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I'm a sucker for detail, and one of those people who can't decide on one specialty and stick with it. I try lots of new things, but I do come back to my usual digital painting and colored pencils and makers fairly often.

Current Residence: SF Bay Area
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, "classical," oldies, Sera Myu!
Favourite style of art: anime or realism, but I'm not picky
Operating System: Windows7 x64
Favourite cartoon character: Edmond Dantes from "Gankutsuou: the Count of Monte Cristo"

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JRR Tolkien and Terry Pratchett
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Pencils, erasers, digital camera, paints, and wacom graphire tablet
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Art, architecture, anime, Tolkien, Discworld


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Ahahaha, it's fine. I know if I really wanted to, I can go on *forever* about a single topic. And yeah, I totally agree with everything you said. The blood on the ground especially was a little rushed, and while I did make an effort to try to have it filling the implied cracks in the texture of the ground stock I used, it's not a perfect job by any means.

Thank you for the critique!
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I'm focusing this critique on the image; I'll put a couple notes on the description in another comment. Apologies if I seem rough. I tend to spend more time on detailing things to improve.

First off, I love the idea and the detail you've put into the image. It has a nice homey feel, and I appreciate the consistency in decor with the antique furniture. Hikari's little tongue thing is cute (I know I tend to bite my lip when I'm focused on something difficult), and you did a good job with the hands in the knitting.

Where I think you could use the most improvement is the execution of the image. I'll be splitting this up into three categories - perspective, anatomy, and shading

Perspective wise: The first thing that jumped out at me is how little depth the room seems to have. This is because everything is so scrunched up on the floor, which should appear more spread out due to its distance in eye level. Take a look at the end table, a decent example of simple one point (did you have a reference for that?) Notice how you see more of the lower shelf. Now, apply that to how things lie on the floor. The other thing that I noticed was the inconsistency of the vanishing point. The end table suggestes that the vanishing point should be straight back from it, yet we don't see any of the side of the couch as that point suggests we should. If this isn't making any sense, try look up some perspective tutorials. <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/a/a…" width="19" height="19" alt="^^;" title="Sweating a little..."/>

Your anatomy is a little awkward. You seem to have a decent concept of the upper body (although I feel this too could be improved by first sketching 3d shapes representing body parts), but below the waist things seem to fall apart.

Hikari first - the way her legs lie, they seem really flat. There should be some interaction between her lower foot and the rest of her leg, yet the upper leg just kinda sits on it like it's paper. There should also be a little bit of foreshortening in thighs accounting for how they would be coming forward in the cross-legged position. Her legs are also too small/thin in general compared to her torso, appearing as skinny as her arms. Making her feet a little bigger would help the sense of proportion as well; even if she has small feet, they're too small in relation to the rest of her body.

Alec next - There is some issue with the whole legs being too skinny thing, but the main thing I noticed is the lack of a hip angle/twist. The way his upper body is angled, he appears to be more in profile/facing towards the back of the couch, yet the legs are coming out with no real twist in the waist and hips to suggest. Tracking down the reference, this may be more of something in the upper body, as the torso seems to be facing outward in that. Also, the pants. Even loose fitting jeans don't have wrinkles quite like that; the seams are fairly stiff so they resist a lot of bunching. Especially on the lifted leg-gravity should be pulling the pants down, resulting in bunching near the hips and knees.

I am wondering about Alec's back arm; I see where it is, but having done the couch reclining as well, that's always a little awkward. Given the reference, I feel you may have missed an opportunity for using that arm for something cute - like petting the cats. <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/b/b…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>

Hard to see the pictures, so it's hard to say (other than problems mentioned prior regarding torsos). The picture of them as kids appears to look more like tiny adult bodies with big heads though. I really like the kimono picture.

Shading - not a huge amount to say here. It appears the light's coming from the upper left; try to be more consistent with that (key example being the consistent border shadows on the picture frames; they should have less shadow upper left). The big thing that bugs me is how it's lighter near the bottom of Alec's extended leg; since it's on the couch, it really should be darker. You might want to work with thicker lines (or higher resolution to allow for thicker lines that appear thin), as the color appears to have extended beyond the lines. Do you use the magic lasso and expand to fill? I do the same, and I'll often have the same issue.

Anyway, sorry if this I got to deep into the con part of con-crit; I tend to describe things in heavy detail. I really do love the thought and complexity you put into this; there are a lot of levels to enjoy. Good luck to you!
OSI Top 15- Alec Stirling
Thank you so much for the thorough critique! And yep, child-bearing hips is one of her things. :XD: Also why I chose a very hip-y pose for her.
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Well, I might go to Otakon again next year.  Hubby and I will be getting free passes for winning Best in Show