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Orion Arm map



Here's an image of a fraction of the famous Orion Arm or Orion Spur of our Milky Way galaxy. It's famous because we're in it, and for tha reason is the setting for a lot of science fiction works.

Down is Coreward.
Up is Rimward.
Left is Trailing.
Right is Spinward.

The span, vertically, is approximately a bit more than 2000 lightyears, so it reaches the Orion Association and the California Nebula, both present at the top. On the right side there's the North America and Pelican Nebulae, away from the molecular could that makes them appear sepparate from the Earth.

I tried to represent known nebulae, dark nebulae, clusters and other bodies, although I exaggerated the nebulae size and brightness (except for Orion) and I added more dark dust to represent areas with more density, like the loops around the Local Bubble where the Sun lies. Also because they look nicer.

Almost at the center of the image there are the two star clusters, the Hyades and the Pleyades. To the down side there are the Scorpius-Centaurus region and the Aquila Rift.

I made this one after reading the excellent Galaxy Tutorial:

And several tools, among which:

Starbrushes by demosthenesvoice:

And the nebulae brushes by Regulus36


There are no labels, not even the Sun's position (roughtly at the center, but a little bit downwards), because I haven't finished doing the map yet. So far, I just post it here to get some feedback.

Use it as you like for non-commercial purposes, but be kind enough to tell me. I like to see what comes of this one.
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Love the map! Abused it a bit for a Lancer RPG setting campaign I'm running for some friends.

I was wondering if I could share it with the Lancer Discord group and point them all here? https://discord.gg/frW59CHx

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