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September 12, 2011
The suggester says; "I was quite impressed by the presentation and the colours."
I have to agree, great presentation and fantastic cosplaying! The model is stunning and the background really helps bring it all together. Well done!
Supergirl by *EnjiNight
Featured by pullingcandy
Suggested by BurgerBunny
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Supergirl wallpaper

Awww.....I love this pic soo much! :3 It started with a progress pic, but my good friend conjured to THIS!! :D :heart:

original photo: :iconcsepi:
the awesome edit: :iconr4di0fly3r: web: [link]
cosplayer: :iconenjinight: please add me on facebook: [link]

Omg!! Thank you for the DD!!! O.O

~~2011.09.21.~~ edit: Now you can donwload the wallpaper version too!! :w00t:

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hankypanky68's avatar
MsXMaryX's avatar
you are pretty wirh the superman custom^^
uLtRaMa6nEt1cART's avatar
Your cosplays are awesome. Very beautiful and nice proportions. I especially like when the photos are turned into epic poster/wallpaper style pieces. Your Supergirl is...well...SUPER :D (Big Grin)
feliu's avatar
i love your potos and personally think you are beautifully stunning!!!, so sad we live so far....:(
W2BSuperman's avatar

Good grief that's amazing - using it for sure - ok? LOL

07fallen's avatar
robiss's avatar
SUPER-Supergirl...  I did an edit on this one 4u2... hope U like..??
MasterLion's avatar
I'd go out with her ;P
jeffnitro77's avatar
Your cosplay modeling is amazing! You really stand out from the rest. Do you sell prints? 
EnjiNight's avatar
Thanks, in the future I will! :)
bluen4ture's avatar
Great and Nice Pict . :D (Big Grin)
astonv12's avatar
This is your best cosplay !! 
orangeglasses2's avatar
May I fly with you?Dance!
darnof's avatar
you're the bestSupergirl I've ever seen in my life ;)
jayclimbsrocks's avatar
The colors are incredible. Well done.
tomazcdn's avatar
you did a great job with this shoot, you make a great Supergirl.
abridgedvillca's avatar
From now on this is my wallpaper,you are just beautiful in many ways,creative,i'd say smart too i totaly love your cosplays that combination of colour and light is just perfect,you're one one the most beautiful girls in the world. That's all from me *flies away*
EnjiNight's avatar
aww, thank you for your nice words!!^^
abridgedvillca's avatar
and yeah your eyes *_*
SloaneWin's avatar
really good job :)
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