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New boy, Kaius. Recently joined with an online D&D group - I'm normally used to in-person games - and I made my first official tiefling! He's a Feral variety, and the party first encountered him as a captive to some cultists, lined up to be a blood sacrifice. He hasn't been with them long, and he's still regarded with a high degree of suspicion (understandably), but he might eventually prove himself useful. I put this quick pic together as a visual reference for the group, and I thought I'd post it. ^_^
As a side note, he's actually pretty small as far as tieflings go, at a full height of 5'6" when standing up straight.

If anyone is interested in having portraits such as this done for their characters, D&D or otherwise, commissions are currently OPEN!
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Very unique styling & overall design here. Polished mix of features between a Gargoyle (like in the Disney/Fox animated series) and a Bat-Demon hybrid (reminiscent of Nightcrawler from X-Men).
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Thank you! ^_^ I did kinda have the Gargoyles at the back of my mind for him, since they have some appropriate features and they are pretty fun. 
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Love this design a lot!
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Yo this is a sick looking character! Excellent work here mate.
dont know jack about D&D stuff but it seems to a excellent place to spark the creativity spark huh?
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Yes, D&D is a really good way to figure out characters through their process, even if you don't actually play. Race, background, skills, quirks, etc.
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lol thats funny
my irl name is Caius
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That is funny. ^_^ I honestly just picked it because I liked it.
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He reminds me of my interpretation of Erebus
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