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One Piece OC Profile: Mara

do not use by murasaki55 My Art Is Not Your Template, ETC by Enjoumou Constructive Criticism :stamp: by kchuu

:star: PLEASE NOTE!!

The artwork AND profile layout are both 100% my own design. PLEASE DO NOT ask me for the template; I worked very hard to design something that could be unique to my characters and myself, and I want to keep it that way. Sorry, this is kind of obnoxious to put here, but I have been asked this question so many times...


January 2018: welp, it finally happened. I finally looked at my profile template and decided I couldn't take it anymore and needed to update it. Granted, it's not a complete overhaul - I still pretty much stuck to the basic elements of the previous version, but I've been wanting to add in the attribute pentagrams and kind of do...something...about the circle thingies. I feel like this is a bit cleaner than the last version xD And Mara was first in line because damn, her fullbody pic on the old profile, like...I dont even draw like that anymore :XD:

...of course you know this means I'm going to attempt converting every OC profile I have into this style as well because I'm a bit obsessive like that and also apparently I hate myself


Name: Mara  [pronunciation: Mah-ra]

Nickname/s: None

Age: 18 (debut); 20 (after time skip)

Birthday: July 27

Height: 5'7" (170 cm)

Species: Human

Blood Type: S (O-)

Tattoo/s: Flame tattoo on the left side of her chest. She got it on Saboady Archipalego after Usopp dared her to get a tattoo with him (Usopp promptly chickened out, but Mara was committed to rubbing it in his face so she dragged him into the shop with her. She didn't really know what to get until Usopp suggested the little flame, and she liked the idea so that was that).


Affiliation: Strawhat Pirates

Epithet: "Knockout Mara." Her epithet is a bit of a double-entendre; mostly due to the fact that her fighting style often consists of "knocking out"  her opponents, but also because when the marines saw the somewhat risque picture for her wanted poster it was one of the first words that came to mind (much to her chagrin).

Occupation/Role: Writer/Log Keeper

Bounty: 65,000,050 (Mara's wanted poster). After the events of Enies Lobby, her bounty was 65,000,000; however it was increased by 50 beli after she messed with a particularly spiteful marine. Mara tends to attract a lot of attention due to her reckless nature (and since her wanted poster came out, she may have been seen creating photo opportunities for the marines in hopes that they might change her picture to something she considers more fitting). After the events of Dressrosa, her bounty was raised to 220,000,075 (she had a fabulous time attracting lots of marine attention and causing loads of trouble). She swears they added the extra 25 beli at the end just to piss her off.


Morality: Chaotic Good

Personality: Mara is very much a tomboy at the heart of it, although she will exhibit more traditionally 'girly' traits now and then (e.g., she doesn't mind dresses, as long as she's able to fight while wearing them). She has an abundance of energy and enjoys being the center of attention, socializing with others and playing around. Being ignored does not sit well with her. If deeply offended, Mara can hold a grudge until possibly the end of time. She is incredibly stubborn and willful, and once her fierce temper has been ignited, it's difficult to snuff out. She's always been on the reckless side and will rarely hesitate before throwing herself into a dangerous situation, which has only escalated since she ate her devil fruit. She loves chasing adventures, and the thrill of adrenaline is something of an addiction for her. For the most part, she is a fearless person, which is not always to her benefit.

Virtues: Loyal, trustworthy, determined, independent, outgoing, playful.

Flaws: Reckless, hot-headed, careless, vengeful, stubborn, irresponsible, impulsive.

Likes: Exercise, adventure, a good fight, meeting new people, winning, Luffyball.

Dislikes: Anyone getting in the way of her fight, being undermined or overlooked, having to admit she's wrong, being idle, losing.

Hobbies: Running, sparring, writing, reading, goofing off with the rest of her crew.

— Is extremely competitive and often takes things too far. Do not play Monopoly with her. Ever.
— Actually very proud of her long hair and refuses to cut it no matter how it may get in the way during a fight.
— Tends to be very active even while unconscious; anyone unlucky enough to sleep beside her will inevitably end up kicked, elbowed or punched in the face.

Special Skills...
— She is naturally very fast and has been working to improve her speed since she became a pirate.
— She possesses extensive knowledge of pressure points on the human body.
— A very talented writer, Mara has been penning stories since she was a young child who dreamed of one day leaving her home to discover what the rest of the world had to offer.

— "It's fine. I've been though much worse than that! Actually, I've been shot more times than I can count."
— "Okay, I get it, you can yell at me all you want later! I did what I had to do and it worked!"
— "I thought the truce meant you were going to stop being an egotistical jerk and stay out of my fights!"

Ambition: To write the greatest story ever told.


Fighting Style...
Type: Kyuushojutsu [examples: here and here]
Description: This manner of combat involves striking pressure points; areas on the human body that, when manipulated, may cause serious pain, involuntary movements or unconsciousness. Mara has adopted this fighting style as her primary means of attack since she was a teenager and has been working all along to continue improving her techniques.

