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I slowly returning to Deviant Art...... long sad issue with personal life is over. New beginnings for me!! Hope to post new art soon!! :wave:
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Color Theme White from VisualWondersWe continue our color theme series, this time the color is white.
Enjoy this selection from the group gallery!

Spanish Space Armada by borda That Sweet Taste by SandraWinther
Falcon by FLOOKO Oryx Redraw by katrimav
Fairy Skating by fantazyme Space jam [commissioned artwork] by Sarasti-art
Yuki-Onna by Sadist-Ka Sunday Afternoon by rrileyillustration
Winter light by hontor
<da:thumb id="795683733"/> Devious Journal Entry""Life's great, but it's still so painful
Life's pain, but I'm still so grateful
Isolate myself from everybody hateful
Untitled by SnezhanaMorozovaInto the Dark by artofjokinen.... by SnezhanaMorozovaBantikBoy by SnezhanaMorozovadarwin by enkratLava by cyberkiteShadowbane by JonasDeRoSacrificial by girltrippedCommission: Wolf Mates V by jocarraQuick Sketch - Lightsaber Execution by WojtekFusAlien Vs Predator: Chess by XidonSin2 by wlopThe Oracle by dahligBlood in the Breeze by alicexzSi-Fi Elf by sakimichan
An Art Feature? How'd That Get Here?Here's a random assortment of deviations I've favourited within the past months.
(I don't usually do art features, but I wanted to. This looks the best on a computer, but not with Eclipse. ;))
Joker by Kaktus-KaktusMemories by Kate-FoXVader by ChasingArtworkEldritch Horror Boss Monster by GeniusFetusdemontech rouge cyberpunk mask by TwoHornsUnitedOne and the Same by squonkhunter
<da:thumb id="791862418"/> Art Chronicles: March 2019This great collection is compiled from photomanipulations, submitted to :iconart-revival: this month. Thanks a lot to our dear members for their amazing contributions to our group!



 The Ritual - Version 3 by Wesley-Souza  Mermaid. Dark side. by veravikOrion by JayGraphixx
White Swan by Kryseis-Art  Chandelier by AbdulrahmanTaha
Arctic Anomaly by Softyrider62
God Is In The Rain by Dani-Owergoor 
*Flowery Month*
Heart Transparent Flipped      Glitter Heart Purple [F2U]       Heart White 

Maleficent by DDimitri16
crying by DDimitri16
Hel Throne by tkilian73
Time to kill by removale
Vampire Slayer 2 by MarquisAmon
Doing homework by removale
Live or die? by 1chick1
Bats et Dragon by cflonflon
Counterfeit Savior (2019) by Kiriya
Night hunt by removale
Autumn Candle by AusWolf666
MysteriousTown by IgnisFatuusII
Commission work by IgnisFatuusII
Steam in sunset by KarinSPhotography
amis 2019 1

The other world by GLO-HE
Architectural style in the Stone Age by GLO-HE

Morgan by YOKOKY
What Ever Is by YOKOKY
Aeyv4rr by YOKOKY
Village waterfall by ahappierlife
Parcevall Hall 1 by ahappierlife
Traditional House 1 by ahappierlife
Laverda Concours 2017 Motorcycle Show Shot 03 by colin6969
2018 TAVAS Australian Airshow Shot 03 by colin6969
Another day in the City by colin6969
Hi! I'm back! by Impmon282
Fangirling Poinsettia by Impmon282
The Demon of the cemetery by Impmon282

Shaman Vainamoinen from Kalevala by TeroPorthan
The Swan of Tuonela (Tuonelan joutsen) by TeroPorthan
Raising the dead from Tuonela by TeroPorthan
The Imaginarium - Members Feature:iconthe-imaginarium:
Artworks and Stocks from the poll.

.:The Raven - Cosplay - 01:. by AKoukis
king by Darnok9
darwin by enkrat
Ano and Ino (D) by PustyXoX
[FAN ART] Juste Belmont v.2 by SlytherclawPadawan
Mermaid Simona II ~ why the sun chooses to rise by sirenabonita
Coma White by mirandaadria
Violetta by Lora-Vysotskaya
Nirvana by PendragonArts-GEA
The Music of Erich Zann by Kamrusepas
<da:thumb id="790624238"/> Thank you to my watchers! (Week 70):iconrodriguesd-marcelo: :iconxernonaecho: :iconraiiy: :iconenkrat: :iconnut-central: :iconfuranitii:
Art of my watchers! :love:

My Daily5 Highlights (Week 30)
Hi! :wave:
I'm SelflessDevotions and today, I will be sharing some of this week's artworks (and my thoughts on them) that I've commented on as part of the #daily5 project.

