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Keeps me busy.  If you notice bad spelling or grammar it's because all my entries are usually from an iPad, the only way to use internet with children!  No more comics or fanfic until our baby has grown more, for the curious.

All of the BG portrait series are __ PHOTO__ MANIPULATIONS.  Thank stock artists and celebrities for having good portraits, I only paint over the source material.

Baldur's Gate 2 portrait fans, these will be compiled into a mod pack eventually so hang on and wait for it.   The pack is ready, we are just getting the hosting sorted out for now.  :-)

BG1 portrait fans, those are exclusively for the "Mysteries of the Sword Coast" mod - as of yet unreleased in English, though you can find it in Polish.  I plan to release them independently as a portrait pack as well, but only after MotSC is officially released.  Personal use for your game is okay, but please do NOT download them for use them in other mods.  I will be very upset.

Actually, tell me if you are going to use any of my portraits in a mod first anyway.  Or I will be very upset!
If you're new here welcome.  Basically this is one big scrapbook I keep for weekly drawing assignments made for the cockeyed_art livejournal community (Final Fantasy themed).  Sometimes a piece of original art worms its way into here, but not often.  This is because I draw two webcomics and therefore have negative time to make nice pictures for fun. :P  Enjoy the gallery!
So.  In trying to change my user preferences for this account, I found lots of interesting ways to switch just about everything except what I was looking to switch.  Anyhow, for the next couple of days things will be moving around in this gallery while I try and fix it up a little.
Hi!  No chitchat, just links and relevant informatoin.

I'm a competent CSS coder and website designer.  You can "hire" me if you're interested; prices are variable and not always money, particularly if you're a good artist.  I specialize in custom templates for webcomic sites, particularly Smack Jeeves and Drunk Duck site designs.

If for some reason you actually want to hire me for artwork, I do that too.  Prices for that are more likely to be cash-based rather than barters.

PM me with questions if you're interested!

I also make my own FF7 doujinshi right here:  Growth

Also this account is mostly full of weekly art assignments I do to get in touch with my inner drawing tablet, in other words mostly Final Fantasy fanart.  If you'd like to join the character-a-week community, it's a lot of fun.  Cockeyed Art is the name of the group.  We put the cock in FF fanart.
Check out my FF7 Doujin:

Or if you don't like doujin, you can look at my original fantasy comic:

Of if you don't like my art, you can look at better art and check out my scriptwriting with a shoujo manga comedy:

I don't favourite things on DevArt.  Everybody does beautiful stuff here, I'd be favouriting forever.  So if you browse my favs gallery, it's stuff friends have drawn for me.  Most of it is better than my own art, so go look!  Thanks a bunch, to the contributors. :)

*NB:  Actually I have one favourite in here that *wasn't* drawn for me.  But it was just too beautiful to resist. :-)
Trying to do a doujin.  Have a look if you like FF7:

Well, my website went down in a flaming pile, so I'm going to make this place my collective for fanart.  I'm still considering whether or not to put up the stuff that really sucks here or just the things I think are good.

Maybe I'll put the "suck" in scraps.  That makes sense.
Mandatory First Post.  I am trying to decide whether to make this a clone of my anime elfwood gallery or actually put up "real art work" that I do at the university.  I have the distinct feeling that either way, I will be embaressed by my complete lack of talent.

Hello World!