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LotS Contest part 2 by Enock LotS Contest part 2 by Enock
This is a contest of :iconlandofthesky: For OC fan character. The last one.
I actually had battle with this one if I should put him up or not. And I wasn't too sure if I should put in his Master in or not. He was confusing. I didn't add much on him because of little time I had. Yes, he is a HUGE TRAP. I loves traps and angels.
The Mocking Bird
Full Name: Lucanturla (luca-in-tee-la) Cartin
Alias: Turla (not the same sound as his first name)
Gender: Male
Race: Angel-Fae hybrid
Date of Birth: April 8th
Home town: Purgatory
Current location: Escaping Purgatory
Love interest: None
Orientation: Doesn't know yet.
Family: Angel Mother and an Fae father (doesn't know them)
Master: Rafeta (Rev-ta) Cartin (who made Turla came to be.)
Friends: Spiders
Habits: Swearing, bad-mouthing, scratching and kicking Reilah's faces.
Hobbies: Singing, drawing, reading, and playing with spiders that come into his cage.
Likes: Singing, kicking Reilah's faces, being free, pretends to be a innocent girl to trick others, tricking people, pranks, strong warrior stories, and weapons.
Dislikes: His long flowing hair (When he escapes, he'll be hacking it all off), his girly figures, being kept in a cage, and being told what to do. Being a entrainment singing bird, science lab rat and his Reilah master. His girly clothing.
Powers: Songs of healing and sleep. He has to figure out himself of the other magic songs.
Abilities:Hissy fit!
Personality: Rude, brat, smart, impatient, short-temper, and a whiner. (His looks and his personality doesn't match. He's a rose with nasty thorns.)

Trula was born in a lab. He was best breed subject in a "Revival" project that came from his master, Rafeta. He never knew who his real parents were and only saw the other angels from a far distances. Turla has been a very weak child and at times he was close to death. Refeta's lab bubbies always kept a careful eye on him. As he grows more, the smaller the world has become. For one thing, he's stuck in a cage and was force to sing time and time again to a bunch of Reliahs. Turla was starting to get sick of his cage, his world, and Reliahs that he started to gain a bad personality. He soon learns over time that there something beyond Purgatory and the lingering whispers of escaping angels. Especially the one story of a brother and a sister that escape Purgatory by jumping off the edges. Since then, Trula was determined to escape at all cost. At the age of 15, his master Rafeta, has announced that Trula is to have future offspring. The next night, he started to escape, not wanting to be a breeding dog, he got to the edge..ready…to…jump.

Not to get too confused on what his master "father" is all about and how Trula came to be as a hybrad and cage bird. I like the part of story of the evaluation. I wanted to inflict in here as well. I hope it explains a lot....I hope.

Land of the Sky©Iniphineas
OC fan Character©Enock
LittleBrother-Media Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Student General Artist
I first thought he was a girl! But this is an awesome painting!!
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Aryjen Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
:3 he's awesome ^^
love his eyes and wings O3O
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