Lucoa(bikini version)-Kobayashi San Chi no Maid
@rodriguesd-marceloThis drawing of Lucoa is looking great! I like the muscle definition in her stomach and her boobs are quite large! The color of her swimsuit brings out this dragon girl's sexiness! :love::love::love:

Yellow Happiness
@fullcolour-canvasThe colors are so warm that this almost looks like a summer portrait! I also like how the hair was drawn and colored! :la:

Morning Glory [sketch gift]
@GigaMessyThe character here is looking hot and beautiful! I like how she is showing a lot of skin but not going overboard showing too much. The swimsuit looks lovely on her. :)
                  Devoted to You by StarsColdNight        i'll raise you like a phoenix by Andaelentari the nest of the storks on the bell tower by JuanC-MLG  Nature child by gb62da  Time travel by stellartcorsica El Reinado Secreto by vampirekingdom  
<da:thumb id="789681284"/> My DD Highlights CXIIHi everyone , this is my 112th Daily Deviation Highlights journal.
I'll share with you some awesome Daily Deviations of the last 10 days!
Hope you will enjoy this feature !
Selling: Golden autumn by Atanata

 Featured by SinistrosePhosphate
Bullet; GreenGiven 5.3.2019
Spiderwise by AndromedaDualitas

 Featured by Astralseed
Bullet; GreenGiven 5.3.2019
Errands // Inktober 2
Thankful Feature This feature is a special dedication to all those who have assisted us through their generous donations in helping us at :iconart-revival: acquire a super status. I attribute the success and glory of our group which it has achieved so far, to all the massive support we have been receiving in abundance and generously by all our loyal and dedicated members, friends and well wishers. 
piaglud :iconpiaglud:

PendragonArts-GEA :iconPendragon-Arts:

LadyEvilArts :iconLadyEvilArts:

Ellyevans679 :iconEllyevans679:

panjoool :iconpanjoool:

SilentLadyGTA :iconSilentLadyGTA:

silviya :iconsilviya:

mirandaadria :iconmirandaadria:

Renata-s-art :iconRenata-s-art:

SecretDarTiste :iconSecretDarTiste
<da:thumb id="789165462"/> DD's Delightfully Devious Feature 06-03-2019Following the amazing winners from February's AMA Awards, I shard a journal and a topic of utmost importance to me, many, many artists here on DA and to the DA Art community. I will continue on to support our real artists and our real art community, celebrating and in love with the amazing works and artists here that are the very corner stone and foundation upon which this entire site is based. I will continue to be passionate and proud of our members and their creations. In celebration of that, I move on to the next Delightfully Devious Feature!!!
I'd like to share some highlights of amazing works from here on DA that I personally find just so beautiful and inspiring, both the works and the artists with my DD, delightfully deviant award. I haven't done one in a while, so I have lots to catch up on and this is only the smallest fraction of the amazing works here on DA. I've been keeping track of them and since I added some of these, a few were blessed l
Never Underestimate The Artist Within You.
:star: Featured Artist's 8 :star:
:iconDARKfantasyART: :iconDeath-Row-Inmates: :icondA-Morgue: :iconEerie-and-Enchanting:
We need to take our time out, and recognize other artist's who create works that inspire us all.
  An-Laenort dawn by Datem   Pearl Matriarch by VilebloodHunter
Robin Hood (2018) - Nottingham under the attack! by darekzabrocki   Wraith Blade by ArtLatkowski   Abe's Snack by DoubleDandE
Demon of trenches by HrvojeSilic   Through the Valley of Time by VITOGH   Summoning A Demon - Lovecraft - Teaser by helgecbalzer
NIGHT IN FOREST by rajrkb   9 to 5 by AlejandroDMarco   Don't Fear The Dark by Danilo-Costa
Eyes Closed by BeboDesign1   The Marquis by kimsol   The Heart of Everything by JaiMcFerran
Night creatures by Quijuka   My Home by isildurion   La Cupula del Infierno by vampirekingdom
azrael by enkrat   Die Waechterin by Downburst-Art   Whispers in the dark by Consuelo-Parra
Heart key by GraniaA   Facing The Darkness by Neriak   :thum
Welcome to our Second feature of February :iconart-glory:
This Feature Is A Form Of Our Support For The Best Artwork That Has Just Been Submit On DA And Our  Gallery!

