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Hello Everyone! I'm sooooo clooseee to getting to the goal of my computer...*reaches it* Almost there....

I'm setting up tons of things. A twitch.TV and I got my own donation up called Ko-fi! I'm still pretty new at it and I still need to set goals. I would be sooo happy if you help to support me on this journey of doing more with my art, write more pages and keep going. I want to do Patron, but I feel that I'm not ready for it until I have enough stuff for you guys to give. My friend show me Ko-fi as a start out for me get the hang of it. I hope this way I can do pages again every friday without fearing Money-death at my doorsteps.......>.> It lingers there....waiting...

Or I can start doing my own horror comic and still place up fanart, or you guys can get small color, simple sketches later on. ^-^

Anyway, I also have other sides such as Tumblr and instagram. I want to be more active and not disappear to know what the heck I'm doing. Once everything is done on my old computer I hope I can do more.

What do you think? Leave comments before.
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Commissions Closed.

I'm closing my commissions and retiring my old commission list. There will be new commission list coming up that I have learned about myself, my commissioners, and how long it takes me to complete one commission, or how detail a character/BG takes me. Please keep in mind when you see the new list, that commission save my life a lot of times. You don't know how grateful I am when you commission me. When I don't have enough to eat, your commissions help me. When I can't pay off one the bills. Commission saved me. When my car breaks down, etc. Thank you for having me do your commissions. It means a lot to me. I thank you so much.

So, I will be finishing off my last commissions.

That won't be the only change I'm doing this year. Later in the coming months, I will be moving my stuff into my new computer (because the one I have now is so old that it can't go through websites without freezing). I already had bought another computer for awhile now since 2015. I couldn't use it since then. The only reason I haven't yet was I was gone for a year and a half at my older brother's place and my father's death back in 2015. Nothing came together for me. Yes, 2015 was the shittiest year in my life. Another reason was because I don't have a CS5 on it, which means I can't work on any of your guy's commissions the way I want to. It's already 2018. It's about time I move in. I would like to finish all the commission on my old computer. Restart new commissions on my new computer.

What about the comics?

Don't worry, I will be placing those up. I need balance out the commission and comic strips anyway. Call the strips a small breaks. Once they are done, I place them up right away.

But Keep in Mind:
When I do finish all the commission on my old computer. I will be on hiatus in figuring out a way to get a new CS5 (or another art program) to continue doing art for you guys. Once I figure that out. I will make announcement for my return. I just want to make sure you guys know what's coming up soon.

Thank you for understand. I know, I'm doing a lot of (back and forth) hiatus lately. But, I need this change in order to better myself, my art, my creativity to grow and my time. Time is what I slowly don't have anymore. I want to spend it doing something I love more and that is to making my own comic.

1st old Commission list to…

Darkcloud 1 picture (1 com 70%)

2nd Old Commissions list to finish:
:iconghost9801:  1 picture (1 com 90%.) Pay
:iconxstone1: Done
:iconsolstrike19: 1 pictures. (2 com 0%) Pay wait. Paused
:iconmercenaryx: Done
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And a happy new year!

I hope all of you have a great Christmas, holiday, and everything!! I shower you guys with comic strip. I try to get as many done as I can, but well, I guess I'll save it for next time. I hope all over you have a good next year. I know we all need it!

I hope you guys like the pages and the evil naruko pages! XD I hope you guys hate her. She is a nasty little sun burst.

I love all of you guys and thank you for everything! :hug: :heart: :heart:
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I'm a douchebag. All these years my brain goes wild to think up what I need to do with the story/drawing out and also to get commissions finish. I never really thank the people that gave me Lamas!

THANK YOU FOR THE LAMAS!! Y.Y I am so sorry I didn't thank you guys before. I wish I can give you something in return?
Thank you everyone for stal-watching me! Thank you so much! I want to hug you guys MMM! :hug: :love: :kiss: :heart: :heart: I want to love you, but I can't! I can only kiss the screen!
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Thank you for the Happy Birthdays!

