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P.45 Cramps by Enock P.45 Cramps by Enock
Merry Christmas Everyone!!
I ALSO LIKE TO THANK  :iconanimaid101: FOR Premium Membership!! Thank you so much!!! You are sweet like honey. You will be licked like lollipop!*lick* *lick* ~:heart: :heart: I seriously wish I can give you return gifts. T.T If I don't have to keep freaking out with bills. One day I will get a premium membership for a year or two...One day *fits at the world*

I know I should have a Christmas Strip up, but I didn't finish in time, and I change my mind to place it up. It is a sweet strip, not funny. It was suppose to be a good-bye thing for Naruto....but....*shake head* *sigh* I also don't know what Naruto will give for Sasuke as a "revenge" gift from the Unwanted gifts strip:
Unwanted Gifts by Enock

Also, I FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR HENTAI! X.x HOW COULD'VE I FORGOT THAT MONSTER! So, I decided that I made him that kinda of monster, like Sasuke's water teammate whosnameIcan'tremember at the moment. I also made Yuri a FemNazi. Which is a funny joke to me since since he is Yuri.  The more I write these characters, the more they write themselves. Really.
Couples: SasuSaku, NaruSaku, NaruHina, SaiNaru,SasuKarin, Kibahina--------,SasuNaru,-------. (<-it's like RPG, we just have to wait to unlock them) How they are unlock is when one of the characters are seriously in love with the other.

This comic contains Blood, Adult Themes (R16), Swearing, Shounen-ai (Boy Love), Shoujo-ai (Girl Love) and Het (Straight).
This doujinshi will also contain things that the reader might not like, or disagree with later in the story. Things that will make people hate me for later -- and I don't really care if they do. It has to be done!
If this doujinshi doesn't hold your princess fancy, please don't leave a comment. Just leave. Thank you.


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Everything almost belongs to©Masashi Kishimoto
Story and Art belongs to©Enock
Screentones belongs to… DA: manga-Apps:…, Rayedwards: and Screentone-Society: screentone-society.deviantart.… </sub
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Temari. Under the circumstances, the fact that they killed their own member b/c you almost got raped automatically gives them KUDOS for being decent human beings.
RikuUzumaki7 Featured By Owner May 29, 2015
Looks like Yuri is not so above his siblings' insanity after all.
Renatu500 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014
I have seen enough Hentai to... ooooohhh!
ChaosOmega88 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014
dafuq ?? it was just an emotional scene from naruto and kiba to Temari attacking to "Hentai"  "Yaoi" and "Yuri" ?????!'?!?!?!?!? my mind is blown
DeadCobra Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014
artists-block-Bgone Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wooh! R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to Yuri!

Actually REALLY digging the sketchy look right now.  I know when it comes to being creative nothing is ever good enough (and it SUCKS when you feel like you have to settle) but it really does work!  For sketches they're pretty damn good!
ShawnHeaytherly Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
What exactly does this mean for Yaoi's personality?
Enock Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
*think* What do mean? That one is Hentai. ^.~ Hentai is a grand pervert! Yuri is the one flying on the dragon.

Here's the character sheets. You might have to download them: Yaoi's profile, Hentai's Profile, and Yuri's profile if you are curious to look at them. ^.^
ShawnHeaytherly Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
No, I know who they all are. I meant if Yuri is a FemNazi and Hentai has tentacles, all minor reflections of their names, I was wondering how Yaoi's name reflects him.
Enock Featured By Owner Edited Dec 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
OOOhh! *hits her head* Sorry about that. *thinks* I think hentai and yaoi do share a lot of same prevy stuff together, but how I saw between the girls and boys hentai comics. Girls are more about love and passion. So, Yaoi will have a lot of lovelove emotion with him. Hentai isn't so much lovelove, but more of wambam thank you ma'am without the emotions. I got to two websites I look in between each other, the boys is Hentai Fakku site while the girls is yaoi My Reading Manga. Girls like a lot of passion, guys not so much. Don't get me wrong. I know some guys are about passion, just like girls like the wambam stuff also. But that's what's the differences between them. I think anyway.
ShawnHeaytherly Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
Okay, sounds great.
DARKLORD98 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
R.I.P Hentai-dono
Roger64 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
Whoa so we finally learned why he's called that.
Hotspot0626 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
Nice :clap:
LadySolonna Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
agree with bad guy this time
JuPMod Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014
What? Temari gotten save by Yuri? Talk about irony. I'm still waiting for Gaara to show up and show them the Sand Coffin. :D
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