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Chest armor tutorial

My first DA tutorial ever and my first chest armor too :D!! I'm proud of myself! XD

btw...Sorry for my english and I hope you can understand what I writed...:D

For more informations, progress pics visit my facebook page: [link]
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Great job, clear, instructive and useful. Do you have any pics of the final product?
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this is awesome!
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thank you so much oml. I was thinking about making armor for certain cosplays that I might want to do, this really helps a lot
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Haha, just did the first part for a full body cast - stuffed it with newspapers and works as a simple doll. Thanks for the tutorial, could be cool for making something sturdier in the future. 
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Hi, pretty good work.
If you don't mind I have a question. How did you wear it? The T-shirt was kept below?
Is there any picture where you use it?
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This is handy! Thanks. I actually teach drama. It's difficult to find armor sometimes for Roman soldiers. I like the design you put into the armor as well.
You are very gifted! Keep it up!
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This is awesome. I'm totally going to use this for a cosplay at some point.
How durable is this? I know covering with worbla or resin will make it stronger, but in its own, would it crack/fall apart easily?
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I understood it all Enji you're english was just divine ^_^ I'm going to use this tutorial for all my armor craft ideas in fact that was my first idea for my first ever cosplay this can work for weapons too right? 
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wooow thats amasing¡¡its really fantastic how with few stuffs we can create awsome things beside you demostrate that you have a lot of skill to do cosplayer, you are like a chameleon beacuse one day you are blonde super girl and another you are saory or jill valentine ,damn girl youre the best if i know you like a supergirl one day and another i see you like yoko littner (only with redhead) i swear i belive that was 2 diferent girls¡¡fantastiiic¡¡ 
Pretty awesome
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What did you use to cut the outline out?
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Faved. Planning on using this tutorial to make my armor for Comic Expo. :3
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So... I wonder how do you wear that? o_o I mean, how do you attach it? >< Or is it supposed to be worn with a second part for the back?
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I attached this with velcro. I glued one part inside of the armor, and sewed the other part on the cloth. :)
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Ohhh, I see =D That's pretty clever! Thanks for your reply!
AkumaTenshiCosplay's avatar
Faved, Will come in handy in the future! ^^
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Cool. Gonna keep this for future refs~
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Great idea :) Do you use it as a armor or just for show? I'd like to go larping, but it would my first time so I don't want to do something expensive and time consuming, but I don't want it to fall apart in the first battle either... I'd like to try this, but I wonder if it would last the whole weekend
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Excellent work, thanks for sharing! :)
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I needed this in my life
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Actually I am using a very similar Idea to make a form to build REAL armor ( I am a Heavy Fighter In the SCA )
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