I'm sorry I haven't been on for days now. I have been catching up with stuff. I had to leave for two weeks back to Vancouver and pick up the rest of my stuff. When I came back, I got sickly ill. It contains living in my bathroom for awhile and fear anything I eat. So, it wasn't fun. My allergies are getting worse...which I don't want them too, but they have. So, I feel like I've always been sick lately and I grew tired of it!! *scream*

I'm sorry to say this...but, lately, I lost interest in drawing Naruto fanart and I've been struggling with this for awhile now. I really want to expend to other fanart for now. Who knows, I might go back to Naruto one day, but I feel I need to do something else. Do other fanart short comics from other fandoms, etc. I'm serious when I say, I really tried going back to liking Naruto again, but I just can't. I find myself wanting to draw other things and exploring them.

What about the fancomic? I'm going to finish those pages, don't worry. Like I said before, they are close to half finish. These pages are from 2015, I'm not going to leave them to rot in my computer after I placed my time in them. They need to be seen! >.<

Yeah, that's my bad news of the day. T.T

But I hope you guys like my other fandom drawings!

I'll be drawing the commissions soon enough!
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Hi Guys!

Believe or not, I am not done with my run around yet, but I have been going back and through with my stuff.

Back on the pictures of

Soon to come by Enock and Please read artist Comment by Enock

I won't be doing:
Haruko comic. That will stay oneshot
The Sakura comic (The monster behind the mirror) I change my mind of doing.
No longer going to be updating The crack worlds picture.

As for the Naruko comic:
I will be changing the chapters around: Making them shorter. I will no longer will be able to have the fans choose for their ending. Since I'm cutting a lot out of the story and that way finish this comic a lot more sooner. Because I want to do other projects beside Naruko and this comic has already took most of my time doing it. TT.TT

I'm very sorry for the disappointment, T.T But I really want this comic to be over and done with.

Those of you that have commission with me, don't you worry. I am working on them and will be emailing you guys soon.
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Yes! I HAVE RETURN!! AHAHAHAHAHA Yes, I am finally home! It has been a year and a half now. Amazing how time flies. Tell you the truth. I really needed it. I feel like a new unicorn! Yay!

But...indeed...I need to catch up....*sigh*... -everything-, so I will be posting drawings up that I got the chance to actually finish. But the comic *stares at it* yeah.......

I am going to go quiet again in August, but it isn't for long. I just need to torture myself for a bit before I can really start making my arm wish it wasn't with me. So, yeah, but I just want to let you guys know, that I am going to place drawings up that aren't related to Naruto. I actually want to do more comic related stuff and just for fun fanart. Like Steven Universes, etc. So, look forward to some of that!

Yes, I'm still doing commission. I got some already I'm doing, but I want them right now. I hate making my commissioners wait. It's driving me CRAZY!! *pulls hair* So, there will be more commissions coming up later on.

Anyway! Its nice seeing youu all again! I'm sorry it took so long. I hope I can bring you joy with my drawings! Until then!

Enock out!
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I know I said that I'll be back on in February, but that didn't turn out that way at all. I'm really sorry I wasn't active at all. Life didn't want to let me go just yet.
I'm going to say I'm not sure when I'm coming back, but I'll try to place up sketch and drawings up to let you know I'm still alive. I'm so sorry. ☹️

But I will come back somewhere this year.
DEC 23, 2016
Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday, I hope you guys have a nice,  relaxing time. I hope to see you guys next year and I hope to draw again too! I hope you see you guys by than!

