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"So then...any thoughts Kaza?" Zar'roc asked the small abra on his back.

" first thought would be to look for a dead end and start from there." Kaza suggested. "Or look for...odd rock formations maybe?"

"Eh, we'll see when we look around." Candlestick said. They'd finally reached the bottom, and looked around the barely lit caverns. Sticking out of the ground were the red little terrors Cassidy had warned them about. Extremely volatile. Avoid touching at all. Do not even breath near one. Funny, they looked pretty sharp also...

Kaza raised a hand into the air and used Flash, light started to shine from his palm. "Alright, that should help. So, see anything?"

"Not yet. I guess this means we go deeper." Zar'roc said and continued walking, following the path the caverns had laid out before them. Soon enough, they'd found one of the underground waterways.

"Well, isn't this pretty?" Zar'roc said. "Crystal clear...perhaps I'll have a drink when we're done."

Candlestick raised a paw quickly and looked around. Something felt off. That looked slightly collapsed. "There. We dig there."

"Huh....sure, alright." Kaza said, looking at the wall. Was it hollow behind? There were rocks fortifying the wall though. They'd have to break it down before they could clear it away.

Zar'roc and Candlestick noticed this as well but grinned. "Shall we?" Zar'roc asked, raising a paw as a purple aura covered his claws.

"Oh yeah." Candlestick said, curling her claws into fists. She pondered using outrage, but then she might cause a little too much damage. The two then started smashing against the stone, striking it again and again with their combined might, and soon enough, it crumbled away into rubble, leaving the next part of their task. Zar'roc started digging with dirt with his front paws while Candle went back to pick up her shovel. They had to get it out of the way of the hole they'd just made, every pebble and dirt clump had to go. It was tedious work, and there was plenty to clear away, but soon enough they'd done it. "So...we take a look at what'd back here?" Candle asked.

"Of course. It looks like a naturally formed hallway...but where does it lead?" Zar'roc pondered before walking down into it. "Only one thing to do. Kaza, let's go."

"Oh, right!" Kaza said and hurriedly ran after him and hopped onto his back, keeping the Flash going. It was their only light source beside Candle's tail flame. It was surprisingly lengthy. "So...what do you suppose the Dungeon will look like?" Kaza asked.

"I suspect we'll know it when we see it." Zar'roc replied. "After all...they are quite mysterious places." He was about to say more when he suddenly came to an abrupt halt. Before them was a towering set of ornate double doors, big enough for a Hydreigon to pass in through with ease.

"I...I think we found it." Kaza said and surveyed his surroundings. They were asked to clear out the area so they could build an outpost, but this place looked plenty big already. Maybe extra couldn't help though...

"I guess we're gonna have to clear it out a little extra to earn out paycheck." Zar'roc said, and walked over to one of the walls. Candle groaned a bit, but started digging anyway. Nobody was sure how big an outpost was exactly...
Season 1 June Explorer Task 3: Subseed Excavation
Result: Dirt successfully moved out of the way (Not into the water)
Merit: 0 Strike: 0
Reward: Bottle of Fresh water

Pardon me if I do these out of order. ^^ And we have a guest, Candle the Charmander! Adding Zar'roc's and Candle's strength, the dirt stood no chance at all!

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Candle/Candlestick belongs to
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