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Pharion loaded the wood onto his back, and the tools into saddlebags that were tied to his sides. Zar'roc was given a pack of things to carry to the site, but it was smaller, due to his size.

"They really don't have to go easy on me because I'm not quite as titanic as you are." Zar'roc mumbled as the pair walked out of town. "I am much stronger than I appear."

"Well, from what I hear, you're pretty strong, maybe as strong as I am!" Pharion said cheerfully. "That's quite something for a guy like you!"

"If I didn't know you better, I would think that you were mocking me." Zar'roc said.

"Awwww, I didn't mean it like that!" Pharion said somewhat sadly, his ears folding against his head. "Honest!"

"I know, I know ya big lug." Zar'roc said and playfully bumped into his side. "You don't have a mean bone inside you."

"Well shucks, thats nice of you to say that!" Pharion grinned happily. Zar'roc was such a nice fellow! "It's a shame we can't really do much when it comes to actually building the place."

"Well, while we're carrying the supplies back and forth, Luke is getting a break. It took quite a bit of wordplay to finally agree to take a break. He wants to get started on the foundation right away, but it's a waste of energy without the proper tools," Zar'roc said, reminiscing. "Besides, Kaza's there. He'll help. He's grown rather fond of our guild master."

"Ahhhh, yeah! I'm not surprised, he's one of the heros, and he's had some time to get used to him. Watching over him while he naps shouldn't be too hard." Pharion thought out loud.

"Heh...he might even forget that he's in the Subseed Forest." Zar'roc chuckled. "That'd help him relax for sure."

"When you focus on something, everything else just kinda...melts away. Kinda like when he's nose-deep in one of those books and just tunes everything out." Pharion nodded. "It's strange, I can wave my paw next to him and he doesn't even know."

"Thats just him focusing." Zar'roc said. "It's his own little talent that he doesn't even know about."

"It's kinda cute when you put it like that." Pharion chuckled. "Still, it only applies to books as far as I know. Does he do it with anything else?"

"Yes actually." Zar'roc said. "Sometimes when he's cooking, he'll get very...intense. You have to shake him a little to snap him out of it."

"Wow, now thats something." Pharion said. "What else does he do?"

"Well he plays flute." Zar'roc said. "He's just...picked up the basics ever since I handed him the wooden flute, like a residual memory just came from his fingers the moment he held it. It wa rather impressive...but in the time he's had it, he hasn't...improved."

"Awwwww, that kinda stinks." Pharion said with a small frown. "I guess he doesn't have a lot to go off of though."

"No, he really doesn't." Zar'roc nodded. "He's trying though. He is definetly....oh, we're here!"

"Wow, talk about time flying when you're having a nice time." Pharion said, his eyes widening a bit. "That didn't take any time at all!"

"Shhhh." Zar'roc hushed him and pointed to a tree nearby. Luke was sleeping peacefully, his hat tilted forward to cover his eyes. A little lower, Kaza was sleeping beside him, his head resting on Luke's stomach.

"Awwww...thats adorable." Pharion said, looking upon the scene with a large grin. "Come on, let's get this stuff off us...but quietly." Zar'roc nodded and slipped off his own packs before helping undo Pharions. The packs fell to the ground, but there was nothing delicate in them anyway. Next was the wooden boards. Pharion kneeled down to the ground and Zar'roc pushed them off, resulting in an unfortunately loud thud.

Luke's eyes fluttered open and he sleepily looked around, raising his arms into the air, and yawning a bit. "Mmm...time to work already? G-good job..." He yawned again, but then Zar'roc rushed over and placed a paw to his mouth.

"Shhhh...stay still, you'll wake him up." Zar'roc said quietly and motioned downwards. Luke looked down and blushed a bit as he saw his sleeping companion. "I think he likes you~" Before Luke could get a word in edgewise, Zar'roc started talking again. "Now now, you know the boy to be a little...high strung, so I think it would be for the best if you went back to sleep. After all if he found out you woke up before him, he'd get horribly flustered and stay away from you for a while, unsure what he should say or do to explain himself. So at least...relax and let him wake up on his own, pretend you don't know."

"Well...I guess..." Luke said. The reasoning was decent, and he did know the kid to be rather...timid. "Alright. I hope we wakes up soon though, we got work to do."

"Right. Good." Zar'roc said, and motioning for Pharion to follow him, started walking out of the Forest and back to Andalusst to pick up the rest of their supplied.

Luke waited a few minutes to make sure they were gone before slowly raising a hand and patting Kaza's head with his hand. "Ahhh...he sure is cute when he's sleepin'."
Season 1 June Explorer Task 2: Subseed Outpost Construction
Result: Outpost made (Luke took a nap)
Merit: 1 Strike: 0
Reward: Luke Plush (for both)

Some teamwork between Zar'roc and Pharion, two strong explorers carrying the supplies to the outpost while Luke takes a break.

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