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apparently I can have a profile here

but I'm too lazy to actually update it

you can barter or pay for a commission from me if you email me... nicole DOT wehmann AT gmail DOT com. I accept certain books, movies and art trades as payment for barters. :-)

Current Residence: Germany
Favourite photographer: J. Nachtwey
Favourite style of art: Believe it or not, NOT anime
Favourite cartoon character: "Battle Angel" Gally

Favourite Visual Artist
P. Picasso / A. Mason / A. Kiefer / L. Da Vinci
Favourite Movies
Blade Runner, Final Cut
Favourite Writers
H. Hesse / J. Clavell / R. Zelazny / I. Asimov / L.M. Bujold ... hell, changes with the moment, really.
Favourite Games
Baldur's Gate Arc
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC, Playstation (1 & 2)
Tools of the Trade
India ink + scanners
Gloriously fun run of naked fanart activity over, back to beaten down life as a overly-busy mother of two toddlers :(
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All of the BG portrait series are __ PHOTO__ MANIPULATIONS.  Thank stock artists and celebrities for having good portraits, I only paint over the source material. Baldur's Gate 2 portrait fans, the NPC portraits are available as a self-installing portrait pack at Spellhold Studios.  You can find them here: http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=993 The BG2 ethnic PC portrait series is part of a collaborative effort with fellow artist MiLeah and will be released sometime later this year, when we're done with it.  Definitely worth checking out! BG1 portrait fans, those are exclusively for the "Mysteries of the Sword Coast"
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love your art and have for over 8 years. but I fear I need to ask. What happened to growth?
Harddrive crash + problems with the Smackjeeves Administration (was a moderator, found out we were flying blind without a TOS that explicitly banned porn on a site mostly used by kids, pushing on that issue revealed the site owner was planning on quietly selling the site to Russian Overlords without telling anyone, decided "to hell with it" and left) + SqEn's revival / expansion / retconning of FF7 sort of killed it.
That all sounds like a tough break, its a shame to find out such a lovely story had to end that way. but at least I know its not because you died or something along the lines.

anyway stay toasty, and may you find harmony
nice collection on BG2 Portraits
hello i was wondering if you could do a request if not i understand sorry to bother you~ :(
I found your Growth comic YEARS ago on drunk duck and loved every page of it! It's wonderful, and I was so happy when reading it you said you had a baby girl! Congradulation!
Just wanted to say thanks for making what are by far the best BG/BG2 portraits available and staying mostly true to the original art style. There are a lot of nice portraits out there, but none that I can think of besides yours that essentially do what the original artists did.