Rules for using stock imagery and textures.
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Hi there! This is a derivative account I created in order to upload stock imagery and textures. I figured that I might as well share what I have, since so many people are generous enough to do the same.

My main account is located under the username ennoea. Here is a .

The rules for using my textures and stock images are as follows:

1. You may use them for commercial work.

2. When used for commercial work, you must attribute the textures and stock images to me in some manner (message my main account above, and we will discuss this). In no way may you claim ownership to them.

3. When used for non-commercial work attribution is not necessary, but polite.

4. You may modify, change, and otherwise destroy them, so have as much fun as you'd like.

5. Let me know what you  come up with! I would love to see the fantastic things other people can do with them!
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