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OSI-Sailor Magnesium Ope'ape'a

By Enkai
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For :iconotakusenshiidols: Top three round - ANIMAMATE

I went the manga route, and instead of drawing Haumea, I drew the person who would kill her for her starseed. Oh yeah, and while the gore level wasn't so high to justfy a filter (didn't have time to draw the corpse in the background realistically, I will warn you that the writeup has some INTERSTING details to it (ooooooh, Kapo myths). You might want to avoid if anatomical features make you squeamish.

Official Writeup

In reality, Rochelle only narrowly averted being brutally murdered by Galaxia, her existence being thoroughly covered by the efforts of two of her daughters. Kapo, using her influence over illusions, and Hi'iaka, with influence over emotions, were able to create a belief that Haumea had been thoroughly destroyed when she was killed by Chaos many generations prior, and as long as her reborn form remained unawakened, this belief would persist.

Envy can so easily enter the equation, however, especially when it's envy in one of the two most responsible for your protection.

Kapo, the second eldest of the six, was an eternal cynic, who quite thoroughly enjoyed fighting and manipulating people through one of their basest desire, namely sex, cementing her own reputation as a fertility goddess. She had some very... erm... interesting... ideas on how to do this, too, as evidenced when she prevented the rape of her sister Pele by separating a certain part of her anatomy from her body (not an illusion, given that she was of Haumea's same shape-shifting race). She then threw it off a cliff and Pele's attacker chased after it, ironically being destroyed by the thing he desired most.

In her own ironic twist, the one most aware of how to manipulate the desires of others, found herself most easily manipulated by her own desires. One of the two old enough to actually remember the power that Sailor Haumea had, but not old enough to remember the ostracizion it caused from her own people, Kapo had always been envious of the power and control that Haumea had over her abilities, something she and her siblings would always lack regardless of personal effort. Furthermore, she felt perpetually second among the siblings: second-born to Namaka and second in power to Pele.

So, had Galaxia approached Kapo instead of figuring out if Haumea even existed, she would have found a willing ear. Having the power and fame of a sailor senshi (the senshi in Japan were all over the news at this point) was the deepest of Kapo's desires. Accepting Galaxia's bracers, she would become Sailor Magnesium Ope'ape'a, Sailor Magnesium Bat for the uninformed, after her prefered animal disguise (It's a flying fuzzy thing; let's just leave the association at that, shall we?).

Destroying Rochelle, a college student at the time was simple - under the stress of being attacked, Haumea would awaken, and then killed before she could actualy do anything about it. Too bad Ope'ape'a's career as animamate didn't last long afterwards; the queen of irony, who only wanted to be a senshi, found herself on the receiving end of the mortality-causing anger of her non-senshi siblings. Pissing off Pele is a bad idea in general, but pissing off the other four as well was fatal; Kapo unfortunately failed to realize she wasn't a *real* senshi. Oops.

End Writeup

Design notes

I started primarily from my own theory about the animamtes - I see them as mostly attempting to replace the originals, so they have their own, corrupted (i.e. lingerie) version of the original's fuku. So priority first and foremost was having a design that was recognizable as originating from Haumea. The sashes seem to work well to that end, and while I altered the colors some (ope'ape'a are brown), I used beiges and browns in a way that they were reminiscent of Haumea's reds and yellows.

Priority two was the animal tie in. Fortunately to that end, the canon animamates are pretty much in lingerie with wings/ears/etc added on. Bat wings and ears, here we come. To those that might complain, ope'ape'a have rounder ears than the typical bat look [link] . If you notice the picture, they're also very fluffy with a tiny face, so I gave Kapo a hair-cut (and color, but she's a shapeshifter, she's allowed to change it) that imitated that fluffy look. The beige and brown of the sashes tied into the animal theme with the fur at the hips that shows where that color scheme came from.

