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"You know you don't have to do both things, right?" Zar'roc asked as he watched Kaza measure out his ingredients.

"Yea, I know, but this is something I can do pretty well, and you'll get all the eggs you can eat also!" Kaza replied cheerfully as he chopped the leeks.

"What about painting the eggs then?" Zar'roc asked.

"Well, making these isn't really gonna keep me very busy, and I wanna keep helping while their cooking!" Kaza explained.

"I don't think many people would have really expected a Quiche at the Egg Festival..." Zar'roc murmured as he looked at the page Kaza had bookmarked in the recipe book. Crustless Cheddar and sun-dried tomato mini Quiches. He’d certainly be making a lot of them.

"Well, it's an egg recipe, so it fits....could you pass me the sun-dried tomatoes, please?" Kaza asked as he scooped the chopped leek into a bowl. Zar'roc batted the three tomatoes over to him. "Thanks."

"Well, what about when you take them to the egg festival? You know people will come over and want to try your eggs and recipe." Zar'roc pointed out.

Kaza paused for a moment. He had a crippling fear of strangers. "'ll take care of the stand! Right?" Kaza asked with a slightly pleading tone in his voice.

“Not this time, I’ll be enjoying the egg festival.” Zar’roc said with a small grin. “Indulge my more carnivorous side.”

Kaza stood there and stared at the egg on the counter, tensed up and looking nervous. “Errr….w-well then, I guess I’ll just do it…m-myself.” Kaza stammered, turning a little pale at the thought of sitting along at a stand with people passing by and stopping at his stand for something. He wouldn’t be able to talk. He’d choke for sure!

Zar’roc frowned as he watched Kaza’s fear slowly crumble his will to nothing. “You know, I don’t think you have to be at the stands, just leave your eggs and food for others to come by and try what you made. You can just stay home, and I’ll bring you back something you’ll like. How about that?”

Color came back to Kaza’s face and the boy instantly perked up. “Really? Oh thank goodness…I was really worried for a second there.”

“Indeed, it was something to behold.” Zar’roc murmured as Kaza resumed his work, and went to go gather the eggs that Kaza had set aside for painting. On the table were some edible food-paints that Kaza had made, but in hindsight, it wouldn’t really matter much since they wouldn’t be eating the shell anyway. Better safe than sorry though.
Client: Sundance
Errand no: #2
Date Issued: 23rd April 2014
Date Due: 27th April 2014

And here we have the Egg Festival, at least Zar'roc and Kaza's take, and like the previous one, I may continue this is people would want me to.

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D'Aww Kaza!~
One day he'll get over the fear!