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Lara Croft - Tomb Raider cosplay IV.

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Character: Lara Croft from Tomb Raider Underworld 
Model, make up and costume production: Enji Night
Photography:  Roberto DOnadello
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Beautiful fit shape! 💪💪💕

Wow! What a display of female strength!
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nice I like it <3
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You are more beautiful and sexier then Lara you can take over that part
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I think I had sex with her a few times. She looks kind of like this one girl that we just used to be f buddies. Even the body and hair are the same. Not to mention the face

for real u know her? daaaamn

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Nice work with your cosplay. 
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where is the cosplay?
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She has Melonie Mac's face on Alison Carroll's body!
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Absolute amazing, to me is her better cosplay, please Enji come back to one Mexican Convention, we need you.
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This is the BEST Lara Croft pic I have ever seen!
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Wow. Very nice.
Those firearms are single-action-only, so with their hammers forward like that you can't even fire them. I know this is just cosplay and she's not actually shooting anyone, but might as well make it seem like the real deal.
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Hi Hi ! Do you have an account on… ? check it out !
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Ohhh my god! You are nice ! Really cool !
darn. honestly u could play her... great cosplay. not really thinking the Lara of the new Movie suits, she lacks any curves and muscle for the role.
This woman can't be real she is flawless🤤😍😎!
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i love lara croft
She looks like Ellen Page.
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I love this shot!
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