probably took an hour and a half or so. I did some minor tweaking as I started coloring the poster.
AznWolverine's avatar
wow thats pretty fast for even the basis. hopefully i can get my SF art up here too. Ikeno and Kinu are my inspirations. I hope you keep drawing more SF artwork in the future. With Super SFIV coming out, you'll have a ball Im sure.
EnricoManiago's avatar
I have something cooking regarding Super Street Fighter IV. But 3rd Strike is my free public exhibit right now.
AznWolverine's avatar
Nice. You seem like a real SF fan. Not just an artist who said "Oh these characters look cool let me try to draw them." Like the dedication.
EnricoManiago's avatar
I am going to sound politically incorrect here but I followed Street Fighter religiously since it first came out.
AznWolverine's avatar
Nice. I can tell. I realized I have seen and commented your work before. You've been on a streak with this stuff. Dont stop :)
EnricoManiago's avatar
I like your Ryu uniform. That's cool! Do you have the seabag as well.
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I'll fave this masterpiece everytime/everywhere I'll see it... It's just too amazing.
EnricoManiago's avatar
Thanks for the kind words bro!
rgm501's avatar
man what an awesome piece of artwork, so much detail and i love the (i wanna say dirty) style of coloring.

really well put together man, i especially like the characters that are interacting with each other like the hugo n urien.

just one thing that bugs me, i think the pose chun li is in along with her expression kinda looks like she's tripped over and about to fall.
maybe that your intention, dunno.

still is beautiful work my friend.
EnricoManiago's avatar
Chunli is doing her spinning bird kick...Thanks!
blurukus's avatar
This is a great piece, I just love the energy in this and they way you drew everyone. Really has a Daigo Ikeno feel to it, but your style is a bit sharper around some edges. Very awesome.
leomon32's avatar
Yeah ! (Especially for cat mouth for Ryu =3 )
EnricoManiago's avatar
I just send you the big file. Tell me if you get it and able to open the package.
leomon32's avatar
I haven't received the link on your mails^^'
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