NOV 9, 2016
THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES. I'll try to answer questions and DA notes on Remembers day, Nov 11 or Saturday. I hope to be on the net by then...T.T *cries*

JULY 30, 2016; I just wanted to let you guys know and to remind some of you that I won't be here until next year. I'm still helping my brother and his wife in taking care of my nephew while they work off a debt. So, I'm not going to be home all year. T.T I do apologies for the long wait. Once I come back, I'll be going back to drawing out the comic and doing commissions. Yes, everything is on pause until I come home. T.T

Update April 29Looks like plans change, I will be leaving tomorrow again.  Everything is now on pause. I am not sure when I am able to come home. You guys might as well look forward to Naruto Chap 6 next year. I'm truly sorry.. T.T Any commission I've been working on is now pause as well...*pouts*
Update April 24: Yes, I am still a ghost, but I am still active as much as I can. Nothing new really on my end beside what I had said down below. I am still doing commissions and try to get them done as fast as I can until the end of May. That's when I return to my big brother's place. But yeah, I didn't touch Chapter 6 Naruto Period at all. T.T sorry...I don't think I can be able to work on the comic this year. Sucks ass. T.T

2 commission half done, but pause by owner behalf. While 1 commission is still being worked on for Darkcloud.
1 commission I play around a lot with his commission. on Pause. JuPMod

 I'm sorry everyone. Once again, I have family calls upon me again. This time it is not because of health problems. My older brother needs someone to look after my nephew, so I came to live with them for a month. They did had someone, but that women turned out to be a selfish cow. I told them I'll watch over my nephew until then. I'll come back in March, where my mother will take my place. I have to go to my cousin for a short visit. Once I come back, I got to go back taking care of my nephew again. If you are thinking why not a daycare. Yeah, my brother and his wife can't afford it. That's why both parents are working. Nothing comes up, I might have to bring my computer with me to try and catch up as much as I can. Other wise, it will be a slow progress.

I don't know, everyone. Something out there just doesn't want me to get through Naruto chapter 6 for some reason. I will finish the commission. No matter what! I want to finish that, but I don't know what to do with Naruto Chapter 6.  T.T I'll do my best to get at it, but I can't seem to reach it!! >.< We'll see what comes up, and for sure I'll tell you guys that'll I'll go back to it.

For now everything is on pause once again. Y.Y I'm very sorry. I seriously thought this will be the year of drawing.

RLX Producti

I wanted to place this up yesterday, but I had friends come over. X.x I really, really want to show everyone this video so badly! Please take a watch, it's really funny!

Happy Holiday everyone and a Happy New year!!

I'm back, well, I came back on Saturday. I didn't want to do anything on Sunday and just unpack my things and read everyone's email and comments. I just want to say thank you so much for the support and the kind words. It means a lot and it always makes me smile and cry at the same time, but it does help me greatly. I am happy to know that I am not alone in this walk of grief.  Thank you so much everyone. *bows* I love you all very much. I wish I can hug each and everyone of you.
Cancer just shit and awful, so pleaseeeee, everyone always have a check up and get rid of the fucker as fast as you can once it appears. :hug:
My big brother, also, had cancer too, but he was lucky enough to catch it in time. He was only 25 years old at the time he had it. My father was too late when he got his check up and just got worse and more harder to get rid of over time. So, always take care of yourself first.  

Thank you so much for the happy birthdays. I want to kiss and lick everyone of you. :kiss: :kiss:  I couldn't ask for more to have such awesome fans like you. I am going to sound corny, but you guys are the best gift to me. :smile: Thank you so much :kiss: :hug:

Since I want to take my mind away from RL. I really want to finish these main three things; Chapter 6 of Naruto Period, and commissions, and the last one my own comic Chapter 1. Once I got everything done, maybe I can come back to some of the items I dropped. But mostly, I just want to draw, write stories and drown myself in it.

Back to do List:
Update: Dec 21rd: STILL Jumping around pages to ink and screen tone

(To fans: what do you guys think, if I cut this chapter apart and send you half and try to finish the other half? This way you guys won't wait so long? Since this is going to be a long ass chapter?)

List to do:
Naruto Period Chapter 6 Discomfort
Everything is mostly written right now. On pause until other pages are done.
Pages Plan so far all together: 62 pages
Computer Story board: 70 pages for now
Sketch: 19 pages
Screen tones: 43 pages
Color pages: 5 pages
Written bubbles: 41 pages
Edited: Not yet
Finished pages: 21 pages

Commission List:
1.) Killercloud (4 picture)*Paid* (>.< I know! I am still doing his commission, I will get this damn armor right if it's the last thing I do!)
-1 color (solo) Yomi *On pause*
Add: *upgrade*
-1 color (two people) Saint (sketch) and Shiro couple (Idea of sketch, but since figuring something out)
-1 color (two people) Rin (sketch) and Sabura best friends (finish idea sketch/clothing design).

