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The two teams stood on the edge of the Subseed forest, peering down the path into the forest. They had been briefed on what was in the forest, but the words they both knew would probably not help too terribly much for what lurked inside the forest, waiting to give them a first-hand experience. At this time of day though, it was said that most of the bug pokemon would be asleep, and bugs were the primary resident. There was still that cheeky band of Phantumps that they were told about.

"We were told it would be best to split up..." Kaza said quietly, remembering the advice they were given.

"We we see a good opportunity to do so, we well." Zar'roc said.

"What mister Zar'roc means is that there is trouble, you two will go hide." Murugu said sternly.

"But...what if they follow us?" Suzaku asked nervously.

"They won't, anything that gives us trouble will be having too much to handle to follow you." Zar'roc said with a smirk. With that, the two teams marched into the forest.

"We're looking for a stump...a hollow stump..." Kaza murmured, looking around slowly.

"Thats right." Zar'roc said. "We'll keep our eyes peeled. The sooner we find the stump and mark it, the sooner we can go back home."

"I should have packed some bread." Kaza said. "In case this takes a while."

"Oh...uhh...I like bread." Suzaku said softly. Kaza smiled a bit, but neither looked at each other.

"Ahhh...they're adorable." Zar'roc chuckled.

Murugu noted that the Abra did somewhat share in Suzaku's timidness, so there was something. Perhaps they could get along sometime. They made light conversation, but Zar'roc halted them suddenly. "What is it?" Murugu asked.

"Something's amiss. The scents don't make sense..." Zar'roc said.

"Scent?" Kaza asked. "I didn't notice anything..."

"It's our scent. We've been here before." Zar'roc explained.

"We have?" Kaza asked. "No...we have hardly made any turns at all, so we couldn't be retracing our steps."

"Hush." Murugu said quickly. As the group quieted down, she closed her eyes and focused. There were silent giggles from behind the trees. "We've been tricked."

The Phantumps floated out of their hiding places as the illusion faded, and charged Shadow Balls. "Leave the forest!"

"We shall not." Zar'roc said, and looked to a small path to their right. "Kaza, Suzaku, I think you had best leave us adults to our work."

"Right. You boys go on ahead, it'll be safer." Murugu said. Suzaki and Kaza hopped off their guardians backs and took off running down the path. Suzaku had to slow down a bit, due to his partner lagging behind. The two managed to avoid a few pratfalls through, either Kaza spotting them or Suzaku's reflexes getting him away after they triggered.

"S-sorry..." Kaza panted a bit after they finally stopped after running for five minutes.

"I-it's okay..." Suzaku mumbled, looking at the ground. "I hope Murugu finds me's taken a while."

"I'm sure they will...they're just not too fast." Kaza said. "Daddy Zar'roc's got a great nose."

"Daddy Zar'roc?" Suzaku asked.

"Yeah. He took care of me after he found me a long time ago..." Kaza said.

"Oh...I see." Suzaku said. After a while, they got up again. "I guess that fight is really taking a while."

"Must be. Then again, there were a lot of them...but daddy Zar'roc's a dark type, so it should be fine." Kaza said. " you think we should look for the stump until they come back?"

"I wouldn't be too worried about them!" a Phantump said, floating over to them from out of the ground. Suzaku squeaked and fled, hiding behind a tree.

Kaza stared at the Phantump wide eyed. "W-what are you g-gonna do....?"

"Well, I'm getting bored, so how about a game?" The Phantump said. "If you can answer my question correctly, I;ll show you where the stump is. If you get it wrong, I'll scream real loud and wake up all the bugs. How about that?"

"Oh...alright." Kaza said quietly.

"Good! Now how do you walk on water?" The Phantump asked.

"You...step in a puddle?" Kaza asked.

The pair was silent as the Phantump pondered the answer, not entirely sure what to make of it. "You....well, I guess...does it?" He asked himself. He hadn't thought of that answer before. "Uhhhh...well...yeah, okay. I'll take it. Follow me." He said, still mulling over the answer. It was just so strange.

"Okay...?" Kaza got to his feet and looked around for Suzaku, who had quietly crawled over to Kaza's side when the confused Phantump had floated off. The boys followed the Phantump until he lead them to an odd looking stump with a hole in it.

"Here is your stump. whatever it is you were gonna do." He said and floated off, still perplexed by the answer.

"Uhhh...your partner had the marker, right?" Kaza asked Suzaku.

" we just sit here now, right?" Suzaku asked.

"Thats all we really can do." Kaza said, and sat next to the log. It was a strange turn of events, but now all they had to do was wait for their parents to come find them and the mission would be over. It took a few more minutes, but eventually Murugu and Zar'roc came racing over to the boys.

"Are you hurt? Were you scared?" Murugu asked hurriedly.

"I'm alright." Suzaku said and nuzzled her mane.

"And you Kaza?" Zar'roc asked as the Abra climbed onto his back.

" was a little scary." Kaza said. "We found the stump though."

"Ah, right. The stump." Murugu said, and taking out the marker, jammed it into the wood. "There. Now let us be off."

"Right. Back home then." Zar'roc said. "Thank you for your cooperation."
Season 1 June Explorer Task 1: Find the Subseed Forest Dungeon
Result: Entrance found (no bugs disturbed, no excess damage done)
Merit: 1 Strike: 0
Reward: Apricorn Ocarina

With the help of Team Rokuyukai, Team Arlion managed to navigate the Subseed forest

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