Devil Fruit...
Name: Naoru Naoru no mi
Meaning: Heal Heal fruit
Class: Paramecia
Ability: Allows the user to heal from most wounds and afflictions, even regenerate lost limbs (though a beheading would most likely kill her, as she would need to grow a new body in order to survive something like that). Mara has taken this ability even further by exercising it as often as possible, creating situations in which she would become injured, which eventually results in even faster healing. This ability is constantly active.
Strengths: Accelerated healing, delayed aging, immunity or short-lived effects from diseases and poisons (depending on the severity).
Weaknesses: Cannot be used to aid others. User must also adhere to a strict dietary regimen consisting of lots of protein, carbs, vitamins A+C, Zinc, etc. (the body can't use what it doesn't have, after all, and faster healing requires certain nutrients). Mara tends not to pay much heed to this. Sanji, on the other hand, becomes very well aware of this fact and it's only thanks to him that Mara is able to meet all her nutritional requirements. Whenever the crew is separated for any extended period of time, however, Mara finds herself unable to heal as quickly (which often doesn't bode well, her being the type of person she is).

Type: Busoshoku (Armament Haki)
Proficiency: Average
Origin: TBA


Mayu Leitner: Grandmother. Mayu raised Mara, and although she was often strict and a bit of a hard-ass, she was always very loving toward her granddaughter and worked hard to ensure that Mara had a fulfilling childhood despite the absence of both her parents. She has consistently been the one person Mara always knew she could count on.
Lesia Leitner: Mother (deceased). Mara had no relationship to speak of with her mother, and to this day she hasn't forgiven her for it.
Alander Van: Father (estranged until time skip). Mara's relationship with her father is, at the time of this writing, shaky at best. She is very much like him, though Van is very lighthearted, and he trained her during the time skip. Thanks to that, they managed to bond a bit and she has accepted him as her father, but despite this she still harbors some resentment toward him and it shows in their interactions. She won't admit it but she's very upset that he had known about her existence, yet had chosen to stay away from her and her mother all those years. However, they are very slowly growing closer.

Silas: Mara's closest friend growing up on Rumble Cay. More about him will be revealed in her story.
Enzo: Another one of Mara's childhood friends. More about him to be revealed as her story progresses.

Monkey D. Luffy: She absolutely adores her Captain and always loves to goof off with him. They also share a reckless streak, so each is usually on board with the other's stupid idea. She trusts in him completely and usually Luffy is the only one who can convince her to do something she really doesn't want to do (e.g., staying out of a fight).
Roronoa Zoro: Mara considers Zoro to be her closest friend (she never did relate very well to other girls). They can often be found in each others' company, usually sparring or sassing each other (or both). He is one of the few crew members who encourages her sometimes questionable training methods and he almost never misses an opportunity to help out. She respects his commitment to his training and his drive to become the best at what he does. Every morning she spends time training with him, although Zoro often wishes she wouldn't drag him out of bed at ungodly hours of the morning.
Nami: As with the other crew members, Nami is the voice of reason when it comes to Mara's reckless behavior and one of the first to scold her for being so careless with her own body (she's not always able to talk sense into her, but she's had success now and then). Being quite different, they occasionally squabble like sisters and Nami is usually the first person Mara will go to when she's in need of advice.
Usopp: Mara enjoys Usopp's company most of the time (unless he's berating her for doing something he considers stupid or contesting a decision Luffy made on a whim, at which point she will roll her eyes and tell him to stop being a baby). She feels it's a shame that he's so cautious, as his talent as a sniper certainly makes him a force to be reckoned with, therefore she never misses an opportunity to encourage him (although her methods of encouragement generally bring him more anxiety). She's always impressed by his inventions and likes to listen to his wild tales (exaggerated or not, she can certainly appreciate a good story).
Sanji: Mara respects Sanji's strength and skills, though she seems to get along much better with him on the battlefield. Otherwise she is easily annoyed by his extreme attempts at showing affection, becoming offended at what he intends as chivalrous gestures (she doesn't need any help, damn it!). She was less tolerant of these antics in the beginning, but over time has learned to simply ignore his over-the-top romantic ways. She wishes he would just treat her and the other females like regular human beings rather than pieces of precious glass to be admired on a pedestal.
Chopper: Due to some of the events that transpired while the crew was on her home island, Mara has a great amount of respect and admiration for the reindeer. She is protective of him more than any of the other crew members, especially given his tendency towards naivety. That being said, this still doesn't stop her from all but ignoring his medical advice when it comes to her own injuries, and on more than one occasion poor Chopper is left waving his arms in exasperation while she sprints head-first into danger.
Robin: TBA
Franky: TBA
Brook: TBA
Koshi Toshi: (Zim-Shady's OC) TBA
Koshi Hoshi: (Zim-Shady's OC) TBA
Senka: (my OC) TBA