2.)JuPMod * -_- yeah...I'm going to ask JuPMod about bg*

ALW Chapter 1: 90% done, just few pages left.
*update*Add new pages in for didn't make sense. Damn me. =_=*on pause until pages make sense*
Editing and writing: 30% needs a lot of fixing and rewriting.

Finished Pictures:
-1 color (solo) Siegfried DarkCloudDone! So Done!
I'm sorry everyone, I am going on hiatus again and not because I want too.... These past three years my father has been battling with bone cancer and prostate cancer. He has been fighting it on and off, but there was no treatment that seem to work. This whole year it just became one big downwards for him as he became bed ridden and not any amount of drugs can calm his pain. Yes, this is the reason why my family has come back and forth (yes, he was at home and not in a hospital bed) wanting to spend as much time with him. This Canada's Thanksgiving Oct 12th, my father passed away, but he was surround by family and friends.
I will be going down to my older brother's place. Where my whole family will be coming together to scatter my father's ashes somewhere beautiful. I didn't want to mention this here before, it is not a great topic to talk about. I won't be here for Halloween, but I place the Halloween strip early today. I will be coming home soon once everything is done.

I did my best to finish the Halloween comic strip. It was hard, since the strip is also talks about father. I even started this strip in the beginning of October. Ironic, huh?

Once again, thank you for being so patient. I rather have everything done and just throw it all in here, but nothing is done yet.

I also to have to apologies that I am going to drop some projects. I am just way too far behind or have no heart to do them. I will be doing old projects that I must finish no matter what.

FNaT pictures
Holiday Naruto color Strip
Haruto (anything)
AV Naruto Children
Naruto fanart

Projects I must finish:
Finishing Commission: Darkcloud and JuPMod
Chapter 6 Naruto Period
ALW comic strip

Thank you once again.
Sorry if I wasn't active enough. This year has been up and down for me. I have been going in and out of work and back and forth with my family. So, I barely had time to really focus on the comic or any drawings. When I thought I had the time, something always comes up. *sigh*

Hopefully...*looks around to see RL is out to get her* I can go back to drawing again. Cross my fingers. So, I'll be going back to updating the list and finishing off drawings. Sorry about that everyone.

On other news!
IT'S DONE!!! CHECK OUT A PART 1 VERSION OF RL NARUTO!! ENJOY!!</B> Please leave a comment and tell them what you think!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH RLXProducti!!!! THIS IS AMAZING! :heart: :heart: :heart: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:</span>


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ONCE AGAIN SOMETHING AWESOME HAS COME!! CHECK OUT THE COSPLAY SHANNON DID FOR MANGLE!! IT IS SUPER AWESOME!! Man! I couldn't ask for more with sooo much awesome people sending me their freakin awesome stuff!! CHECK IT OUT!!! NOW!! :heart: :heart: :hug:

Filename by Shannonthehedgehog96
Mangle the Fabulous Male Fox by Enock

Comment her here:[link]  and tell her what you guys think!! She worked hard on it!! It's awesome to see a drawing become alive. T.T That's amazing Shannon!! :heart: :heart:


ISN'T THIS AWESOME!!! F-AWESOME!! As always I can't wait to see it!! THANK YOU RLXPRODUCTI!! I am going to watch this more times once I done writing this and sharing to the world!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!
Please also leave comment, fav and  Sub!! They will be doing more!! EEEEE!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :cake:
These youtube below are different. These ones were done back (in 2011). Cass asked me if s/he can place my fan comic up on youtube. I thought, freakin awesome!!! YES! Yet, Stupid me, I didn't place a link up or mention it. I also didn't had a youtube account either =_= (DAMN NOOB ME). It was the first time someone did something like this and I wasn't sure how to react to it. :C After seeing RLXProficti, It click to me. I whole heartily apologies I didn't place this it up sooner.  Thank you Cass for doing these a long time ago.
Part 1

Part 2

Looking at my old art...sorta freaks me out. I remember how much time I spend on each page and even wonder if I can draw half the things I wanted to draw. I really thought I can't draw comic books or even write them, because of my bad writing. I saw how much Kishi change his style and I wanted to change mine too. I wanted to explore a lot of elements when doing the Period Project.