Priority three was of course tying this into how I've been establishing Kapo and myths that I wanted to incorporate into her background. The ti-leaf thing was easy, tying into Haumea's look, but also being very specific in myth (in myth, mediums who were possessed by Kapo wore a ti-leaf belt/skirt to prevent Kapo from clawing at *THAT AREA*.) Since I've established Kapo as being more representative of Kauai as an island (although from research, Maui would also work), she gets a modified haku lei of mokihana seeds, kinda like what she wore in the Princess dress image. Only, with the whole criss-cross thing, since that works really well for animamate. Changing her hair to that lavender hue was intentional to tie her personal theme color in, however, it makes sense that not much of her shows through - she's not trying to be herself, she's trying to be her mother. Also, Kapo goes barefoot because it's more sexy than anything else I could do. I flat-out refuse to put my Hawaii senshi in stilletos. :-P

The binding effect of the sashes was also thought out. There are two trains of thought about the Kapo myth - one that she threw away her vag because she didn't want it, and the other being that she had a most delicious sense of irony. I struck mostly with the irony aspect, but I did kinda call out that train of thought by effectively having the sashes bind. Also, they kinda need to in order to stay up.

Background notes

Maaaan, Kapo gave me *so* much to work with, it was really hard trying to keep this to a relatively consise 15-ish sentences. I ended up going with the most common myth surrounding her, because, I mean, *detatchable flying female genitalia* (oh yeah, if you missed the "flying fuzzy thing" reference, that's what it was. I KNOW. IT'S BAD). I didn't even give a chance to give her a related attack/mission, but then, it makes sense that she'd die quickly at the hands of her non-senshi siblings, because it's IRONIC. She who likes hoisting people by their own petard gets hoist by hers.

The choice of magnesium? Well, I need it to be something Hawaii has, because that is KINDA the whole shtick I'm developing everything from (that and Lovecraft, but that's another story). And hey, lava rock - Haumea's power is rock; I should stick with lava minerals! And bats are cave dwellers, so yay, ROCK! Also, what's in lava is KINDA the only mineral resources that Hawaii has. Too bad Hawaii's basaltic lava is more characterized by what it lacks (silicates) than what it has, and playing the irony thing again seems like a bit of a stretch. Also, silicon is kinda associated with other things.

So I was left with two "options" - the minerals that basaltic lava has a lot of. Iron and Magnesium. So for some BIZARRE REASON, I went with Magnesium. Honestly, if iron hadn't been taken, I would have chose that, since that makes a lot more sense given rocks.

Art notes
REALISM. Thank you, that is all. I will note that I was originally going to have Rochelle's bloody corpse in the background, but I didn't have time for another realistic figure. I figure that Kapo'd have to be facing her though, so I decided instead to suggest her being there with the blood on the ground.

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Okay, I really had to say something here <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/a/a…" width="19" height="19" alt="^^;" title="Sweating a little..."/>

Over all, I LOVE the image and the design. It's just stunning; you really out did yourself on this. While pretty much everything looks really awesome, the main thing I have to critique would be your blood technique.

On the skin, it's not terrible; but it's not that great. The smudge you have on the blood is good, but it's too translucent for the most part; even drops of blood tend to be thick, since blood is thick. Plus, the fact that you used a very soft brush on it only furthers how fake it looks. I think the droplets and smudging you have on her body look good, it just needs to be thicker and harsher in appearance.

But the blood on the ground is not done nearly as well. The ground you have is very harsh and jagged, and it looks like you just kind of painted spots and didn't put the same depth or effort into the splatter on the ground as you did with the skin. Against the ground, it looks even more fake then against her skin; again, the soft brush does not help, and there's not enough harshness or depth to it. Plus, the "shade" of it does not go with the ground texture you used.

With how sharp and harsh the ground is, you would need to use a sharper brush, and splatter the blood more along the grain, so it looks like someone DID explode there. Were you going for an "explosion of blood" look or a "dragged along the ground" look? If you were going for the former, it should have a much more dramatic splatter effect, spraying further and again, being sharper and thicker. If the latter, you should have done basic splatter, then added streaks and smudging where the dragging is.

But really; that's the only thing that's off-putting for me. Again, the blood isn't terrible on her skin, it just needs to be harsher and thicker, it was primarily the blood on the ground that bothered me. the rest of the image, IMO, is really awesome. I hope to see more from you!

