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Tux Freeman

This was something I did for a friend, but I think it turned out okay...
It's kind of a fanart for both Linux and for Half-Life.

If you don't know either, this probably confuses you. hehehe

To help those confused:
Half-Life and it's sequel are PC Games. The main hero is named Gordon Freeman, who wears the armor shown. Plus, his iconic weapon is a crowbar. The name of the Linux logo is Tux... so... Tux Freeman. :)

DISCLAIMER: I make no claim of ownership of either the Tux logo, or the Gordon Freeman image. This was just for fun. :)
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Good Job, you make a fusion of my two favourite things
cornishmouse's avatar
lmao ive seen many tux chars but this is the best hehe i can just imagine tux running around owning crabs & zombies with his crowbar hehehe
Monguin's avatar
Have you seen my Tux pictures? I noticed how much Linux references old school Nintendo when it comes to making games about Tux so I decided to make these funny pictures:…………

PS: How often do you see this cute little PENGUIN swim?
muffin-wrangler's avatar
That is the most adorable thing I've seen all week. Yay!
aRUNmoR's avatar
wow. stunning :lol: like it.
XThunder's avatar
I'd love to see him in action XD....great job
Himekami's avatar
Awesome! Hard-core Linux fan! +fav.
EnPsyane's avatar
Hey there!
Haven't seen you around in a while... how ya doin? :)
Thanks for enjoying my work, and thanks also for the :+fav:!
Himekami's avatar
You're welcome! And of course! Doin great as usual!! :smile:
osagelady's avatar
GREAT JOB! You definately got Tux AND Freeman captured in this. I love it, it's so ... cute :D
EnPsyane's avatar
Glad you liked it, Judy. Thanks for the :+fav: , as well!
sneakygirl's avatar
Awwwwwwwwwww Its Cute! :dance: I Want One!! LOL
sixstring7's avatar
you do NOT want to mess with this penguin! haha good job :)
EnPsyane's avatar
Thank you, my friend. :)
Redic-Nomad's avatar
ah thas awesome!
EnPsyane's avatar
Thank you!
Both for the comment & the :+fav:. :)
I'm honored.
Sinann's avatar
Tux!!!cute! love this thing! ;) ( my boyfriend is an computer scientist and so, I've to know tux certainly*g*)
EnPsyane's avatar
Thanks. :)
I'm glad you like.
Offering's avatar
i'm putting my half a hand-up for the confused .. i know the linux logo, but ..
EnPsyane's avatar
No problem.
Half-Life & Half-Life 2 are PC games. The orange-ish armor is what the main character ( named Gordon Freeman ) wears. The Linux logo is name Tux.
So... Tux Freeman.

EnPsyane's avatar
Oh yeah!
Freeman's iconic weapon is a crowbar. Thats why I have on in there.
When PC Game fans see a crowbar, they usually associate it with Half-Life.

And yes... I am a huge Half-Life fanboy. :)
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