So, I really want to thank you guys for enjoying my fan comic and help me through the years to keep it going on it. I really needed this. This made me so damn happy that I want to keep going writing/drawing the comic until it's done. ~:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :hug:

P.S. This day couldn't get any better. Rain has made me have a short day today to go home. I find awesome fans writing their thoughts (which I will get to soon), and the youtube video!! YES!!

(I'll place the list back up when I'm done lazy.)
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Update Sept 2
Family is coming by, but I have been doing some drawings.

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for enjoying my comic so far! I know the sketches have been hard on the eyes, but I will fix them when Naruto Period is over. I don't really have the time to go back to fix pages right now. =_= *mumbles*

*Yes, I am going to go into automatic hiatus to finish chapter 6 Discomfort.

*No, the pages aren't going to be sketches anymore (unless I run out of time). They will go back to screen tone and ink pages again.

Guess what? Chapter 6 Discomfort is going to be a LONG ASS CHAPTER! I can't pin point how many pages right now since it's all written down and more ideas keep adding into it, but it's going to be long. If I beat my deadline, every Friday will be either 3 or 4 pages going up.

But there is going to be a huge warning up as well in the beginning of Chapter 6 Discomfort. Remember, this comic ISN'T GOING TO BE ONE NARROW STREET COUPLE. IT'S MANY! MORE INFO IN THE FEEL THE FEELS PICTURE information down below.
Please read artist Comment by Enock

Haruto's powers by EnockHaruto: I'll get around to that day. I just don't know when. I kinda wish I can do shadow clones of myself to do four comics at once. T.T Sadly I can't.

List to do: Update: September 2, 2015
Naruto Period Chapter 6 Discomfort
Everything is mostly written right now. On pause until other pages are done.
Pages Plan so far all together: 62 pages
Computer Story board: 70 pages for now
Sketch: 19 pages
Screen tones: 43 pages
Color pages: 5 pages
Written bubbles: 41 pages
Edited: Not yet
Finished pages: 21 pages

Commission List:
1.) Killercloud (4 picture)*Paid* (>.< I know! I am still doing his commission, I will get this damn armor right if it's the last thing I do!)
-1 color (solo) Siegfried Almost done
-1 color (solo) Yomi *planning to paint his armor instead*

BlacklistChristmas Commission Lawman *Hasn't pay*

Commission Waiting List: (if anyone wants to be on the waiting list, just note me.)
1.) KillerCloud
2.) JuPMod *building up commission*

Five Nights at Freddy's List:
Balloon Boy: Done
Old Foxy: *planning and doing next*
Old Freddy: *Didn't have an idea what to do with Freddy or his toy one.*
Toy Freddy: *No clue*
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T.T Man…I have read and reread the comments in the last journal (and notes) so many times. I got to say, they are all very beautiful and wonderful. I couldn't thank you enough to give me your thoughts on the comic. It made me SO damn, fricken happy to hear it. I always get soooo speechless when I try to write in the comments in what I want to say to you guys, but I can't, because I just get choke up and teary. T.T

You guys are totally right. As much as I REALLY hate feeling this way. I have to find my own answer. *sigh* It truly feels like I'm in that Jim Carry movie 'Me, Myself & Irene' Only for me it's 'Me, Myself & fan comic and OC " =_= Uge!  I will keep going to see how far I can on Period. If I can't handle the over power emotions within myself, then I'll make a journal to announce the ending for it. I'll make a good enough ending to settle it. I won't leave it open like that.

I'll keep going on the Naruto Period until further notice.