...Wow, I went on for like 350 words about blood. How lame is that? XD
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Ahahaha, it's fine. I know if I really wanted to, I can go on *forever* about a single topic. And yeah, I totally agree with everything you said. The blood on the ground especially was a little rushed, and while I did make an effort to try to have it filling the implied cracks in the texture of the ground stock I used, it's not a perfect job by any means.

Thank you for the critique!
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I can too. That's part of the reason why my fanfic chapters end up being so long XD

You're welcome! It was my first time using the critique feature, but blood effects tend to really irk me for some mysterious reason. ...Probably because my favorite manga is one of the bloodiest manga out there ^_^;;
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P.S. This is still so cool
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omg this is SO cool
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Thanks! I'm pretty proud of it; I wasn't certain I could pull realism off. ^.^
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I don't know why but the second thing that came to my mind was "I kinda wish to see her as a chibi now..." :shrug: :XD:

The first thing of course, was AUHKSHUHRUUEENKAISTOPMAKINGUSLOOKBAD :lmao: I really liked how you shaded this -- I have to agree with the others in that it looks like a sculpture :D
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Well, I should draw some more chibis.... ^.^ Not as a chibi, but I am having Kapo show up in non-evil form for the final round. ^.^

And thanks!
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Ho-lee shit. (Sorry for the language, but it's the first words that came out of my mouth when I saw the picture). That is....INCREDIBLE. It looks like something that was done in a 3D modeling program, or a photo, like =TwinEnigma said. I stink at feedback, in general, but there is nothing I can say bad about this. It is absolutely stunning.
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:blush: Thanks! ^.^
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This is super realistic IMO. I'm guessing she is suppose to be a more 'hefty' character, and you did a very good job with the pudges. :3
Enkai's avatar
Thank you very much!

Regarding the pudge - a little heftier than some (and she is supposed to have a rounder, chubbier face), but not really (especially not when compared to the main character focused on in this particular contest). The "pudge" was more just what tends to happen with a bent stomach like that. Skin gathers, like fabric, and any fat on the stomach's gonna gather some.
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Ahh. Yes I didn't know that. :)
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Wow awesome job with the art! Very realistic. I like how you used a lustful character and ran with it all the way to her lust for power. The tie in s with the story all make sense. And the flying fuzzy... ahem... thing is hilarious.
Enkai's avatar
:XD: I AM A HORRIBLE PERSON. But judging by previous stunts, I think we know that already. And considering the preoccupation with female genitalia that Kapo myths tend to involve, what was I supposed to do?

Thank you!
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I think you did an awesome job with this piece Enkai. The textures are wonderful and the bloody mess she's in is intriguing. Too bad you didn't have time to add Rochelle's body, that would of been pretty good but overall the picture still makes a great impression.

The back story is pretty good as well. I hope you do well in this round!
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Thanks, I hope I do as well! I would have loved to have time to finish Rochelle's body (and I do have it sketched), but I only have so many hours in the day (or night, if I absolutely have to). *Maybe* once OSI's over and done, whether that be this round or next, I'll color in the sketch and finish it, but I'm far less attached to that part of this drawing than the last one I left "unfinished" (Princess).
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Very nice!

I like your idea of the Anima-Mates wearing a corrupted version of the fuku, and the ties you have.... I wonder how you would draw/design the original Sailor Mau, Sailor Mermaid, etc. - just a thought....
Enkai's avatar
Thanks! As for the other animamates, it's a project I've considered, but as with a lot of my ideas, there are things higher up on the priority list.
Shinwa-Tsuki's avatar
You're welcome.

When you have the chance to, for the rest of the original Sailor Anima-Mates.
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askashdsakad EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS WONDERFUL AND AWESOME. I am so jelly of your skills. I mean, I thought this was a photograph in the thumbnail!

If you do not advance to the final round, my brain will explode from shock.
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:hug: Thank you! And thank you for all the well-wishes in the competition; I'm disappointed we're not in the final two together.
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:hug: you're welcome.

Same. Very much so.
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