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Haruto by Enock Haruto by Enock
I's lame name, but Baruto was taken!

So, this is a short fan comic. I just find Baruto unnecessary. Here's why, I'm being a douchebag.
Frist; Why does it have to be Naruto's son to be a new hero? Not every kid wants to be a hero. >_< Why can it be Shikimaru's son for once or Choji's? Why not a girl? (you made your movie into a shoujo anyway) Why can't we have another new character from the other side of Naruto's planet? Why not make a child that was surround by villains, doesn't like it and becomes a hero? Or a blind character (Tough is my favorite AtLA character).

Second: Why not explore the other lands or another time? Why not bring a hero up where Gaara lives? The mist? ANYWHERE?! I like to learn how other places work? Maybe some Viking ninjas, I don't know? Over seas maybe? Maybe there is something going on there? Planet is huge, let us explore! Maybe something is hidden in the ruins?

Three: ……….We don't have to do the same story…like really…Viking ninjas! Hello! T.T

Four: If we HAVE to repeat the story (*glares at Salad and Baruto*), I'm sure there would've been different ways to do it. Different people, different place and different time…*sigh* Seeing children have problems with their fathers because they don't spend time with them……is like someone handing you a spoiler book……."then suddenly person/monster/old villain comes along (troubles the peace) to force the two fathers to work together with their children (see them getting along) and come back together……or the worse one, two daddies (or mommies, or all four parents) get kidnap and the children has to go and save them……or parents are busy handling a new threat and kids go off to take care of it. Watch Baruto and Salad get along." *place her hands to her face* I want to scream….

This world Kishi made is so full of goody stuff you can do with it, it makes my brain freaking hurt!……but I am not going to make Viking ninjas, no. I am going to repeat the story my own way, but taking tools from Naruto movies and little pinch of fandom crack pairing (sorry I keep saying crack. Is there another word for it?) and place it together.  *thinks* Maybe a little bit of American movies as well, why not. My brain made it, my logic didn't had a hand to it.

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Everything almost belongs to©Masashi Kishimoto
Story and Art belongs to©Enock
Screentones belongs to… DA: manga-Apps:…, Rayedwards: and Screentone-Society:  screentone-society.deviantart.…
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ChaosOmega88 Featured By Owner May 31, 2015
I lost it at "Maybe some Viking ninjas" and even fell at the "We don't have to do the same story…like really…Viking ninjas! Hello! T.T " God damn You make may day enock
YukitoUchiha Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015
You're absolutely right!!
Hmm...Viking Ninjas... I approve!!!! *^*
PenumbraChey Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know I'm waiting for the Boruto stuff to be "Deja-vu, all over again"... That's what it felt like in 700.
KyrintheWindWarrior Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Those are really good points you made. The Naruto world is full of so many holes that really need to be filled in and it would be refreshing to have an entire new set of characters from from a different part of the world or at least a different village! 
And, Viking ninjas, yes, just, yes. 
Elldo Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
Looking forward to this comic!
Viking Ninjas would be freaking amazing *-*
ShawnHeaytherly Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
Couldn't agree more. While I'm looking forward to Baruto, I would have loved to see the story told from a viewpoint of a character that was distinct from Naruto. It was often hampered that ninjas are raised by tools (looking at you, Haku), so why not a character that has some personal demons (not of the tailed kind)? They could be living in a village that is corrupted, and  their journey begins by our new hero deciding to change their village from the inside, likely through not-so-heroic methods (this IS a dark world).

Aside from that... You watch AtLA? Enock, have I mentioned how awesome you are?
Hotspot0626 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
Very good point. Should be a good read :D
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