Haruto was just a short fan comic that I want to pour my feelings into; as well to show you guys that any pairing fandom is just as amazing as any other, ^.^ A hero comes from what harsh event in his/her went through, lost, hopelessness, new threat and tragedy surrounding them supposed to be! -Not- because one of the parents once was a hero in the time of peace. -_- I didn't really plan on going forward on Haruto. But, maybe I can do short chapters of the world she goes into later on (to let my emotion go wild in). I'm going to write the same way as Haruto is now. Her telling a story. (Less panels to do that way unlike Period, but I am seriously scared to show you the world she went into. Since it is the canon world….)

FiremanXTM is right, Kishi made his comic dark and has people killed off. I feel better knowing that it is okay to make it dark when it can't always be funny. Just like the Happy & Sad performering mask. It needs to happen one way or another.

I can't thank you guys enough, you guys are all sooooo damn amazing! I can't be any more lucky to have such wonderful fans as always! ~:heart: :heart: :heart: :love: :love: :kiss: I'm always going to look back at that the last journal with your guys comments when I feel down or lost. :love: :heart: :heart: THANK YOU EVERYTHING FOR BEING PATIENT AND SWEET TO ME!!! I wish I can hug you all!!

On the side Note: As for the up coming Valentine Strip...if anyone asked....I'm freakin stuck on it. It is the worse writers block I have on it. -_- I'm sorry. That one has to be left alone for awhile until I can think of something to do with it.
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I'm sorry, I am going to sound like an emo right now. TT.TT

MMmm...*rubs her forehead* Tell you the truth guys, I seriously don't know if I really want to keep going on this Naruto Period fan comic anymore. Don't get me wrong, It teaches me so many things on how to us Photoshop, how to become better, etc I'm very happy you guys enjoy it despite it written and drawing really roughly (I seriously didn't know what I was doing back then. lol) and it even saved me one time. But I don't know if I have the heart to do it anymore. Not because of the ending of Naruto, but mostly because this fan comic isn't -my- comic...Not -my- characters and not -my- world. It's not really -my- baby. It's still Kishimoto's baby. I feel, most of the time, like I should use this time to do my own comic that has been sitting waiting for me to finish for three years now. Three years. That's the Angel's Lost Whisper comic that I started back 2012. T.T

Don't get me wrong, I'll place the short fan comic up once I am done with it. I'll place the left over pages of Chapter 5 up. I'll be going back to Five Nights of Freddy's picture. One commission I really need to finish. Those are still coming up...

But I have been debating with myself about this fan comic for awhile now. Since the Naruto fans are also divided and others don't even want to look at Naruto anymore because of the ending. While others only care about their own pairings alone. Since my fan comic isn't one pairing, but many. I know a lot of people don't like sharing character pairings whatsoever. That's fine. Lucky there is many Naruto comics about that.

The sense of adventure, comedy and wonder is well...out the window...Actually, I'm starting to notice about my writing that seem to be getting darker lately as I progress in Chapter 6 Discomfort. *sigh* I know I am slow, I can't place pages up fast enough because two pages take most of my afternoon and evening away depending how detail they are, and what screen tones I'm using. Never mind my bad grammar problems. I understand it's irrating to place new pages up every friday.( I only do it because I worry I'll never make the pages in time when I get back to work.) I do love your comments, it does help me to keep going, but...

I don't know..... do you guys still want to keep reading the rest of this comic despite the Naruto ending & Kishimoto has done to the fans? What do you guys enjoy about my comic? What do you like about it, what are your favorite parts? Does it bring you joy? Did you stop reading it after awhile? *pouts* Sorry, I guess I'm asking these question to give me hope. T.T I'm being a attention whore and a whiner right now...sorry.

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I hope you all have a good time tonight!! Sleep like the dead tomorrow and hopefully and an awesome 2015!!! :kiss: :kiss: ~:heart: :cake:
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Hey Guys, well. I got good news and some bad news.