Love Interest...
Portgas D. Ace: The two didn't start off on the best of terms; Mara was very unimpressed and annoyed by his protective nature, mistaking it for arrogance and believing she had to prove to him that she could handle herself in a fight, which inevitably led to Mara taking every risk possible and Ace nearing his wit's end attempting to keep his brother's crew-mate from being killed. After a prolonged period of time together, Mara realizes that she was wrong about him, while Ace is finally able to see the better side of her and they eventually develop feelings for each other. Their relationship most closely resembles that of two best friends; they're not terribly romantic with each other, at least not in public, and they tend to show affection through teasing and playful interactions more than anything else. In terms of romantic displays of affection, Mara tends to be more open to those whereas Ace will become somewhat embarrassed by them. His overprotective nature will usually balance out her reckless ways. However they are both prone to being incredibly stubborn, which certainly causes tension in their relationship (as one might expect when you put two hotheads together). Still, after all that they've been through together, they are pretty solid and would readily go to the ends of the earth for each other.


Birth Place: Mara is from Rumble Cay, which is a tropical island on the Grand Line. It is typically hampered by various weather disasters and considered uninhabitable by the marines who happen to pass by, and because of this nobody ever dares venture too close to find out whether or not this is true. Due to the constant storms, the island is flooded year round and all of the inhabitants live in a village built atop the trees. The climate is hot and very humid, though the temperature drops quite significantly at night during the colder seasons. The violent weather on the outskirts of the island makes trading impossible, thus the island's inhabitants are largely self-sufficient (aside from what they can scavenge from the occasional shipwreck). Many of the villagers ended up on the island due to being shipwrecked near the area and then being washed ashore, afterward settling and making the best of a life there. Some even find love amidst the miserable conditions and quite a few children have been born on Rumble Cay (Mara being one of them). Attempting to escape Rumble Cay is considered a suicide mission, as people very rarely make it back after failed attempts.

Background: TBA (her story is currently in progress at The-Untold-Voyages)


Outfits Map/s:
Outfits Map: Mara (part 1) by Enjoumou  Outfits Map: Mara (part 2) by Enjoumou   Outfits Map: Mara (part 3) by Enjoumou

Abilities Chart:
OP: Mara's Abilities Chart by Enjoumou

Theme Song: Dangerous by Within Temptation; Invincible by Adelitas Way; Adrenaline by Shinedown.

Element: Fire

Representative Color/s: Yellow, Orange

Representative Animal: Cheetah

Sleep Schedule: 1am - 5am

Bath Schedule: Every morning (after her workout)

Alternate Career: Disgruntled Editor

Notable Tropes: Leeroy Jenkins, Healing Factor, Good Thing You Can Heal, Attack! Attack! Attack!, Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?, Self-Mutilation Demonstration.

Ideal Voice Actor: Shailene Woodley

Filled Memes: "Couple Development" Meme, "Couples Meme", "Character Through Time" Meme

Bonus: A Troll QQs About Mara (I'm all for constructive criticism, but this one was just hateful. A good read if you'd like some laughs though!)

One Piece & all characters (c) Eiichiro Oda
Mara belongs to me
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How can I make a O.C. profile? I have a character I write in my OP fan fics :)

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I would suggest commissioning someone to create the profile for you, or drawing the reference yourself. Hope this helps, hun ;w;

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This Character fits really really well! The one critque I have is that most all of pirates if trained to the extent the Straw Hats have, especially with a Devil Fruit, have superhuman healing factors (though growing limbs would make her forward combat quite effective)

You said her devil fruit is part of her combat. I just want to offer a simple suggestion. If she COULD heal others.... what if she could control cell growth as her devil fruit power? Esentially giving people uper cancer
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Ayyy, I like this template, it's nice and organised :D I feel you on the looking at the old one and squirming - same hat for me rn xD

(Love the low luck stat, poor Mara xD At least she has that healing fruit!)
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Thanks! :D LOL, I knew it was coming. I was sort of dreading having to do this LMAO. "Fucking damn it why did I have to decide I hate this template, now I have to update alllll of them D: D:" :XD:

PFFFT yeah, Mara tends to draw the short straw xD And the other times she just sort of causes her own problems :lol:
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The legs are 2 long for a human..
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Well, it's meant to resemble the style of the manga/anime Mara is a fan character for. If you look at the other OCs owned by the artist, she uses a style close to the source material.
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I love how detailed you get with your character profiles <3 There's so much information there! lol And here I thought my profiles were well detailed haha
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Thanks so much! <3 Yeah, and they take FOREVER to write up omg xD
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Love your characters and story, when will you make more chapters? I really want to read more.
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What's her nationality?
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I absolutely ADORE Mara, even though her love interest interferes with my OC's love interest. That would make for a funny comic.
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It's really cool, I plan to make a OP FC too. 
Am I the only one who has an OKAMA as their OP FC? e-e
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have you made a fanfic about her?
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I have, it's in progress actually! Starts here… :)
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She's very well thought out! :) I love her design as well!
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Thanks so much! :D
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Awesome!! She is soooo pretty^^
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Aww thank you!! :heart:
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