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Ash T. Sherman by Enkida Ash T. Sherman :iconenkida:Enkida 2 0 Team REND by Enkida Team REND :iconenkida:Enkida 2 0 Young Auron sketch by Enkida Young Auron sketch :iconenkida:Enkida 4 1 25 expressions Blue Du'Sonsa by Enkida 25 expressions Blue Du'Sonsa :iconenkida:Enkida 0 0 25 expressions Yuffie Kisaragi by Enkida 25 expressions Yuffie Kisaragi :iconenkida:Enkida 1 0 25 expressions Vincent Valentine by Enkida 25 expressions Vincent Valentine :iconenkida:Enkida 1 0 Thief sketch by Enkida Thief sketch :iconenkida:Enkida 0 0 warrior sketch by Enkida warrior sketch :iconenkida:Enkida 1 0 Lackadaisy fan cat by Enkida Lackadaisy fan cat :iconenkida:Enkida 7 0 1st ink test: w/ fountain pen by Enkida 1st ink test: w/ fountain pen :iconenkida:Enkida 0 0 Trash. by Enkida Trash. :iconenkida:Enkida 1 0 Song of the Long March by Enkida Song of the Long March :iconenkida:Enkida 0 0 Ferrari 12 month calendar by Enkida Ferrari 12 month calendar :iconenkida:Enkida 1 0 Draw me mama by Enkida Draw me mama :iconenkida:Enkida 5 0 Rikku-kilika by Enkida Rikku-kilika :iconenkida:Enkida 2 0 Braska by Enkida Braska :iconenkida:Enkida 1 0

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Ash T. Sherman
This is a sort of cracky RWBY quest I'm participating in where the MC was patterned after William T Sherman

So I had fun with the actual picture of sherman

"What if William T had a stylist when he was younger?"

The answer is he'd probably be working in Hollywood as an actor in a cop show today
little pic I drew for a fanfic I write, RWBY fandom
Young Auron sketch
Just trying out drawing with fountain pens.  Didn't like where this sketch was going so I lazed out on it.  Then I liked the lazed out line better than the lines I was trying to be even remotely precise with... whoops

stock pose by


25 expressions Blue Du'Sonsa
Another character I used to draw frequently.  This time with Faber Castell Pitt Brush pen.  The pen was dark grey, it's interesting that it scanned in stark black for some reason (it wasn't set to greyscale).

I don't like the line quality I (wasn't) able to achieve with a brush pen, even though it technically had more control.  Everything's too thick and fat.  It was fun coming up with the facial expressions though. XD
25 expressions Yuffie Kisaragi
Take 2 of the 25 expressions meme with Yuffie from my "Growth" comic.  This time I used a 10/0 brush with superblack acrylic ink.  The brush worked so much better (but hard to control).  I might stick with doing brush linework if I use superblack ink.  I think spring pens will still work with windsor and newton inks but I don't have those in black.


apparently I can have a profile here

but I'm too lazy to actually update it

you can barter or pay for a commission from me if you email me... nicole DOT wehmann AT gmail DOT com. I accept certain books, movies and art trades as payment for barters. :-)

Current Residence: Germany
Favourite photographer: J. Nachtwey
Favourite style of art: Believe it or not, NOT anime
Favourite cartoon character: "Battle Angel" Gally
All of the BG portrait series are __ PHOTO__ MANIPULATIONS.  Thank stock artists and celebrities for having good portraits, I only paint over the source material.

Baldur's Gate 2 portrait fans, the NPC portraits are available as a self-installing portrait pack at Spellhold Studios.  You can find them here:…

The BG2 ethnic PC portrait series is part of a collaborative effort with fellow artist MiLeah and will be released sometime later this year, when we're done with it.  Definitely worth checking out!

BG1 portrait fans, those are exclusively for the "Mysteries of the Sword Coast" mod - as of yet unreleased in English, though you can find it in Polish.  I plan to release them independently as a portrait pack as well, but only after MotSC is officially released.  Personal use for your game is okay, but please do NOT download them for use them in other mods.  I will be very upset.

Actually, tell me if you are going to use any of my portraits in a mod first anyway.  Or I will be very upset!

Comic and fanfiction fans, those projects are on hiatus until my baby daughter grows old enough to not require constant supervision.   Sorry!

... what the heck are llama badges?  Thank you, I think, though I don't know what they represent or are used for ;-)


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Enkida Featured By Owner May 3, 2006
... wirklich... -__-
sintar Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
So it took me awile to find you, but I wanted to let you know that I am absolutely IN LOVE with your Sess/Kag story on Singlespark "Concordia Discors" probably one of my most favs!!! I give you 10's every chapter, it just sucks that the comment feature isn't working. So anyway I thought I would tell you here!! I am also going to place you on watch cuz, well I think you ROCK!

HeWhoWalksWithTigers Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
I follow your "Growth" like a shadow. Keep up the great work!
EvilMarionette Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2004
ˇˇˇˇˇWELCOME TO D.A!!!!!!!



Hey, you have a talent very nice, I like ^^.......:Heart:
JonathanMurdock Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2004
Luv your Workings! Very Nice Pics:)
yusuke31 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2004
:Hi! Nice anime gallery here,Welcome to DA!:wave: I like your slayers art.:)

*Hope you can also visit my gallery.TnX!
Enkida Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2004
I should update this thing I guess. Thanks to everyone who comments on my work, I really appreciate it, even if I don't actually get involved in the DeviantArt community as much as other folks. :)
jiko29 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2003  Professional General Artist
welcome to DA! :hug: nice ta see yer stuff! :boogie: I'll be back!
Enkida Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2003
Oops! I am still missing:

04 - April
07 - July
12 - December

Actually I already have anime pictures for all of these months. I need to haul out a digital camera to get the backgrounds in, since the next paintings are too large to scan. And I need to color "April" still.

Not sure about the compromise solution .. 1/2 anime plus 1/2 real art = 1 whole bad picture, sometimes.
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