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Orion Arm map by Ennio444 Orion Arm map by Ennio444
Here's an image of a fraction of the famous Orion Arm or Orion Spur of our Milky Way galaxy. It's famous because we're in it, and for tha reason is the setting for a lot of science fiction works.

Down is Coreward.
Up is Rimward.
Left is Trailing.
Right is Spinward.

The span, vertically, is approximately a bit more than 2000 lightyears, so it reaches the Orion Association and the California Nebula, both present at the top. On the right side there's the North America and Pelican Nebulae, away from the molecular could that makes them appear sepparate from the Earth.

I tried to represent known nebulae, dark nebulae, clusters and other bodies, although I exaggerated the nebulae size and brightness (except for Orion) and I added more dark dust to represent areas with more density, like the loops around the Local Bubble where the Sun lies. Also because they look nicer.

Almost at the center of the image there are the two star clusters, the Hyades and the Pleyades. To the down side there are the Scorpius-Centaurus region and the Aquila Rift.

I made this one after reading the excellent Galaxy Tutorial:

And several tools, among which:

Starbrushes by demosthenesvoice:

And the nebulae brushes by Regulus36


There are no labels, not even the Sun's position (roughtly at the center, but a little bit downwards), because I haven't finished doing the map yet. So far, I just post it here to get some feedback.

Use it as you like for non-commercial purposes, but be kind enough to tell me. I like to see what comes of this one.
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JasonkarrMauer Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017
awesome!. now just gotta figure out where is sol XD
Ennio444 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
At the center of the image there's the Pleyades cluster. Just a tad lower, there's Sol

TonyStarch Featured By Owner Edited Jul 6, 2017
It's really nice to find a blank map to use, because most of the maps I could find have borders from some SciFi setting drawn on, so this is really awesome. If you don't mind I'll use it for a SciFi setting I'm making(knowing exactly where Earth is would be the best but I'll make do). The SciFi setting will be used for Roleplaying mainly and I will be creating it with help from some friends.
Ennio444 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2017
I don't mind at all! Earth is below the Pleyades cluster, almost at the center of the image. 
RyukoK Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope you don't mind me borrowing your map for use in an online role-playing game, I searched Google for a good long time trying to find a good usable picture so as to chart my star nation's empire, and came across yours. The link to my version is below, having read your description, I'm thinking I may need to fix the directions (as far as coreward and rimward) a little.

I changed the resolution some and screwed around with various different overlays and what not to kind of give it a nice tech look to it, something to give it a science fiction feel to it. :P…
Ennio444 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016
I don't mind at all! Great job, by the way!
shad-brooks Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful and excellent.

I've been looking for something exactly like this for a while now for my Sci-fi RPG campaign setting. The game is live streamed and I'll plug you when I use the map.…

Very generous of you to post such an great resolution. Once again, excellent work.
Ennio444 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015
I'm happy it was of use to someone ;)

I plan to do a nice map on it, but it's not as easy as I imagined... if you have suggestions, let me know!

Take care!
hardbodies Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome map! I love it! :)
Ennio444 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
MajorArcana Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
Very nice work.
Ennio444 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
Thank you very much. I plan on using it as a base for some good old space maps, radar-looking or something techy like that. 
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