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tofy-dei Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
me likey. the whole byakugan-sharingan fusion is an interesting concept and it is interesting that she left in a vengeful rage, just like her dad. i hope to read more of this
NazNiz Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
I assume every Haruto page will be moved into this folder so I wanted to comment here.

I loved the story! At first, it seemed like a normal alternative ending. The story was good but it was also heart breaking. I didn't want to see Naruto dead and what's more, everything he worked for also got destroyed in the end. But then, after seeing the other 'children' I have to say it's so good. They have living other lives in parallel worlds, which gives you the chance to work on each and every pairing and different situations. If you're going on with this doujinshi, I'll be certainly following it. I specially want to see the son of Sasuke and Naruto.
Enock Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Aww Thank you!! the great thing about parallel is that we can see different ways of how these character's lives take place. We can we see where Naruto was still young, or old man, etc. That's what's great about it! I thought of all the fanfiction of Naruto that I've read that was just as good as the next. To me, the canon ending is just one possible ending. Like I said in the Haruto cover, Naruto has proven it can go time and dimensional space with Kaguya and Obito. it's too bad we can't explore that in the real comic. I actually would've like to see that the ninja evolve into something more warrior types.

Yeah, I am not scared to do Yuri and Yaoi stuff. There will be worlds where characters meet the bill of being gay and lesbians. As well as genderbends, etc. \\^.^//~~* Because people are a lot more beautiful when they are different. *grins*  
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