Pixel Rose Divider 3 - Dark Pink - Top Right Pixel Flower Divider - Chrome Pixel Flower Divider - Bright Red Pixel Rose Divider 3 - Dark Pink - Top Left 

Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! 

Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! 

Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! Star + Moon Dangles - F2U! 


Art Chronicles: February 2019This great collection is compiled from photomanipulations, submitted to :iconArt-Revival: this month. Thanks a lot to our dear members for their amazing contributions to our group!



Goddeath by Kryseis-Art  Alter ego by VitaShuba
GoldSunset by IgnisFatuusII
Fantasy by Poglazovs  Cruise by Irina-E
Hanged Man Hill by Rowye
Oppressed by sara-hel 
<da:thumb id="787579330"/><da:thumb id="785707609"/>

Mature Content

<da:thumb id="785314553"/> The Imaginarium - Members Feature :iconthe-imaginarium:
Promoting our lovely members:
Artworks and Stocks from the poll.

unknown reality by theheek
Two by ark4n
Dark Thoughts by Lora-Vysotskaya
defender of bled by enkrat
Escape from WinterMane by dhbraley
Sea rocks 03 by Olgola

Maiden of the Pond by TeroPorthan
Blowing Stars by annewipf
Midnight Star by SvetlanaFox
Art Work of the Month
February FeatureThis month of magical images

Forest Fairies by CarmensArts
Pride by AusWolf666
The Dreamer by TalXorFire
Lilith by LuneBleu
Dragon Cosmos by Joseph-C-Knight
The Twins - Ghost Stories by adrianamusettidavila
Temptation by GraniaA
DEADLY TEMPTATION by saritaangel07
Goodbye my lover by saritaangel07
RED MOON by DanielPriego
The Magic Wand by saritaangel07
by Ennya7
Angel by Ennya7
Girl by Ennya7
My time is precious ? by VanessaPadua
Winter In Me by DolceLunaCreations
The Hour before Dawn by SummerDreams-Art
November Rain Animated by lauraypablo
The Golden Age by Aramisdream
Deliver Me from All Evil by marcosnogueiracb
The Key of the Starry Sky by Aramisdream
Moon and month by S-Lana
Best of the Best, January 2019If you are looking for great art: here it comes!
In contrast to my Journal Hidden Gems, where I limit myself to photo manipulations and mixed media, everything is represented here, simply the best of the best!
Enjoy my favourite artworks that I spotted in January 2019 Love 

Old School by armieri
Pen-Dragon by panjoool
L'automne by amebleu
Gone with a wind by mcptato
Apocalypse by mohamedhaggar
The Painful Curse by Shirokibo
Guardians of GaHoole: The Rescue by silesti
The Sword in the Stone by gavinodonnell
leopard by KilartDev
Battle of Alta by Gejda
Sun Worshipers by TavenerScholar
<da:thumb id="783550530"/> Thank you so much dear members of DA-Lovers!A little late I know,but I want to thank you all of you dear members.
Because,thanks to your generosity and support....
We could renew our group's super group status!:clap: :happybounce: 
Here's a thank you feature for all of the members that helped!:D
Thanks so much!
:iconcranash64: :iconlusass: :iconenkrat: :iconkatrinmirror: :iconsoulcolorsart: :iconfelkus: :iconhilif: :iconwesley-souza:
:iconkaisernero121: :iconsanneadeen: :iconannewipf: :icondavidrabin: :iconteroporthan: :iconinimputable:
:iconbadassspartaspawn: :iconnisha2313: :iconlapaowan: :iconredgeorb: :icontexaspanda: :iconime54-art: :iconnitchwarmer:


DD from me! Delightfully Deviant! by PendragonArts-GEA DD from me! Delightfully Deviant! by PendragonArts-GEA *Crystalline January*

Un loup amoureux by Eymele
Celtic Dream by feanen-lazuli
The Tin Man by OliverInk
Emerald City by OliverInk
Victorian Rat Catcher by H100-Photography
Dark blue by Danilo-Costa
Starlighter by Lora-Vysotskaya
The spider that sat down beside her by davidrabin
The House of the 7 Dwarves by annewipf
Knight Errant by OliverInk
Dragon's breath by Fiantoduri
Magic night by Lotta-Lotos
The guardian of the magic forest by Wesley-Souza
Snails, bugs, beer by Nneila
Elfic Music by annewipf
Reflection by Dana-Ulama

The Garden of Pearls by annewipf
Monde Magique by MireilleD
1,000 Wishes by PendragonArts-GEA
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NICE TO BE RETURNING by enkrat, journal

FEATURES BY FRIENDS AND GROUPS - 2019 by enkrat, journal