Lara Croft cosplay - Tomb Raider V.
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Character: Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Underworld 
Model, make up and costume production: Enji Night
Photography:  :iconpugoffka-sama:
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Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 (Windows)
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Comments (37)
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afitwnkr|Student Writer
Well done!
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cianapleyn|Hobbyist Photographer
You have really captured the character - great work
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LFCS's avatar
Why so beautiful? Why so perfect? CURSE YOU! Heart 
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moyashisoba's avatar
so beautiful。゚.o。(@*´Ⅴ`*p★
i always reconfirm your beautyヽ(*´▽`*)ノ
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Delta-7576's avatar
Delta-7576|Student Digital Artist
That trigger discipline though, congrats:D  
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ShaozChampion's avatar
ShaozChampion|Student Digital Artist
really beautiful =3
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AnEventHorizon's avatar
This one's my favorite of your Lara Croft series.  Looks very movie-like.  Nicely done!
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TomboyJanet's avatar
TomboyJanet|Student General Artist
Lovely lady Croft 
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Fyoriosity's avatar
XD this must have been hard to take with the moving hair, but it was so worth it :3
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Ze1ss's avatar
Great job with this photo :) all of them are great but this one is just insane.
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fulcrum77's avatar
fulcrum77|Hobbyist Digital Artist
the OG Lara, lock stock & 2 smoking bo... erettas
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Roihim's avatar
Roihim|Professional Interface Designer
Amazing !
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mgb500's avatar
mmm quite delicious!
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anime-manga-lover123's avatar
anime-manga-lover123|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
cool ! Tomb Raider is one of my favorite games XD
Nice cosplay
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ForestWolfDragon's avatar
ForestWolfDragon|Hobbyist Photographer
Wow!  She makes such a beautiful Tomb Raider!
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mpz28's avatar
very nice Cool Emoticon Love Bravo #2
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TheNeoShaman's avatar
TheNeoShaman|Hobbyist General Artist
Looks like it's the finest 3D, but it's even more impressive as a photography !
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Dimikka's avatar
Dimikka|Professional Digital Artist
Well done!
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gjordanra|Professional General Artist
You look amazing as Lara, I really like how you look at it
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TenebrisIncarnatus's avatar
TenebrisIncarnatus|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a solid cosplay, everything's on point and the environment, along with the messy hair really add to it all. But goddammit! Why do your eyes look "dead"?... I can't even explain what's wrong with them, it's as if a mannequin is posing... it's almost creepy. Like the face of porcelain doll... anywayz, maybe it's just me. Great work overall!
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Lightning--Baron's avatar
Lightning--Baron|Hobbyist Photographer
EnjiNight is one of the best around.
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wildpegasus13's avatar
wildpegasus13|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Such a great job on the costume, and the photos make you look like a digital rendering. Awesome!
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