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Firefox preview

Most of you asked me in facebook for more pictures. :) So here we go! ^.^ One more teaser pic before the photoshoot! :3

photo by :iconcivic97:

firefox cosplay, model: :iconenjinight: ^.^ please add me on :facebook:[link]


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The power lies in her paws. . .
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Enjinight's Firefox girl by Yafilippe  I hope you don't mind that I took the liberty to sketch this. I linked to the original.
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Adorable ^_^ I was wondering, would be interested in cosplaying my chracter Lolita Silvermoon,this outfit is a good start,just need the right hair ,dress,arm gloves, bracelet s,boots make up ,you would look exactly like my chracter Lolita, here's the art of her,if you're interested, Lolita Silvermoon (toxic Rapunzel) by ViruseffectX   Lolita Silvermoon (Rebel love) by ViruseffectX    I have 1 more but need to upload it
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She's so sexy. ^^
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Gorgeous photo and pose! Beautiful!
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You made to be a beautiful firefox, miss. You should be the mascot.
To Google Chrome disslike this lol. Very cute Cosplay.
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  Clever and cute in equal measures. I love it
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Unexpected and neat cosplay.
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Where can I get a giant Earth ball?
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This is why firefox is best browser
Gyönyörű vagy <3
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What does the fox say?
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Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz!!! XD
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Sometimes I regret using chrome...(looking up again) Yea I realy do. (And do not sound creepy as hell)
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Nice concept XD Love it~
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the "fox" on the symbol for firefox is actually a red panda. but i like fox better <3
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This is so cute!!! I love the concept, and you did a beautiful execution of it :)
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