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LotS Contest by Enock LotS Contest by Enock
This is a contest of :iconlandofthesky: For OC fan character Part 1.
This my first contest in years. Once I saw the contest I was like: "f***k-yeah!". This was pretty awesome, I loved working on a different characters in someone else world. This was so much fun for me, that I did another one (but it isn't done yet.)
I -hope- *cries* that he isn't too tense, or out of place (or too much of a story on him). *pout*
I might have a lot of spelling errors and grammars, but whatever. =_= I hope my information of a Reilah is good. *pray*
The Reilah Hunter
Full Name: Neiphila (Nee-fee-la) Everfall
Alias: Nip
Gender: Male
Race: Reilah
Age: 18
Date of Birth Nov 17th
Home town: It was burned down years ago by Reilah and was never rebuild.
Current location: Travels in the misty, lost roads of ancient times.
Love interest: None…of yet.
Orientation: Doesn't matter.
Family: Passed away.
Friends: Wolves, his pets.
Habits: Speaks softly and shy away when people looked at him.
Hobbies: Collecting herds, Mixing medical herds, Cooking, Hunting, making weapons and traps.
Likes: Cute things, Romance stories, travel stories, astronomy, forests, water, Blue Elderberry jam, Rose hip tea, and peacefulness.
Dislikes: Reilah race (with passionate hate including himself for being one), Roo the Ripper (he thinks of him as one of the rouge Reilah stories), his broken horns (He wants them removed once he finds a good Wizard.) and the feel of useless and helplessness.
Scars: He has two scars down on his back from his removed wings studs.
Powers: Dark summoning spells,The Eye of Truth spell (for when Reilah shape-shifts). And he never wants to use any of his shapeshifting powers, but unless he is in trouble.
Abilities: Excellent fighter, assassin, and swordsmanship.
Hunting mode: Cold, Cruel, Silent, Revengeful, Hateful, Determined, and Scary.
Neiphila mode: Kind, gentle, wise, shy, quiet, and generous.

Age 8; Neiphila woked up in the fields. He doesn't remember who he was or where he even came from or what he is. Neiphila wondered through the fields and up a forest mountains before came across a Fae couples looking for medical herds. The Fae couple notice him savaging through their forest. At first, the Fae's thought that the Reilah were around and stealing from the lands again, but after studying the young boy. They noticed that he acted strange and unusual for a Reilah. For one, the boy staying alive in the "underworld". He also had blue colours on his wing and nails, which isn't very Reilah, since they only have colour horns and black hue wings. The Fae couple took him in as one of the family and even named him. When Neiphila asked the Fae's about what kind of race he is. The Fae couple has never give him an true answer.

Age 10; Neiphila lived happily with the Fae couples and became much of a little herbalist. But, there was one strange thing he didn't get. Neiphila had to keep his horns and wings hidden away from the other villagers. He couldn't understand why. Until the month of November, a gang of Reilah came to the village. They started to destroy and burn down the houses. They rampaged everywhere and took the women and children as slaves. They killed most of the men and elders with no remorse. Neiphila watched in horror as his hometown was burning to the ground. The Fae couples and Neiphila tried to escaped to a hidden hunt in the forest. But, they couldn't make it in time, as the Reilah catch up to the fae couple. Reilah killed the Neiphila's fae-father by beating him close to death, and then finishing him off with a strange sword that made him cry in agony. Neiphila attack the Reilah in pain of fury, but as a young child, was easily kicked to the ground. His cape fall off into revealing that he was a Reilah child. The five Reilah stared at the child with amazement and disgust. One Reilah wanted to take the child for themselves to figure out why was his wings blue and acting strangely for a Reilah. The other Reilah finds Neiphila as an insult to their race and that he could be some strange mix blood of another race. The argument turned to bad to worse. As one angry Reilah pushed Neiphila down to the ground and hack off his wings, then his ears, and last his horns. The one Reilah told the other Reilahs that Neiphila wasn't a real Reilah blood and he shouldn't even been born. He took the race out of Neiphila.

15 hours ago A gang of human thieves and outlaws came to the burned down village. They savage off the dead and whatever is left in the homes that didn't burned down. The leader followed a couple of blue patches in the snow. He came across Neiphila lying bloody on top of his dead fae mother and his wings mangled around them. The leader found this strange, that a Reilah killed their own kind, a child no less. But what was more strange was the blue blood coming from the child. The leader saw the two blue, broken horns in front of Neiphila. As the leader was about to pick up the horns. Neiphila grab the leader's arm, and with a intense gaze, asked how to kill Reilah before he fainted. Startled, the leader took the boy in his arms and got him medical help. The leader bandage Neiphila's back, but Neiphila told him that he wants every bits of his stud wings gone. Breaking them off, the man stitch up Neiphila's back leaving huge scars. After Neiphila burred his fae parents, Neiphila asked the human leader if he could come with them to their travels and he wanted to learn how to fight Reilah. The outlaw Leader agreed that Neiphila can come with them.

Age 10-16: In Neiphila's travels with the thieves, he learned from many different master he could find in different cities. He learned how to steal, fist fight, sword fight, magic, and assassinate. Including his studies about Reilah. Where they came from and what they are, and where are they now. With great disappointment, he finds out that Reilah lives in the island in the sky, called Purgatory, which doesn't stay in one place too long. He kept travelling with the thieves until he hit the age of 16. Where he found one of the Reilahs that murder his parents that night. Neiphila hunted him down. He killed him the same way they killed his parents, and even hack off his wings, horns, and ears the way they did to Neiphila. He felt nothing for his first kill and he began to travel by himself to hunt down the other four Reilahs and Purgatory.

Age 16-18;Neiphila killed many Reilah over the years, as he gain a dark fairytale story about him. The boogy-monster that hunts in the night in many children stories. At times, they made him a wolf, a dark spirit, or a monster. But, no one really believes that he was real, since Neiphila kept himself a secret and he doesn't usually stay in one spot. He travels to this day to a way to Purgatory to find the other Reilahs from that night. Nothing will stop him until he finds it.

Land of the Sky©Iniphineas
OC fan Character©Enock
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SammaCo Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love love LOOOOVE this o.o
He is awesome !
owltears Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012
this soo coool!!!!!!!
KiayXiao Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice work
Akippuden Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
wow i would like you to do a doujinshi about him
Enock Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
That'll be fun, but I can't write another person's world story. T.T Copy right and all.*nod nod*
Akippuden Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
:upset: well you have your life to live so i understand
Enock Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Well now, since I didn't win. I can write a different story for him. =^.^= So he's all mine now, I can write something about him as a comic. ^.^
Akippuden Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
yaaaay~ love u
KennieKongLee Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
really cool.
MicaColaBee Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
ASDFGHJKL <3 He's so so sweet ! >3<
Really interesting character ! : D Good luck ! ^^
zumagirl Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2012  Student General Artist
He's cute.
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