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Wedding Princes Peach

specially made for the contest 

Wedding Outfits Contest on SuperMario-Club 

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holy moly. she's adorable
pookiesaurus4's avatar
That bouquet could bite her fingers off!
Walloptrout's avatar
This is so good.
Midway2009's avatar
SHe's beautiful. :love:
Midway2009's avatar
Why is she in tears? :wow:
MindlessBlue's avatar
Because she is being forced to marry Bowser against her will. 
Legendary--Warrior's avatar
that explains the nasty flower bouquet.
Midway2009's avatar
Well that explains it, but not if Mario has anything to say about it!
1TeMmIEBoY1's avatar
Mario is not on the wedding
Midway2009's avatar
That's sad, but Mario would try to stop this. ;)
1TeMmIEBoY1's avatar
him is coming on the game
Midway2009's avatar
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
Super Mario Odyssey will be the best game yet.
AuraGoddess's avatar
One of my personal favourites of this contest, I love pretty much everything in this from the colours and shading, to the perspective, and to Peach's expression and emotion. The background is amazing and is so detailed and really ties the whole piece together. It's so lovely and your artwork is astounding. I really wish you the best in this contest, good luck! ^o^
Noxious-Croww's avatar
AHHHHH, MARIO GET HER OUT OF THERE!! Peach looks so done with everything and now trying to face her future, it just is astonishing. I can't express myself too well through typing, but I would buy this and put it up on my wall ^.^
DJ-Mika's avatar
Aaah, oh my goodness, this is amazing! Peach looks absolutely adorable in your style, I love how pretty she is! The chapel in the background is so detailed and pretty, I love the light and confetti streaming down from above! The entire scene is so vibrant and colorful, the varying shades of blue and purple/pink work so well together and everything is sparkling and glowing, almost magical looking (which contrasts very nicely with Peach's tearful, pained expression as she walks down the aisle) :aww:
The linework and shading are also crisp and cleanly done and I love that bright, dynamic lighting from behind Peach and how the shadows are cast on her, it looks great! :D
Great work on this and good luck in the contest! :w00t:
SJ14dahpurplehatgirl's avatar

I just want to say how amazing the detail really outspends the artwork. They way Peach is posed to walking down the aisle with her tears rolling down her cheeks clearly shows she’s not happy/ very upset with this forced marriage. I really like how you captured the shading in the eyes with the pink lighting and the hair the beautiful shades of yellow. To the shades of white and grey in the dress. I think it’s how you captured very small details to make Peach look so realistic. I also really like how you created the atmosphere of the wedding background with beautiful blends of blues, purples and pinks.To the falling blossom raining down as Peach approaches Bowser. This is an absolute beauty to look at.
Very well done to you! 

ellenent's avatar
She looks so sad, you portrayed the feeling just right!!
Very nice work, I loved all the details !!
Iwatchcartoons715's avatar
This picture is absolutely beautiful. There are so many details in the background and foreground but at the same time, you've managed to keep Peach in the spotlight. The colours and tones are incredibly dynamic, which adds to the excitement of the picture. Peach's face perfectly contrasts the rest of the picture. Despite all of the beautiful flowers and decorations around Peach and despite her fancy looking outfit, she looks miserable. It shows that no matter how much effort Bowser puts in to make the wedding something Peach would enjoy, Peach is just thinking of the reality of being forced to marry the tyrannical turtle. I feel really sorry for her in the picture.
00Stygian's avatar
Man, this is outstanding! So many fan - arts misses Peach's essence but you just nailed it and whole scene is just awesome! Thank you for such a fantastic work
TheLogoCooler's avatar
This is such an outstanding piece of Mario fan-art.

The details looks so fascinating and I adore the art style.

I hope you win the contest.
omegalife's avatar
Fantastic work, even though there is a lot of light in the scene you used it to create a gloomy atmosphere that reflects Peach's sadness, really nice. :goodjob: revamp 
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