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Ghost commission by Enock Ghost commission by Enock
Commission for :iconghost9801:

This is a color sketch commission for ghost. It is her OC Zeruiah, half demon and half human! She is not done yet, since there will be a better version of her soon. I'll place the ink for both once their done. I can't wait to fix her....*stares at the sketch*.....really....


Name: Zeruiah
Race: Human and half demon
Gender: female
Hair: Black
Eyes: Left eye is Red and right eye is demon eye
Arms: left arm is normal human however right arm is a glowing red arm that has a mouth on it.
Legs: normal
Wings: yes (feather ones)


Zeruiah was an orphan that lived most of her childhood life in the orphanage, but she doesn't feel all that alone since she had her best friend, Karena, to be with.  The two of them were inseparable and were the most beautiful out of all the children in the orphanage. Later on, Karena was adopted into a separate wealthy, but well known kingdom. Sadly, Zeruiah was the last to be adopted from the orphanage and into another wealthy, but unknown kingdom.  (Zeruiah was adopted like… 10 years old)

The kingdom Zeruiah was adopted into wasn't what she was hoping for in a loving family. Instead, the holy kingdom felt more cold and wicked, as she was the youngest one out of her whole siblings. She easily became the escape goat and entertainment for them to torment her. No matter what she said to her adopted parents, they simply ignore her and punished her for no reason. Seeking no help from no one, she became numb to the abuse. When Zeruiah turned 16, the punishment soon turned more sinister, as her adopted parents had ripped out her right eye and crushed her right arm. When that wasn't enough, they soon tortured her by burning her skin all over her body. This cruel torture kept going on until she turned 18. Exhausting all ideas of punishing Zeruiah, they decided to take her to a dark portal and threw her inside.

The dark portal lead Zeruiah to a demon castle and met her future adopted mother, Queen Yuki Zenath. The Queen of the Demons. The Queen saw the horrific wounds all over Zeruiah's body and had her trusty medical demons and surgeons to quickly heal her wounds. That included giving her a new demon eye, arm and body. Since Zeruiah was adopted first into holy place (the adoption was a holy place). Zeruiah used bandages to cover her right arm and her demon body. She used a eye patch with a black lotus to cover her right eye. (In addition since Zeruiah had DNA of an angel she grew wings when she was 19 years old.)

In the age of 20 years old, Queen Yuki Zenath gave Zeruiah a dark palace that had servants and bodyguards to server under her as her own. 2 years later (Zeruiah was 22 years old) many noble knights from different countries came to her palace, but none could defeat her. Until one day, Zeruiah recognized her childhood friend, Karena, from battle. To Zeruiah's surprised, Karena never cared about Zeruiah's demon form, but was completely happy to see her best friend again. And they both agreed on not to have any wars with each other and made peace between their kingdoms.

The friendship soon thickens, as Karena visits Zeruiah's dark palace to train with her, as Zeruiah was one of the top SSS+ranked demon in the demon world. They don't go for the kill. In the heat of the battle against a warrior, Zeruiah takes off her eye patch and removes her right arm bandages to use her powers against them. But the bandages on Zeruiah's body remains on. Showing it to no one, especially to Karena, in fear that her bestfriend might see the true horrific past Zeruiah's went through in her teen life.

(She keeps the bandages on her body because she does not want to scare Karena that her parents burnt her body. Karena only knows that her parents rip her eye out and crushed her right arm. Her demon right arm can scream. And since Zeruiah has wings she can fly. Zeruiah also uses a dagger (dagger is hidden under her bandages, of her left leg)


Screaming roar: Zeruiah uses her demon arm and the arm screams causing people who listens to the roar to be fear and stun.

Crush arm: Zeruiah`s right arm grows into size and grabs a foe. Once caught a foe the arm crushes the foe.

Angel Flight: Zeruiah summons her angel wings and flies (gracefully)

Black fire bomb: Zeruiah does this when she jumps or she flies in a good distance and smashes the ground using her right arm causing a huge impact (looks like a bomb going off and has black fire appearance.)

Angel wing shield: Zeruiah summons her wings and makes a sphere protecting her from attacks.

Demonic eye version 1 (Weakness): Zeruiah`s right eye glows causing Zeruiah to see the targets weakness

Demonic eye version 2 (I can see you): Zeruiah`s right eye glows Zeruiah is able to see people hiding

Zeruiah also uses a dagger (dagger is hidden under her bandages, of her left leg)


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