Bad news; The wedding has been cancel. So, I am not going anywhere. T.T Mmm

Since half the fandom has been depress and the other half rejoice. I am happy and proud of you guys for not starting anything in the comments of yet. I only wish you guys could respect and help each other instead of doing war with each other. Let those fans that are disappointed grieve. Everyone has a different way of grieving. Getting angry, depress, heartbroken, etc. Let them write their hearts into words somewhere else. It's part of grieving progress. I would like that my fans understand and try to make the other feel better and respect what they like. While those that are rejoicing, I like you not to shove "THEY ARE CANON NOW IN YOUR FACE" to everyone's else faces. Instead of being a douchebag, and lick the tears off of the grievers to flap towards. Why don't you help them instead by saying, "hey, I'm sorry yours didn't become canon. You don't have to like the ending, it's fine. As long as we both love Naruto together and what we learn from it. The last thing I want is for you to hate Naruto"

Do I sound like a peacemaker? Fuck yeah. This is my comic, my little realm, I'll be Jesus if I wanted to be. If anyone starts a war. I am going to make a list penalty of which couple is being a freakin douchebag. couple of strikes, and the couple that are listed will be delete and even off this story. Understand? If you see your fellow supporter being a douchebag, please tell them to stop. If they don't, please note me and I'll try to talk to them. If it's useless, they will be ban. You have been warn. *blinks*

This fan comic isn't going to be the real comic anymore. It's going to be 100% wrong and I don't care anymore if the real comic did what. My fancomic is another universe to it's own. It's not going to go the way you want it, or how this character didn't feel what towards blah blah. Don't care! You can enjoy the real comic to yourself, I'm not forcing you to read mine. I already place warnings on every page saying

This comic contains Blood, Adult Themes (R16), Swearing, Shounen-ai (Boy Love), Shoujo-ai (Girl Love) and Het (Straight).
This doujinshi will also contain things that the reader might not like, or disagree with later in the story. Things that will make people hate me for later -- and I don't really care if they do. It has to be done!
If this doujinshi doesn't hold your princess fancy, please don't leave a comment. Just leave. Thank you. </sub> <----IN EVERY PAGE!

Good news; I am going to place all the depressing pages up here, and then we can start with the funny bits. Since no one wants depressing pages right now (Man, I didn't even think these depress pages come in the right freakin moments, hey?). The funny pages; I am going to warn you, they aren't done. They are in sketch mode, but since Christmas is coming around, I could at least place something joyful up. Right? So, for the first time. I am going to hammer you with pages. I am just going to be a little slow placing them up, since I have to fix best as I can on the grammar. I just suck so bad it it's not even funny. So, please, enjoy this weeks pages.

P.s Don't say salty. It isn't an insult. Cheif will tell you that salt is the most important seasoning in foods to make the food taste better, but it can also kill you depending eating too much of it, or
Chemistry salt blowing shit up with it like in Myth Bustards and all that wonderful science. =_= Salt is awesome...does not explain butthurtness in the least. :/ No, Insult/salty do rhyme, but aren't the same. Don't make salt look bad. I'm pro-salt. Leave salt out of this. X3
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Announcement:Now, I still have one commissioner left I need to do. I feel awful already that he has to wait for almost two freakin years for me to finish his last two commission. Trust me, I won't go further on to other commission until I get this last one done, but I have to go to another wedding next month. I don't have enough to get through with it.

So, for now, not to overwhelm myself. I will open to 3 slots commission. Yes, I expect to be paid right away (If you are paying a huge amount, you pay me half, once I'm done another half). *cries* Once those are done, I'll open them again. T.T If you want a commission, but you can't pay right now, I'll open a waiting wish list for you to be the next new set of 3 once I'm done. T.T

Warning; depending on how detail your work is, the slower I become. T.T So, I might not finish your commission right away, but I'll try my best.

Last, last year Commission still do: Price is still the same from last year, nothing change.
1.) Killercloud (4 picture)*Paid*
-1 INK (solo) Siegfried *designing armor* dark armor
-1 INK (solo) Yomi *designing armor* evil darkness armor

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