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Daily Life

By Ennokni
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Thanks to everyone who likes this, really it warms my heart. I've read and continue to read every comment that's been made here. You're all very nice and I love you for that. For everything from the daily deviation to just the pageviews, it may seem insignificant but it means more to me than I can express. Thank you.

If you're at all interested in the other stuff I do, it can be found here: [link] ( http:// drawingboardcomic .com/ )
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Daily life- If you're a sheep! 
Break free from the systeM! Read a book! Go outside!
Be more
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I do not go to school any more, but I can relate to it. But just try to imagine: Back when I went to school there was not internet to solace the weary pupil. And television had three public channels only. No smartphones. Reading books or riding bicycle or playing soccer were pretty much all of our every day options. I did a lot of reading.
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That was me back from 2005-2013.
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lol inr that's also me XD
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Very accurate!
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So, how does it feel to be in the "Popular All Time" category?
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I've never seen a pic on this site with that many faves. And it deserves every one of it.
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my life story in a nutshell!
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That's mostly like me as well but I do my classes mostly on my computer as well.
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This sums up my life right now. ;)
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Why is this so me?!!
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Replace school with work and you got me right now. :rofl:
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Honestly, I wish my daily life was that quite exciting. :D", I feel mostly like "class" everyday, without the part "Go home" "internet Cool yeah!" :D part.
It's somehow, really sad. :/ I rather not aknowledge it. :(
Who is there feeling the same?
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I can't stop laughing XD
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i noticed you didn't add breakfast.
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breakfasts is for uncoOl KIdS
coOl kiDs donT neEd nO bReAkFasT
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