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All looked to her for guidance. Answers when not even the strongest warrior could break the stone and bone.


This started out from my will to draw a bird skull. The character sort of developed as I went along. Some sort of tribal shaman or maybe an offering to some ancient god. Who knows?
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riktigt schysst bild :D väldigt intressant design och jag gillar färgvalen : ) ditt galleri är inspirerande! ha det bra!
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this is fucking beautiful in a hauntng way... you made somethiing creepy and a little scary into something that i just can't look away from ;)
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Love give the black plague theme and and how do you do the skull if a bird
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I did a sketch with a girl with a bird skull on her head.. I used the same Google image of the bird skull. Haha
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Haha yeah, it's a cool one. One of the first ones to pop up after a search too :P
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Told ya! Just finally uploaded it. [link]
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Oooh, yes! Haha, it's just too good of a reference to ignore. Those damn owls and the inspiration they force upon people. Really like your style btw!
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Hey, yeah I got you! Thanks a lot actually. I forget I have a "style"
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Exactly! I should show you my sketch. Just adding things on this website is such a pain! A lot easier to load it up on Facebook really quick.
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Wow.. I love what she's wearing.
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That`s oh.. stunning
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I love this! c:
(Dock bör man använda ordet "Romani" om romer, det andra är ett skällsord eller en nedvärderande benämning.)
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Thank you!
Replying in english to make it more clear to everyone. I thought about wether to use the term gypsy or romani in the description since I'm aware of the degrading associations with "gypsy". I still chose to use the word since I personally associate it with the sort of faerie-tale version of reality. I really don't want to offend anyone and I care deeply for human rights so I hope that my viewers can see and understand that I only use the word as a sort of imaginary source of inspiration rather than to make any reality-based political statement. Sorry for this long explanation, but these things are important to me :)
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I know what kind o feeling you were after, and don't get me wrong it's a lovely painting, but using a slur that some people have to face every day due to racism can be pretty damaging and make people feel hurt. It may also reinforce some stereotypes and dehumanize the actual people. If I were you, I would look for a word not related to a marginalized group.
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I totally agree with you. My intention of the word has nothing to do with the actual ethnic group of people but I'll remove it anyway because now I won't be able to look at it without feeling guilty :<
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Thank you for understanding!
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This is really cool
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Awesome, made me think of FFVIII.
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Oh MAN this is fucking cool
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with a single drawing you manage to suggest an entire world - that's motherfuckin talent
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Thank you! :D
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Oh my gosh, this piece is totally my speed right now. I love all the colors and the theme and that bird skull is awesome! Did you use a reference for it?
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