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Borvaldir tracksman concept by panayoto
Sunrise by VelVetVorteX
Coming home by VelVetVorteX
midnight funeral (re-edited for Ennead) by VelVetVorteX
Concept Art Round 1
Sunrise by VelVetVorteX
midnight funeral (re-edited for Ennead) by VelVetVorteX
Borvaldir Hjord scout and friend by VelVetVorteX
Pirate by VelVetVorteX
Borvaldir Hjord Concept Art
Borvaldir tracksman concept by panayoto
Ulbaa Ier by VelVetVorteX
Borvaldir Hjord by Ailiroy
Borvaldir Hjord by VelVetVorteX
Edim Concept Art
Edim back tattoo by VelVetVorteX
Edim by Ailiroy
Edim by VelVetVorteX
Edim by VelVetVorteX
Ekenetwe Concepty Art
Ekenetwe Female portrait by VelVetVorteX
Ekenetwe Concepty Art by GN-GR
Ekenetwe deadman by Ailiroy
Ekenetwe male by VelVetVorteX
Ettar Concept Art
Ettar Couple by VelVetVorteX
Anuisha by VelVetVorteX
Ettar fisherman by VelVetVorteX
Woman - Margarita by margaritasyngrou
Iset Dveto Concept Art
Elyssa Anott by Ailiroy
Iset Dveto with sword by VelVetVorteX
Elyssa Anott by VelVetVorteX
G.galatsis(Iset Dveto02) by wantedangel-13
Jurestus Concept Art
Thelavar by VelVetVorteX
Jurestus woman by Ailiroy
Jurestus boy by Ailiroy
Kenen Toldeah by VelVetVorteX
Sjorlat Concept Art
Beren Jurgensen by VelVetVorteX
Welvick Halpeen by VelVetVorteX
Banne of Howltree by VelVetVorteX
Sjorlat woman by Ailiroy
Verissee Concept Art
Jake Neville by VelVetVorteX
Coming home by VelVetVorteX
Verissee Cavalry with fox head helmet by VelVetVorteX
G.galatsis021 by wantedangel-13
Friendly Contributions
Ekenetwe Concepty Art by GN-GR



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Ennead is a fantasy RPG created by a team of three college friends who have been interested in RPGs for a pretty long time. Our involvement in this project derived from an overabundance of storytellers in our group; thus we decided to put our heads together and make something out of it.


In order to bring our vision to reality we contacted various friends who helped us put to "image" what Ennead is.

This group will be hosting all original work for Ennead starting with our first book, a kind of mini core, Ennead: Epock of Strife.

Ennead: Epock of Strife. was successfully presented in Comicdom Con Athens 2014 at the beginning of the month. And a second book (which will be an in game book) is on the way and hopefully will manage to get kickstarted at some point.

If anyone is interested in participating in the project, don't hesitate to contact us. We are good people. We don't bite. :D

For more on Ennead please visit:

Or contact us at:




:bulletwhite: BORVALDIR HJORD
Standing a head taller than any other race, the Borvaldir Hjord give the impression of being larger and more muscular than they actually are. Natives of the highlands, their pale complexion is enhanced by their bleached white hair. The Borvaldir men and women are never seen without a weapon; and in their small societies women are capable hands that cannot be wasted on domestic work. Although their slaves are considered to be lower class citizens, some of them manage to call themselves equal amongst the Borvaldir Hjord, having proven first their ability to fight. Writing is not common amongst Borvaldir Hjord, but a set of runic inscriptions is used to keep track of all information needed.

:bulletred: EDIM
Copper skinned and red haired, the Edim live in the desolate deserts of Seoje. Their houses are carved inside huge rocks and caverns, creating an endless labyrinth of passageways. In the darkness of the underground, the Edim have developed a light sensitivity that prevents them from seeing anything more than shadows in the day, but can see perfectly well in absolute darkness. Their hairless bodies are decorated with countless tattoos that each tells a different story from the world above. Their lithe physique and slightly larger palms and soles, ensure them the balance they need in order to walk the steep and slippery steps of stone they have sculpted.  

:bulletblack: EKENETWE
Isolated in the swamplands of Quah Vazeen, this race strikes fear to trespassers. Shaved from head to their elongated fingers and toes, with yellow skin caused by disease and scars from wounds that never healed properly, the Ekenetwe embrace death in every aspect of their life. Divided into small matriarchal tribes, the Ekenetwe, have strong family bonds and a generous society to its more unfortunate members. However, they are unwelcome to outsiders. The only other race they seem to be on good terms with is the Edim, and this is because the latter by nature do not visit their swamps.

:bulletyellow: ETTAR
Ebony-skinned, muscular and lean, this sea-faring race dominates the coastal areas and the seas surrounding the mainland. Their golden eyes allow them to see in the dark of the deep waters and at night. Fun-loving yet hard working as a race, the Ettar are very connected with the sea and all things naval. They fashion colorful clothes and numerous sea-based jewelry. Their main occupation is fishing, shipbuilding, jewelry crafting and trading, but it’s not uncommon for them to take piracy as a profession and take what they would normally create. However, to become a pirate is a strange choice, since they are the main source of conflict in Ettar’s otherwise easygoing lives.

:bulletorange: ISET DVETO
The Iset Dveto are a race that consists strictly of women. They travel the world in caravans of finely crafted wooden wagons that from afar seem as if covered in lace. The adult Iset Dveto all profess to be married to some man that they only see twice a year, but no proof of that is given to anyone outside their close-knit community. To that unknown and distant husband they claim to leave the male babies, while they keep the female with them. These women of auburn and red hair are the oldest long-distance traders in Kyrcera, while they are also known to be captivating storytellers at local festivals.  

:bulletblue: JURESTUS
The Jurestae live in the central area of the world from the beginning of time, which means that they have always been nearest to the Holy city of Ermakah than any other race. One can recognize them from their light complexion and blue or green eyes. With the majority of them exhibiting outstanding physical development and abilities, the Jurestae are meant to wear fully plated armor. Their communities are structured in a militaristic fashion, where the men stand at a socially higher level that their women. However, their ability to work within a collective and not feel their individuality suppressed has assured them a smooth cooperation among its members.

:bulletgreen: SJORLAT
While they resemble a less well-built Jurestus, the Sjorlae are more industrious and intelligent than the average person of any other race. Their strong arms are a result of the manual work to which they are naturally inclined, while their round bellies and red noses are indicative of their everyday feasts that spice up their otherwise simple and predictable rural life.  Their communities are organized in a manner similar to that of a huge family, where everyone meddles in each other’s affairs. And while this is perceived as annoying by anyone not a Sjorlat, the Sjorlae are generally likeable and welcomed anywhere they go.

:bulletpurple: VERISSÉE
Living in the areas surrounding the Wildlands, the Verissée, are the creators and only traveling guides of the Road. The predominant physical traits of this race are, the somewhat darker skin than that of the Jurestae, the dark brown hair and the hazel eyes. But what is most characteristic of them is their flamboyant, multi-coloured attire and the common aesthetic that the Verissée men and women share. Similarly to their appearance, the roles of the two sexes in the Verissée society share the same responsibilities and status. The finesse of their way of fighting prevents them from wearing heavy armor, so they have turned to light protection of leather or chain, which they adorn with animal hides and vivid colors. Sometimes the Verissée even dye their hair to the bright colors of their clothes.
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