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Strawberry Cow by CellAkelli
AT - Red boi by Cranash64
(open) ~adoptable auction #16~ by ksinari
P0319eng by Cranash64
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Jessica Cruz - Green lantern by Mgbot172
Archangel Michael by coskoniotis
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Denise Dupont by Redfield-1982
Drinkie Pie-Flash Animation Style 1.0 by CreativityAgent99
AppleDrac-Flash Animation Style by CreativityAgent99
[F] - Jinx by Pythrexx
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adopt auction | {open} | the sea element. by aalois
Free to Use Bases: What is...Happening? (PSD) by DanniBearDraws
Free 2 use Doggo Lines by spacepvp
Free to Use Bases: Controlling Hold (PSD) by DanniBearDraws
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2499 Secret light 17 by RealMantis
Nikita Mirniy and Maks Shtora - Original fandom by SolonaWan
OPEN AUCTION|Kemonomimi adoptable by ppozarx
Anime Schoolgirl by StudioHaoto
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4235 Hen Harrier - Busard Saint-Martin by RealMantis
Deep Calls to Deep by Lady-Schnaps
Champs de Champvent en NOVEMBRE! by LePtitSuisse1912
4918 Grey Heron flying over the water by RealMantis
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[Commission] Phrynia and Professor Maelstrom by Stardust--Knight
Maija Laukmane by AmandaJ-art
Jackle's Circus Performer Outfit by Lime-o-Bunny
Birdman by caisamargta
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Fox Cub by bellascis
Prickly made of clay by jaksin12
Assembled object #06 - Resin pendant by NagiSpider
Raccoon by bellascis
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Fourthly Puzzled Let's Loft this bed (Links Below) by nugapug
Knight FallTwilight was gradually bathing the shady city of Gotham. Momentarily the night would descend and bring with it the menaces of the dismal town. But, unbeknownst to Gotham, more then the physical night was falling. Only a select few knew the Dark Knight had indeed fallen. A week ago, Bruce Wayne had ultimately been laid to rest. Most individuals were surprised that he lived to be a supercentenarian.Or, in layman's terms, over a hundred years old. True enough, Bruce Wayne lived an exceedingly long life. However, those closest to him weren't surprised. After all, Superman himself said Bruce was too stubborn to die. He'd even lived to see his biological granddaughter Bryce reach college.Bryce Selena McGinnis was quite an intelligent beauty. She was 5'10 and maintained a goddess-like figure. She kept her hair fashionably short and didn't employ cosmetics, favoring her natural look. Her standard outfit was a brown leather jacket, yellow crop top, and gray multi-pocket jeans with a ripped look. She bore two tattoos. The one on her nape was the Batman symbol, while on her right wrist was the emblem of a cat.Currently, the first-year college student stood before her belated grandfather's burial. Her father, Terry, had long ago confirmed with Amanda Waller about being Bruce Wayne's son. No doubt Bruce long knew the truth. After all, he hadn't been the world's greatest detective for nothing.Bryce considerably resembled both her father and grandfather. The only thing she'd obtained from her mother, Julie, was her brilliant green eyes and glasses. Bryce seldom wore contacts because her eyes didn't tolerate them well. Still, as the nineteen-year-old stood before the grave, she couldn't help but think of the significance.Her father, Terry been named the heir to Wayne Enterprises. Which was fitting as he technically was the heir. She wasn't sure if grandfather had informed him before his death. However, she highly suspected that's what they had discussed on Bruce's deathbed.Therefore, her father ran the corporation while simultaneously still being the new Dark Knight. Along with her mother being Catwoman. Even Bryce knew she'd one day take up the Bat's mantle. She'd been training all her life for when it became her responsibility to protect Gotham from the drudges of the underworld.However, for now, she felt her parents and departed grandfather would want her to appreciate what freedom she had left. Her major was in business. She also took several other courses to prepare for her destiny. Still, she looked at her grandfather's grave solemnly."I do hope I make you proud, Grandpa. Given I was named after you and my maternal grandmother. I hope to live up to the extraordinary legacy you've bestowed upon this lineage. I will do my most suitable to live up to your expectations.I know you once told my father being the hero isn't what makes you worthwhile. Being yourself does that. I intend to ensure my future personas will be equally worth wild.So, rest in peace, Grandfather. We shall build upon your legacy. We will keep Gotham safe until the sand runs out. I doubt it will be anytime soon. I love and miss you. So I hope you're watching over your family.I'll see you again soon, Grandfather. For now? I've got a significant examination to study for, and I intend to pass it! See you next week!" as she kissed her hand and pressed it on the gravestone.Then she turned and strolled back to her motorcycle. She smiled as a flutter of bats passed by the full moon. One Dark Knight had fallen, yet more would come, and they'd never leave this city unsafe.

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She eats them like cereal by MonsieurRobot

Mature Content

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Wild Flight Halloween Base (Moving) by DanniBearDraws
Reyla Turnaround [Pixel Animation] by AstrumAura
[GIF] Zombie costume by lilokBeast
Bat Costume [GIF] by lilokBeast
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Autumn by Rina-Chevalier
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Art Trade? [OPEN]ART TRADE STATUS: OPEN [CURRENTLY ACCEPTING ART TRADES] Am looking for people who want to do an art trade with me. OwOSend me a note! ♡I'll be accepting some trades but I can't promise I'll accept all art trade requests. But don't be shy to note or talk to me via chat! (๑╹っ╹๑) I guess I'm looking to do trades with people who are of the same level as me (& interested in their art style), which is what I see a lot of people state in their journals. It should be pretty obvious that I'll be giving exactly what I get from you coz that's only fair. Example; if you make only the lineart, so will I. If you make a colored + non-shaded piece, so will I. Pretty simple. Xx --------------------- xXExchange Drawing(s) for Literature (Writing)I'm also interested in trading my drawings in exchange for literature! If interested, note me and we can discuss more. Xx --------------------- xX I won't be starting on my part until you've either done yours -OR an alternative, we can do a step by step where we show each other WIP(s).This is because I've been cheated before on trades for the past years. I'm willing to wait for you, if u are willing to wait for me. But, if the trader goes 2 months without sending any news, the trade will be cancelled. Just a simple explanation why it's taking a while will be enough, "I'm having exams this month," or anything simple is enough. Iíll be willing to draw just about any kind of character, humans, kemono, animals, anthro, etc. Ask me! :3 My Art Examples:,,,,,,,If u wanna see more, u can check out my gallery! My gallery folder that consists of pieces made entirely for others (includes commissions, trades, etc):
Adopts and Memes -- Full
[SOLD] Adopt / Devilish Grin by GhastlyRune
Digital Drawing and Painting Traditional 2 - Full
YCH | NightlockeArtistry by Selianne
Digital Drawing and Painting Traditional - Full
Practice #41 by AizekArtworks
Traditional Art Full
On a date by XoXoT63
Designs and Interfaces -- Full
Beyond These Skies by Aliye99
Digital Art 2 - Full
The Inter-Dimensional Machine Poster by Slofkosky

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In order to simplify the submission process, i reduced the number of the folders and also their names. All categories are present as before. From today, folders are : Featured 3 Submissions per week. The current month (November 2022) . Each month, there will be a new folder You can submit everything : digital - drawing - painting - photography - animation - craft -journal mature content 2 Submissions per day Resources and stock images 2 Submissions per day
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